Fishing Trinity Bay


Image of nature, outdoors, water, waterfront, sky, pier, dock, sunset, dawn, sunlight, sunrise, sea Looking for an incredible fishery along the Texas Gulf Coast? There are plenty to choose from! But there’s something special about Trinity Bay that brings anglers back again and again. Overall the bay stretches 20 miles long and is separated from Galveston Bay by the Houston Ship Channel. Anglers like fishing Trinity Bay because of the many natural and artificial reefs found throughout the bay. The best time of year to fish here is during Fall and Winter months when trout, redfish, and flounder are found in good numbers. Much of the surrounding area of Trinity Bay is undeveloped, with access to other bodies of water including Dutton Lake, Old River and Trinity River. The many cuts on the northside of the bay offer some of the best fishing in the state. Here you’ll find redfish, flounder, and speckled trout.

Fishing Trinity Bay

Speckled Trout, also known as “specks” or spotted seatrout, can grow quite large in Texas estuaries. They are gray colored with black dots all along their back. During the cooler temperatures of fall and winter months they can be found closer to the shoreline, while warmer temperatures drive them to the middle of the bay and into Galveston Bay. During the summer, when Texas has the most rainfall, specks generally move out of Trinity Bay because the salinity levels are no longer comfortable for them.

Fortunately for anglers, local redfish are not as affected by salinity levels of the bay and are therefore available twelve months of the year. Redfish, also known as red drum, are bronze or golden colored with a distinct black dot (or dots) near the tail. Again, cooler temperatures are the peak season, but anglers can fish for these tough fighters throughout the year. Add a shrimp under a popping cork and they just can’t resist.

Flounder is another favorite inshore species here. These flatfish like to camouflage themselves along the bottom of the bay, hiding from predators and prey. The spillway (an area on the west side of the bay) is a great place to fish for flounder. Use minnow as bait and drift along the bottom to where flounder are hiding. Make sure to set the hook once you’re sure the bait is truly taken; there have been many flounders lost right by the side of the boat because they’ve spit the hook.

Although not as common as the other three, black drum is another option for Trinity Bay anglers. Sheepshead, sand trout, gulf trout, and even striped bass are also found in these waters. Striped bass are a rare yet known find in the Galveston area, including Trinity Bay and East Bay. Most are caught using nets in the shallow waters, although light tackle has also yielded positive results. If you’re looking for an incredible inshore fishery, give Trinity Bay a chance. Come during the Fall or Winter season and you won’t be disappointed.

Trinity Bay Fishing Trips

If you are fishing Trinity Bay during cooler months, kayak fishing or bay boat fishing is your best bet. Kayak fishing, in particular, is a very popular method, allowing anglers to get right on top of the action. Head towards the spillway on the west side of the bay for a successful outing. Kayak anglers paddle their way to the fishing grounds and have all the gear they need within an arm’s reach. Trips typically last about four hours as you’ll need some energy in the reserves for the trip home.

Anglers who enjoy wade fishing should visit during the Spring or Fall season and target the shallow areas of the bay. Here you’ll find trout and redfish waiting for you. Get those waders on and watch your step, there are areas of the bay that are filled with marshes and the seafloor is not very stable.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, hiring a guide will help keep away from dangerous ledges and drop-offs. Depending on the wind direction, drift fishing often produces good results in Trinity Bay. If you’re bottom fishing, watch out for the many structures found throughout the bay. While fishing can be very productive, you’re also subject to fighting the structure instead of the fish.

Go On a Trinity Bay Fishing Trip

It’s important to consider season and weather when planning your Trinity Bay fishing excursion. This particular bay is known for its excellent fishing from October to February. Whether you’re a local or visiting for a long weekend, you’re sure to have a great day bending the rod. Visitors to the area can find lodging in nearby Galveston. There’s also a ton of attractions and restaurants to visit after your day of fishing. Bring your favorite fishing buddy along and have a great time fishing Trinity Bay!

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