Daytime Swordfishing In Fort Lauderdale

Captain Vinnie
YB Normal
Fishing Report
February 16, 2021
Hello everyone, Capt Vinnie here. This week we have something very different and very special I would like to share with all of you. Recently we had an all-day charter scheduled and with fishing being a little slow I had called our client and asked him what he thought about going offshore and taking a gamble on trying to catch a Swordfish. At first, he was skeptical and hesitant, but I assured him that it should pay off and he went with my judgement. The crew of the YB Normal out of Fort Lauderdale loaded up the boat around 4:30AM as we would depart at 5AM on our deep-sea fishing adventure in hopes of catching a broadbill Swordfish. To target Swordfish out of Fort Lauderdale you have to go offshore around 18 miles to get to around 2,000 feet of water. We put some lines out on our way in hopes of catching some fresh bait which was successful! We caught 2 Skipjack Tunas which we had rigged up for bait for Swordfishing. Our first drift was in 1800 feet and lasted around 2 hours in the daytime. You use an electric reel to fish these depths and 12 pounds of weight to stay on the bottom. After our first drift not a bite so we shortly reset a little deeper. We did another 2-hour drift with high hopes in getting a bite but with music playing and calm seas, everyone was just enjoying their time on the water until maximum chaos once we got a fish on. After 2 long drifts with no bites we decided to set up one more time somewhere different after 1 hour and everyone fading on their hopes of getting a bite. Suddenly we would get the bite we had been waiting all day for!! Once coming tight with the fish, we would begin to fight him inch by inch in hopes of seeing this beast. After a 40min fight we would obtain color and sink a harpoon in his side as well as 2 more gaffs at this point. The battle was won at the buzzer beater of a fish at the last second when we were ready to go home. Definitely one to remember forever, lots of cheering and celebration on this accomplishment literally the feeling of hitting the jackpot. On our ride into the sunset we were all in good spirits and high hopes. Once arriving to the dock, we would unload the fish and take plenty of pictures to remember this day. Please check out our great photos of this epic fish we caught. More reports to come soon but remember we have some availability coming up. Come out fishing with us. We would love to make a memory that will last forever just like this one. Tight lines Capt. Vinnie

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