What Amenities Are On Fishing Charters


Fishing Charter Amenities Planning your family’s fishing charter is no easy feat. There’s a lot to consider, and we’re not just talking about where you’re going or when. In some cases, that’s the easy thing to decide; especially when most of the time the season will determine your catch. No… we’re talking about how to select the best charter in the area with the right amenities for your group. There’s a lot to consider when selecting the right charter. But don’t worry… FishAnywhere is here to help you discover what’s available, what you need, and how to .

Fishing Charter Amenities

When it comes to amenities on a fishing charter, there’s a lot of variety. Some may be looking for comfort onboard (seating, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.), while others are looking for fishing-specific amenities (outriggers or fighting chair). Let’s take a look at a few of these: Comfort Amenities If you have a large group, or children in your group, seating may be a top priority for your fishing adventure. Most fishing vessels will offer some seating, but it truly depends on the kind of vessel you’re on. Smaller boats such as bay boats or even bass boats often only have room for two or three passengers. There is seating, but not a lot of room. Most center consoles will have seating at the bow of the vessel (the front section) or the stern (towards the back). There’s typically enough room for four or five passengers here, including storage under the seats for bags and equipment. Pilot boats often have an enclosed area and lots of seating, that’s if the captain hasn’t cleared it out for fishing gear. It’s best to ask the Captain what seating is available if this is an important amenity for your group. Another comfort amenity would be the head, or toilet. Being out on the water for several hours can become uncomfortable if you don’t have access to relieve yourself. Having a toilet onboard may be a high priority for your group, and could be the difference maker between two charters. Other comfort amenities include a salon (inside seating area), refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom (with sink and/or shower), and bedroom (for those 10+ hour charters). These amenities are often included on larger charter vessels and are reflected in the cost of the trip. Fishing Amenities For the experienced anglers in the group, you’ll be looking at more than just the creature comforts of the vessel. A successful fishing charter sometimes hinges on the boat’s fishing amenities as much as it does the captain’s experience. Things like a livewell, Fishfinder, powerpoles, and a fighting chair can be important to the success of your trip. Items like a Fishfinder or livewell are very common on a charter. A livewell is a tank designated to store live fish, most commonly baitfish. Whether it’s live shiner for your largemouth bass fishing trip, or live pinfish for a day fishing the intracoastal waterways, a lively, energetic baitfish can be the difference between a three fish day, and a thirty fish day. Likewise, a Fishfinder is a sonar type device to help captains locate the fish. These work especially well for lake, river, or bottom fishing trips on the ocean. If you’re fishing the flats, or shallow waters, a power pole(s) is a nice fishing amenity to have. These are an anchoring technology positioned on the stern of the vessel that consist of one or two poles that can quietly be easily lowered to secure the boat into place. For inshore or offshore charters, a fighting chair is something to consider. This is a special chair on sportfishing vessels or center console boats that give the angler some leverage when fighting the fish. Both are additional add-ons to the vessel that give your fishing charter higher success rates.

What To Expect On Fishing Charters

Before you book your next fishing charter, take a look at the available amenities. Whether you’re looking for comfort or a function, pictures of the vessel will help you decide the right vessel for your trip. Storage space is another thing to consider; a place to store belongings while out on the water. Also be sure to ask the captain what is included in the cost of the trip. Many times the captain will pack a cooler of water bottles or sport drinks, and may also provide sunscreen for your party. Something you may have neglected to pack, but is essential to the trip.

Booking a Fishing Charter with Best Amenities

To find the best amenities around, search FishAnywhere today. Easily compare charters and find the best one for your group. Then book with a deposit to reserve your trip. You’ll have the trip set, the amenities selected, and the best fishing adventure just around the corner!

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