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Gulf Shores, Alabama will keep any visitor’s head spinning. There’s so much to do everywhere you look, especially our personal favorite; deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Sweet Home Alabama. Tourism officials here don’t have to stretch their imaginations very far to promote this area. A simple, “Here it is, take a look” will do for most people. The area’s official nickname, “Pleasure Island,” came from former Gov. Jim Folsom, and was officially adopted by the Gulf Shores Lions Club in 1949. They call it the ultimate beach lover’s destination on the Gulf. Some folks next door in Florida along the “Emerald Coast” might debate that, but it’s so lovely here, who has time to argue? Most of the year, the beaches are white, and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are a beautiful turquoise. Sometimes Mother Nature throws in a hurricane or two and throws the area a curveball, but it isn’t long until they are back up to bat and teeming with happy visitors. Time in Gulf Shores can be enhanced by taking a great guided fishing trip right off the beach or out into the deep water holes of the Gulf for prized catches. There’s also fishing from a pier, taking a dolphin cruise or doing some thrill seeking on a parasail. There are nine signature golf clubs and a state-owned course here. There’s the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and if the Gulf itself doesn’t offer enough fun, Waterville USA is a family amusement and water park to keep you busy all day long. The fresh seafood served up at the area’s restaurants is hard to beat and some of them will even cook up your day’s catch after you go out on a fishing adventure. And speaking of fishing adventures, Gulf Shores got ‘em. You can fish a small boat up in Little Lagoon or on Oyster Bay if you’re looking for a quieter adventure. It’s a short ride around the point at Fort Morgan and up into Bon Secour Bay, and the areas around Dauphin Island. An inshore trip will most likely feature species like speckled trout, redfish, flounder, Spanish mackerel, pompano, sheepshead, black snapper, black drum and on occasion, smaller sharks. You can book two and three hour trips or make a day of it. Just check with your captain for options offered.Go Big or Go Home.

But the biggest opportunities, the most fun, and the biggest catches await anglers who head out in the Gulf of Mexico. Some might say “Go Big or Go Home”. There’s no better way to do that than with a FishAnywhere charter trip. Charters include licensed boat captains, modern, comfortable and safe boats and all the fishing gear and bait you’ll need. You also get help making sure you have the right lures. The most important part is they take you right to the fish and ensure you catch them. Then when you return, they’ll even clean your catch for you! Offshore fishing is a whole new ballgame for many anglers. It’s a great way to spend the day with family and friends going after big grouper, red snapper, triggerfish, amberjack or even prized tuna and Mahi-Mahi. Some of the fish, such as red snapper, are strictly governed by state and federal rules, and can not be kept at certain times. Make sure you talk this through with your captain and understand before taking a trip. However, you can catch them anytime and that’s what most people are after. If you are looking for a lower budget alternative, there are also dozens of party boats going out. You’ll be fishing with a lot of fishermen, but still have a chance to reel in some good ones at a modest price.

Trolling Up Dinner

Summertime is the prime time for fishing here, which also coincides with the busy time for most beach goers anyway. If you are after dinner fare, the Vermillion Snapper is rating among the most tasty. They can often be caught bottom fishing, but can also be caught along with Spanish and king mackerel and cobia by trolling, although you’d want to slow the troll speed down for the Snapper. Trolling a jig or live bait like shrimp are excellent ways to catch fish. The good news is that when you catch one, there are probably more around. Cobia is also a treat best caught trolling. One of the most prized catches for trolling in this area is the Wahoo. Wahoo usually average over 20 pounds and can run over 50 or more. They are caught in deeper water and are prize fighters when hooked. They are also prized blackened and put on your plate for dinner. The Wahoo is among the fastest fish in the Gulf, and requires a higher trolling speed.

When the Bottom is Tops

It’s a good bet that your fishing boat captain will put you on some good bottom fishing. Bottom fishing consists of positioning the boat over a reef, boat wreck or other structure that holds fish. You then lower your bait down to the bottom and pay close attention for a bite. When you feel one, set the hook and reel him in. There are always lots of fish around this type of structure, and an experienced guide can keep you on top of them. One tip from veteran anglers is don’t always keep your bait on the bottom when you are “bottom” fishing. You may not get as many bites, but if you want to catch bigger fish, don't just fish on the bottom. Reel your bait up 10-20 feet from the bottom and try it there. Talk to your guide before doing this and make sure it will work where you are. Some of the best snapper and other fish like mackerel are caught this way. Cobia, king mackerel, white and Vermillion snapper and triggerfish are also caught here.

Booking a Gulf Shores Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Beautiful scenery, great restaurants, ample recreation opportunities, amazing fishing… When it comes to Gulf Shores, what’s not to like? Whether you want to try your hand at some high-speed trolling for Wahoo, or pull a big grouper off of a reef, book your next with one of our local professional Captain partners.

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