Fort Lauderdale Party Boat Fishing - Competitive Rates, Online Booking

Published on January 20, 2022

Two men holding an amberjack on a Fort Lauderdale Party Boat

If you're looking for a great fishing destination, look no further than Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Located on the southeast coast of the state, Fort Lauderdale is known for its world-class fishing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fisherman, there's something for everyone in this beautiful city by the sea.

If you are visiting from out of town, you may not have poles or gear with you, or a Florida fishing license for that matter. Fear not! There are still opportunities to enjoy the amazing fishing that this area has to offer.

A private fishing charter would be the best way to learn the local waterways, as well as pick up some tips and techniques to get fish in the boat, but availability can be extremely limited, especially on short notice. This is where Fort Lauderdale party boat fishing comes in.

What is a party boat?

A party boat is typically a larger vessel that accommodates a large number of anglers. There are many benefits to fishing on a party boat. First and foremost, the boats are much more accessible than private charters. They are typically docked in a central location, making them easy to find. They also offer lower prices than private charters, making them an affordable option for budget-minded anglers.

But the best part of fishing on a party boat is the opportunity to catch new species of fish! Fort Lauderdale party boats typically head out to local reefs that are home to a number of species including amberjack, barracuda, and a variety of snapper and grouper.

Fort Lauderdale Party Boat Fishing

New Lattitude Sportfishing - Catch My Drift

Join Captain Rod Roydhouse on the Catch My Drift for a Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing adventure! This 85 foot vessel can accommodate up to 60 guests, and is equipped with everything you need for an amazing day out on the water.

The vessel features a fully enclosed cabin with ice cold AC, perfect for cooling off after a day of fishing! The galley features a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave, and the boat has separate, clean, men's and women's restrooms. Those prone to seasickness will also love that the Catch My Drift is equipped with gyro stabilization equipment, reducing roll from the waves.

Rods, tackle, bait, and a fishing license are included, along with a friendly, professional crew to assist you with anything you may need. No prior angling experience is necessary to have a blast fishing Florida's waters.

All of the fish you catch on the Catch My Drift can be filleted and prepared for you to take home. There is also the "catch and release" option, if you'd like to enjoy your day out without worrying about cleaning or transporting fish.

Tickets for this Fort Lauderdale Party Boat are $75 per angler. View more details and photos, and reserve your spot here.

Lady Pamela Sportfishing - Lois Ann

Join Captain David Ide aboard the Lois Ann, a 65' drift fishing boat powered by twin 900 HP Cat engines. Loaded with fishing amenities, this vessel is equipped to accommodate 60 anglers in comfort.

The Lois Ann features a fully air-conditioned cabin area with seating to cool off, as well as a kitchen and refrigerator. The boat is wheelchair accessible, and is outfitted with state of the art fish-finding and navigation equipment.

The Lois Ann runs 4 hour trips, and provides all necessary equipment, including rods, tackle, bait, and a fishing license for all anglers. The crew will clean and package your catch for you, and can even provide recommendations on local restaurants that will prepare your catch for you. Perfect for a unique vacation day and dinner!

Tickets are $75 per angler, or the entire boat can be reserved for a private event. View more details on this Fort Lauderdale Party Boat here.

Fort Lauderdale Shared Fishing Charters

Another affordable option to do some fishing Fort Lauderdale is via a "shared" charter. This is a typical charter boat that allows anglers to buy individual spots.

Similar to a party boat, you will be fishing with individuals or groups outside of your own, but these boats typically accommodate up to six anglers, making for a more personalized experience. You'll also have more time to speak directly with the captain, who can provide some valuable knowledge on techniques and the local area.

Although priced a bit higher than a party boat ticket, shared trips are still more affordable than a private charter if you're just a single rider, or a group of 2-3. They do not typically have the same level of availability party boats do, and may not be available on very short notice. Check out Fort Lauderdale shared charters here.

Whether you decide to fish on a party boat, a shared trip, or a private charter, one thing is for sure; there's no wrong way to experience the amazing fishing that this area has to offer!

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