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About Fishing in Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is one of the most fished bodies of water in Canada simply because of its beauty, plethora of fish, and easy location just north of Toronto. With miles of shoreline and beautiful little towns and communities occupying the south, east and western shores, Lake Simcoe is a great retreat for the whole family. The perfect mixture of urban and natural landscapes is what makes fishing on Lake Simcoe quite the unique experience. Lake Simcoe is a dream come true for ice anglers. Get ready to fish perch, pike, and whitefish on beautiful Lake Simcoe.The Lake Simcoe has an abundance of fish to offer and countless fishing spots to anyone who decides to come and visit. Wherever you decide to fish, you are almost guaranteed that you will catch a prize. Everything is possible here, whether you want to cast a line from a boat or through a hole in the ice. The most popular fishing spots include Lagoon City, Lefroy, Cooks Bay, Keswick, Willow Beach, Fox Island, and so on. If you are going fishing for the first time in this lake, rest assured that our experienced fishing guide or charter captain will provide all the help you need. Especially when it comes to picking the best fishing locations. Man holding Yellow Perch catch on a fishing charter in Lincolnville, ME Due to the weather conditions and unique fish living in this lake, the best season to fish here starts in January and ends in March. Head north and catch your prize. Find a fishing trip in Lake Simcoe today! There’s plenty of ways to fish on Lake Simcoe but there are a few techniques that guarantee a bite or two. The most popular techniques that yield results are ice fishing, spinning, fly fishing, jigging, and trolling. If you want to try any of these techniques, our experienced fishing guides will help you practice it and master it in no time. We’re sure that you’ll find ice fishing very engaging and fun.When we said earlier that Lake Simcoe is a home to an abundance of fish, we weren’t kidding. Here you will be able to fish perch, lake trout, whitefish, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, largemouth bass, northern pike, black crappie, walleye, brown bullhead, bowfin, carp, rock bass, and white suckers. Experience the thrills of ice fishing. Book your Lake Simcoe fishing charter today!Browse through our Lake Simcoe fishing charters today to find the perfect fit for you! All our Lake Simcoe fishing charters are handpicked. We only work with licensed fishing guides and charter captains who have experience in fishing the waters of Lake Simcoe. Spend your winter vacation with your family on this lake. We’re sure that you’re going to remember it for the rest of your life! Your fishing adventure awaits. Find a fishing trip in Lake Simcoe today!

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