Top Fishing Charter Vacation Spots for Your Family


Who is Ready for an Amazing Summer Fishing Trip?!

Family fishing from the surf in Florida Summer is here! (Just imagine Olaf from “Frozen” singing “Summmeerrrr!!!!”) This can only mean one thing: it’s time to get outdoors! Put down your devices, turn off your screens, and look up at the wonderful world around you. Wherever your family is traveling to this summer, we encourage you to have at least one outdoor recreational activity planned. Hiking, camping, horseback riding, catching a baseball game, swimming, boating - anything goes! Of course our top recommendation is a fishing charter near your vacation spot.

So as you get ready to pack your bags, here are some of our favorite fishing charter vacation destinations: Alaska

Alaska wilderness is in some places completely untouched by civilization - and therefore breathtaking and beautiful. Words can’t describe some of the astounding and awe-inspiring places we’ve seen while vacationing in Alaska. Your Alaska family vacation can include hiking, hunting, camping, horseback riding, and fishing - all in one trip! Our favorite place for Alaskan fishing charters is in : You have river fishing in the Kenai River, arguably one of the best places to fly fish for Rainbow Trout; or inshore fishing in the bay. There are also the luxury Alaskan Vacations: if you’re in Sitka check out this amazing option! No matter where or how you vacation in Alaska, get ready to fish for Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Halibut and more.

Sanibel Island, Florida

Beautiful Grouper caught in SW Florida This SW Florida island is known as the “Shelling Capital of the World” with over 250 different varieties of shells spotted on its shores. There’s even The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum where families can learn more about shells and the animals that once called them home. Another favorite outdoor outing while visiting Sanibel Island: the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge where you can find more than 200 species of birds. Neighbors with Fort Myers and Cape Coral, the fishing in is pretty spectacular. Whether you’re looking for flats/backcountry, inshore, or offshore fishing - you’ll find that the fishing charter options in Sanibel are abundant. And the trophies to be caught here are just as abundant: you can fish the offshore pelagic species of Mahi Mahi, Marlin, billfish, and more - or the inshore/flats species of Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, just to name a few. Half days or full days - Sanibel Island fishing is always a good time!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin may not immediately think of Milwaukee as an outdoor family vacation spot. But it’s one of our favorite places to fish, and the area has tons of indoor and outdoor activities - so we’re bending the rules a bit to include it on our list of Top Fishing Charter Vacation spots. In the city there are tons of great breweries (some even offer tours); you also have the Harley Davidson Museum that is a must-see. Moving a bit outside the city you can enjoy camping, horseback riding, and hiking, to name a few of our favorites. Our favorite fishing location in is obviously Lake Michigan. With a FishAnywhere Professional Fishing Guide your Milwaukee fishing trip will be the highlight of your vacation. The guides are intimately familiar with the lake, enjoy spending time with other anglers, and are willing ambassadors of the sport. Most Milwaukee fishing boats will go trolling or bottom fishing, although be sure to discuss your preferred fishing techniques before you embark. You can expect to reel in Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye, or Perch (among others) while fishing Lake Michigan.


Beautiful Montana - wide open skies If you’ve never experienced the beauty of Montana’s wide open sky, pack your bags today for the greatest adventure of your life! Anything and everything in the realm of outdoor activities can be found in Montana: camping, hiking, horseback riding, boating, hunting, and fishing to name just a few. And when it comes to fishing: There are more than 200 lakes in Montana filled with fish just waiting for your bait. fishing guides are the best sort of people - they have an unbridled passion for life and all things outdoors. Most are experienced and knowledgeable in both fishing and hunting, so your Montana summer vacation could have a bit of both sports. When you’re fishing, try fly fishing for Trout. Or experience the thrill of casting for Smallmouth Bass. It’s always an amazing vacation when you’re fishing in Montana!

Outer Banks, North Carolina

If you love the beach, you’ll love the stretches of coastline called the Outer Banks in North Carolina. And with all that coastline, comes a “whole lotta” fishing opportunities. The Outer Banks are barrier islands found off the East Coast of North Carolina. It’s more than 200 miles of land with water on either side. The cities along the Outer Banks include Hatteras, Nags Heads, and Kitty Hawk. These are all great fishing vacation spots. The fishing in the is varied - if you go on the west side of the islands (closer to the mainland) you’ll get the brackish waters of the sounds and much calmer waters. On the east side you have the Atlantic Ocean and a variety of fish species available. Both are great for fishing, which is why we tend to spend a few days on the water while we’re vacationing and fishing in the Outer Banks. And with the added bonus of catching fresh dinner, it’s a real adventure for any outdoor-loving family!

New York

Lake Ontario fishing trip with the boys We know what you’re thinking… New York for an outdoor adventure?! And the answer is a resounding: YES! Most people think of New York City when anyone mentions the Empire State - but northern New York has some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve ever seen. A great place to find New York fishing charters is near Lake Ontario. Of course you have the East Coast/Atlantic Ocean deep sea fishing charters, but if we’re talking true outdoor family vacation locations, then Northern New York has to be on the list. offers several rivers to go fly fishing. If you do get the chance to fish Lake Ontario, check out the fishing boats who troll for Trout or Pike. Bass is another highlight while fishing New York. We can’t encourage you enough to break out of the city and see the real New York for your summer family vacation! Along with fishing you can experience biking, hiking, birding, and camping.

Your Summer Family Vacation

Fulfill your wanderlust this summer with a great fishing adventure! No matter where you choose to travel there is bound to be a FishAnywhere Professional Charter Captain or Fishing Guide nearby. Add a fishing charter to your vacation and we can practically guarantee a great day for all! Start your today and begin planning your next family fishing trip!

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