A Fishing Trip With a Local Guide is the Perfect Staycation


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Staycation: A Getaway Without Getting Away

Oftentimes, people don’t look for what attractions are near them until they have visitors come into town. You have family or friends to entertain, and you’re scrambling for something to do that appeases the masses. Or… you’re not sure where to travel this year, and thinking maybe sticking closer to home is the answer. We know what you’re thinking: staycation! A staycation, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a vacation spent at home or nearby.” You may not realize it, but there’s so much to do in your own community, with adventure right around the corner! One opportunity that is often overlooked is a fishing trip. Unless you live in the middle of a desert, there is a body of water near you that you can fish. Whether it’s a stream, creek, river, lake, bay, gulf, ocean, or pond. Chances are, it’s the perfect “staycation” outing that your family has been looking for!

Fishing Fun with the Family

Whether the kids are on a break from school, or you’re just looking for a fun weekend outing, fishing with your family is always a great bonding excursion. Even if your entire family is new to the sport of fishing, you can discover it together. If there’s someone in the group that’s been fishing most of their lives, it gives them a chance to share their knowledge. And we bet you’ll hear some amazing fish stories along the way! You can even have tournaments or challenges with each other. Spice things up by peting for biggest fish, first catch, longest cast, or most fish caught. Most families love adding an element of petition; it gets everyone involved and offers something to talk about for years to e. You can have prizes, or not. The bragging rights may be enough for your crew. Whatever you decide to do, we can almost guarantee a family fishing tournament will have your family engaged in the day’s events! The nice thing about fishing with the family, you don’t all have to be experts. You can show up, learn something new, and just simply enjoy the time together. If you prefer going out on your own, making mistakes along the way will be part of the adventure. Or, to take care of everything for you. From tackle and bait to cleaning your catch, your guide will have you covered. All you have to do is show up and enjoy a successful day of catching fish!Find Local Fishing Guides with FishAnywhere.


Let FishAnywhere.com help find the best guide for your group. Simply search your hometown, or where you want to launch your fishing charter from, and the top local captains and guides in the area are shown. You can filter by the species you’d like to fish for (if you have a preference) as well as location, budget, and desired trip date. Still not sure which captain to go with? Give us a call at 833-I-GO-FISH (446-3474), and let us know some details about your group, your fishing experience, and your goals. We’ll be happy to help put together the perfect trip! Again, you won’t typically have to go far from your home to find a local professional fishing guide with the gear for your excursion. This is why fishing adventures are perfect if you’re considering a staycation. Stay near your home and still get the thrill of a lifetime!

Find a Fishing Trip Near You

There are a few ways to find your local community fishing spots: speak to local bait & tackle shops, read online fishing reports, or let FishAnywhere.com connect you with a local guide. The fishing community is typically very welcoming, and many will point you in the direction of the fish, even if they keep their favorite “honey-hole” a secret. (“Honey hole” is a fisherman/woman’s favorite spot - which many will keep private). Or have the local guide take you to his spot, and you’re sure to get on the fish! Don’t wait… spring and summer seasons are coming upon us and your local fishing guides will start getting booked soon! Find a fishing trip near you and enjoy your home-grown vacation!

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