Top 5 Bucket List Fishing Charter Destinations


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Bucket List: (noun) "a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime", according to Oxford Languages. For anglers around the world, there are a few places that you must fish during your lifetime. You probably also have a Bucket List for species, but for now we’ll focus on destinations. Whether it’s right around the corner, or a plane-ride away, be sure to mark these locations and add them to your bucket list.

5. Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii may be on your Bucket List for several reasons; It’s a place that seems to call to people. Palm trees, sandy beaches, and some of the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen create a serene getaway for vacationers. But for anglers, it’s the sound of screaming lines that get our attention. Because the islands of Hawaii have a drop off just a few miles from shore, you’ll be deep sea fishing quicker here than other places. And soon enough, those lines will be screaming with a running pelagic species on the hook. Tuna, Dorado, and Marlin are just a few examples of what you’ll find at the end of the line. Visit , located on the west side of the Big Island, and enjoy some of the best fishing grounds in the world.

4. Destin, Florida

is just one city among several Florida Panhandle locations that offer fantastic fishing along the Gulf Coast. So what makes this one stand out? As they say in real estate: location, location, location. To the north of Destin is Choctawhatchee Bay, and to the south is the Gulf of Mexico. The inlet to the west is also a great place to fish when the season and tide conditions are just right. Destin really does have the best of both worlds, inshore fishing in the bay and deep sea fishing in the Gulf. And when summer months come, thousands of novice and skilled anglers are looking to charter a fishing trip to target only one thing: red snapper. It’s become an annual tradition for several families to vacation in Destin and hire a local captain for a red snapper trip. If you’re looking for a great experience for your Bucket List, red snapper trips in Destin, Florida are about as good as it gets.

3. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks is a general name for the barrier islands off of North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast. But for our Top 5 Bucket List Fishing Charter Destination list, it’s only fair to group this entire area into one. Whether you’re fishing from Wanchese, Manteo, Hatteras, or any city along the barrier islands, you have two incredible fisheries right at your fingertips. Albemarle and Pamlico sounds are two of the largest estuaries in the country with incredible inshore fisheries. Some of the largest bull redfish have been caught in Pamlico Sound. Or, head east into the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby Gulf Stream. The river of current is filled with plankton and baitfish that bigger gamefish feed on. Some of the biggest Mahi Mahi, Tuna, and Marlin you’ve ever seen are caught just off the coast of the Outer Banks. Reserve your bucket list tuna charter during the beginning months of the year (January or February) for a truly incredible fishing trip.

2. Venice, Louisiana

Make your way to the Mississippi Delta in Southeast Louisiana for some of the best inshore fishing you’ve ever experienced. The redfish and speckled trout fisheries throughout the canals and streams of the delta are without a doubt the best in the world. To start your adventure, head to Venice, LA. There’s a reason it’s known as “The Fishing Capital of the World.” The number and sizes of the redfish and trout in the area leave anglers mesmerized. Spend just a few hours fishing and you’ll hit your limit before you know it. But the fishing is so good, you’ll be switching to catch-and-release just to keep the rods bent.

1. Quepos, Costa Rica

If you’re looking for an international adventure, check out Quepos. Not only is the country beautiful and the people some of the nicest on the planet, but the fishing is out of this world. When the cold weather of the northern U.S. gets to you, catch a plane to Central America and enjoy the subtropical climate. From November to April you can either head offshore to catch billfish (blue marlin, black marlin, and striped marlin) or stay closer to shore and keep your eyes peeled for a roosterfish. 

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