Top 5 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Texas


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Finding the best is no easy task. There are several in the Lone Star State that qualify with large, healthy fisheries. Or are we talking about where to find the lunkers? What is your definition of “best”? For us, the best bass lakes are the places where you can find both size and numbers. Sure, there are lots of lakes with largemouth bass - but where can you hook up on your personal best? Where can you go to get several hook-ups in just an hour? We’re here to help. Here are the Top Five Best Bass Lakes in Texas...

5. Lake Conroe

North of Houston is one of our favorite places to fish for largemouth bass, Lake Conroe. Actually, it’s a great place to fish any freshwater species found in Texas, so you can get a variety of catches here. But largemouth bass tend to get our attention. While Lake Conroe may not produce bass as big as the other lakes on our list, they show up in healthy numbers. Spring season is when the fish are spawning, and once the temperatures shake off the cold you can be sure to catch a lunker. Lake Conroe has submerged trees in the southern section; this is the place to start your largemouth bass fishing excursion. There are also fish attractors throughout the lake. In the cooler months you’ll find the bass near the shore, but as the temperatures warm up they move to the deeper waters. When you’re done targeting bass, check out the healthy population of catfish found here as well.

4. Toledo Bend

While Texas technically does share Toledo Bend Reservoir with the state of Louisiana, it still deserves a spot on our Texas list. Located on the state line, it’s always been a top producing lake of largemouth bass. The location and topography of this lake has a lot to do with the growth of size and numbers of this fishery. It’s a thin, long lake with marshes and vegetation where the bass like to hide, eat, and grow. The only time when you may get skunked fishing Toledo Bend is during the hot summer months. But the rest of the year, the fishing here is better than good. Low light conditions are best, or fish the edges of the day (those “golden hours” when the fish are feeding). Fish the shallow areas near submerged tree roots and structures. There are also a number of fish attractors throughout the lake that can be found with Fishfinder technology.

3. Falcon Lake

When the Falcon Dam was built in the 1950s on the Rio Grande (translated to “Large River”) it created Falcon Lake. Today it’s one of Texas’ best largemouth bass lakes. It’s on the border of the United States and Mexico and has over 83,000 acres. Anglers visit often to hook a line into one of the many big bass found in Falcon Lake; it’s common for 5 to 6 pound largemouth bass to be reeled in here. It’s true that at one time the lake was in danger of losing too much fish and water; but today it stands as a contender for one of the best bass lakes in the state. The TPWD (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department) continues to monitor this fishery. We’re confident it will continue to be a favorite for anglers to catch large bass.

2. Lake Sam Rayburn

If a lake is designated as a favorite place for tournaments, then you can bet it’s a good spot for recreational bass anglers as well. Lake Sam Rayburn is just such a lake in Texas. This hot spot is located on the east side of the state, has over 600 miles of shoreline, and is the largest lake entirely within the state of Texas. With over 114,000 acres, Lake Sam Rayburn (also known as Sam Rayburn Reservoir) has a lot to offer anglers of all skill levels. Sam Rayburn is a reservoir that was built in the 1960s, and today provides activity for water sport enthusiasts of all kinds. Boating, swimming, and fishing are popular activities on the lake. Though fishing takes the top spot. Year after year it’s recognized as one of the best bass lakes in the country, let alone Texas.

1. Lake Fork

To reach our number one lake: Drive east from Dallas and make your way to Lake Fork. You won’t be the first angler to travel this road. Lake Fork is visited by several fishermen and women throughout the year. It’s a known top producer of lunker bucketmouths. Or, simply put, big ole’ largemouth bass are found in Lake Fork and it’s hands-down one of the best (if not the best lake in the state). In fact, the state record bass was caught in Lake Fork, weighing in at 18.18 pounds. Lake Fork has over 27,000 acres and a depth of 70 feet. These numbers don’t quite paint the picture, but trust us in that this shallow lake in mid-Texas creates the perfect bass fishing conditions year-round. You can fish twelve months of the year, and get big fish in big numbers. Now that deserves a number one bass fishing lake in our books!

Fishing for Bass in Texas

No matter where you’re fishing for largemouth bass fishing in Texas, know that you’ll have a great day bending the rod. Other species you can catch include striped bass, hybrid bass, crappie, sunfish, and catfish. If you’re fishing one of these lakes, or your own top five favorite, have your Texas fishing license, sunscreen or bug spray, and a camera to capture the day’s events. We don’t think you’ll have to long arm any of your photos, the bass in Texas are just like everything else found here: BIG!

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