How To Find Fishing Spots Near Me


Fishing is one of our country’s favorite pastimes. You can fish by yourself, with your favorite buddy, or with a large group. Across the country are streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, bays, and oceans filled with opportunities for your fishing trip. You can practice catch-and-release each outing and maintain healthy populations, giving yourself and future generations more and more opportunity to enjoy being on the water. You don’t even need a boat to enjoy fishing! You can fish from the surf when at the ocean, or from the bank when near a lake or river. Just grab your gear, make sure you have your fishing license (if required), and enjoy the time reeling in your trophy catch. If you’re looking for a place to fish without a boat, here are helpful tips you can use to find fishing spots on shore.

Check with the Fish and Wildlife Agency of Your State

One of the best resources for finding shore fishing spots is your state fish and wildlife agency. This agency will have a list – hard copy or online – of bank fishing spots by area and can often recommend shoreline spots based on the species you’re after. You can also find the specific regulations for your state, and whether you’ll need a fishing license for where you’re going. Oftentimes, you can even purchase said fishing license right there from the website.

Visit State Parks

No matter where you are in the country, don’t overlook your local state or county park for some great spots to fish without a boat. A lot of parks have lakes or ponds that you can fish from shore, as well as piers or docks. Or, they may be located on a waterway where you can bank fish. Some states offer fishing at state parks without a license, a great incentive to make the trip to these fishing grounds! There may be a small entry fee, but it’s usually per vehicle and a very reasonable cost.

Look For Waterways Near You

Another great way to find a fishing spot near you, stop and look around in your own community. If you’re like most, you drive your regular routes so often that you don’t even notice your surroundings. Next time you’re out for a drive, keep your eye out for spots to fish from shore. Just be sure they’re open to the public since you don’t want to trespass on private property. Keep your rods, reels, and tackle in the car and be ready to fish at a moment’s notice!

Listen to Fishing Reports

Never underestimate the wealth of knowledge of local fishermen and women. Want to know the skinny of a certain area? Fishing reports are here to save the day. Simply check to see if any of the radio stations or television networks in the community talk about the outdoors. In addition, search for a local fishing podcast or website that might offer advice on where to fish without a boat. Often, you can also find local fishing reports online with information on what’s biting. Wherever you’re looking to fish, these online fishing reports and bulletin boards are very helpful in guiding you to the best spot in the area. The local community can also give insight on seasons, bait, and what to expect when fishing the area.

Ask Around

If all else fails, ask a local for the best fishing spot in the area. While some anglers may want to keep their favorite spots to themselves, there are plenty others who are willing to share general information about places in the area where bank fishing is permitted. Head out to local marinas, check the local bait and tackle shop, or strike up a conversation the next time you see someone fishing from shore. Fishermen and women are generally courteous with each other in the community and are happy to help.

Fishing Spots Near You

We know that people who love to fish will work a trip into the day as often as possible. Whether you’re in your own community, or traveling to a new destination, there are opportunities awaiting you. Follow our advice to go fishing from the shore, or consider hiring a local guide who will be happy to share with you their favorite fishing spots and techniques. As long as you’re fishing and having a great day, there’s nothing better than that!

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