4 Fishing-Centric New Year Resolutions


Passionate anglers share their 2019 must-do lists

By Rona Gindin Do you want more gear, education or experiences in 2019? Or maybe less of something – fewer indulgences on high-tech toys, say? You’re not alone. For our blog this week, we asked avid anglers to share their one big fishing-related New Year’s resolution. Here’s what members of our team, along with folks we’ve featured in 2018, are kinda sorta promising themselves for the coming year. We’re sure you’ll relate.

### Bowfishing and Spotlights: Intertwined Goals

My New Year’s resolution is to get into bowfishing, which involves catching fish using a bow and arrow. You use the bow and arrow just like you’ve seen 100 times in the movies, but it’s modified to have a spool of string and reel attached to it, with the string attached to the back of an arrow. Once you shoot the fish, you’re able to reel it in using the bow, and retrieve your arrow as well. I’d like to bowfish after dark, when it’s easiest, so I’m also determined to install spotlights on the front of my flats boat. You just cruise the shallow waters near the banks really slowly with your spotlights on, then shoot the fish that swim too close to the boat. That’ll make it super easy to spot and shoot gar, mudfish and carp. You also see a ton of gators at night in Florida, which is a bonus even though I can’t shoot them (or, for that matter, bass, bluegill, bream and several other types of fish). Grant Hughes, FishAnywhere### Nab Those Walleyes!

I resolve to get out on Lake Erie more and enjoy for myself what we at Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands work hard to promote to others. This region is known as The Walleye Capital of the World. People come from all over the country to fish here in the western basin of Lake Erie, yet I’m so busy working I don’t do it as much as I’d like. I need to take better advantage of this outstanding fishery that is right here in my backyard! Larry Fletcher, Lake Erie Shores & Islands ### Enticing My Wife to be on Board with Being Onboard

I’d like to get my wife more interested in fishing with me. My 21-year-old daughter is already a fan since she grew up going out to catch mahi, kings and wahoo with me and her brothers. Her mother, Sherri, used to just sit and watch, and she was quite happy being out on the water, but now that the kids are grown I am determined to make fishing so much fun that Sherri will start participating in the actual sport. I’ll try different types of fishing with her to see what takes. Maybe she’ll prefer trolling to reef fishing, for example. I will not even try enticing her with bow fishing, which my son [quoted above] wants to attempt this year; I laugh even thinking about her shooting an arrow. Please don’t ask Sherri what her fishing-centric New Year’s resolution is. I’m afraid to hear the answer! LOL. Doug Hughes, FishAnywhere### Fly Cast Fantasies

I am determined to improve my fly cast in 2019. To do this, I will practice casts on dry land and go fly fishing out on the water more often. Once I have developed my casting technique, I want to catch a fish on a fly that I tied myself. As an angler who grew up on spin tackle, fly fishing is still a new realm for me. The challenge of fly fishing over spinning tackle makes every catch that much more rewarding. To catch a fish on a fly that I tied would be a great experience. Outside of fly fishing, I want to catch more fish on artificials. Every hit is more exciting to me compared to live or cut bait. Whether it is a topwater smash or a jarring hit that interrupts a smooth retrieve, no angler can deny the adrenaline rush. Also on my New Year’s Resolution list: - Organize my tackle box and keep it that way.

Catch a game fish that I never caught before. (To do that, I will book with a professional fishing guide who specializes in that on .) I will also fish in a destination I have never fished before.

Take someone fishing who has never fished before.

Joe Aquila If taking more fishing trips is your New Year’s resolution, you’ve clearly come to the right place. Click on the homepage and click your way to an exciting excursion hosted by a professional fishing guide today. Hey, then you can cross that resolution off the list. Win:Win.

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