Inshore Fishing in Venice, Louisiana


silhouette of man fishing in Venice, Louisiana Grab the sunscreen, your hat, and a cooler of drinks, we’re heading to the delta for some of the best fishing in the world. on their bucket list of places to fish - it’s the best fishing you’ve ever seen.

Redfish, Redfish, Redfish

One of the main reasons anglers love fishing in Venice is the redfish population. Some consider it the “Redfish Capital of the World”. Not only are “reds” (as they are often called) found in good numbers in the area, they are also some of the largest redfish you’ve ever seen! Redfish (also known as red drum) are a bronze or golden fish with a distinct black dot (or sometimes dots) at the beginning of the tail. When they grow larger than 27 inches, anglers refer to them as “bull reds”. These are typically female reds that grow to such lengths. Male redfish typically average 22 inches long. If you’ve never caught a Venice redfish before, consider hiring a local guide. They’ll know where to go and what tackle to bring along. Some will even have a secret spot that they share with guests, as long as you don’t bring along any GPS or coordinate-tracking devices. Yes, it’s that big of a deal to keep the best fishing spots off the radar. For those brave enough to traverse the area without a guide, keeping a compass nearby is very beneficial. The canals can become a maze if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Also, keep an eye on the river water levels; this is an indicator on where to find the redfish. If they are looking low, keep to the middle of the river and bottom fish along the bottom of the river. If water levels are high, reds are moving to shallower waters for feeding. Add a popping cork to the line and drift shrimp along the current to catch your next prize.

Trout, Flounder and More

Redfish aren’t the only inshore fishing in the area. Sure, they may steal the spotlight at times, but as they say: there are plenty of fish in the sea! In fact, some anglers may argue that the trout is the beast of the area. Again, good numbers and big trout make the area very attractive for anglers looking for a fun day of sportfishing. Another option for your inshore fishing adventure is flounder. This is a flatfish that likes to hide along ledges, camouflaging itself from predators and prey. Peak season is during fall months of October and November, so plan your trip during those cooler temperatures and head towards shallow waters for a successful outing. If you’re looking for a mixed bag experience, there’s plenty here in Venice for your consideration. Sheepshead is a great option for new anglers looking to get more practice with casting and reeling. They are typically one to three pounds, and will generally eat anything that comes their way. Black Drum is another option and a really fun catch for those who like a good fighting fish. Depending on which way along the river you travel you could also see some freshwater options like largemouth bass and catfish, or head south to the Gulf of Mexico for grouper, snapper, tripletail, and larger fish the farther out you go.

Location is Key

The habitat created by the Mississippi River is unseen anywhere else in the world. And Venice has a front row seat to it all. As the mighty river turns into the Mississippi Delta it creates the many inlets and channels found throughout the area. Anglers in the area just have to first decide which direction to start boating, and you’ll be on the fish in no time. Local anglers know that the river determines just how good the fishing will be on any given day. Seasonality and water levels determine where anglers head to fish for their trophies. During certain times of the year the water levels are too low to fish certain parts of the delta. As you head closer to the Gulf of Mexico, the tidal waves also will determine fishing conditions. Due to Venice’s location, it really does get the best of both worlds.

Fishing in Venice

Don’t wait any longer… get yourself to Venice for the fishing adventure of a lifetime! And the best part? There is great fishing twelve months of the year. So whether you’re looking for a summer adventure, or maybe something during the cooler months, there’s no doubt you’ll see rod-bending action on your trip. Perfect for a solo angler, or traveling with your favorite fishing buddy, it’s the experience of a lifetime when you fish the inshore waters of Venice. Spend a few days in the area and you could also add a deep sea adventure to the itinerary. But that’s for another blog post. Search and book your and see for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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