Planning a Wedding Party Fishing Trip


Image of boat, transportation, vehicle, person, human, yacht, ferryThe big day is coming up and you have a lot to plan. From the flowers to the food, planning a wedding can definitely be overwhelming. So what better wedding party excursion than a fishing charter to add some fun to the chaos?! Whether it’s a or an excursion during the wedding festivities, a fishing charter is the perfect social activity for any sized group. If you’re interested in putting together a charter for your group, let help coordinate the perfect outing for your crew. Or, follow these three easy steps and enjoy the rod-bending action!

1 - Determine Group Size

Your first step to an amazing fishing charter is to determine the size of your group. If you’re wanting a fishing charter as a bachelor or bachelorette outing, the numbers are considerably smaller than if you’re planning for, say, a rehearsal dinner. Although we have heard about bride and grooms who planned a fishing charter as a way for the two families to meet. Not a bad way to get to know someone when you’re fishing together. Most charter captains will have a six-pack license, meaning they can only legally carry a maximum of six passengers onboard. If you have a small wedding party, this could be the perfect mix and mingle outing you’ve been looking for. Or the bride and groom can each invite their parents, there’s a six-top for ya’. Don’t worry if you happen to have more than six in your party, there are options available for your group. You can either look for a larger boat in the area that has the appropriate licensing, or consider breaking the group into several boats. This is actually a really fun option, a mini-tournament of sorts. If you have a very large group, like 50-60 guests, you can find boats like where everyone can be on the same boat. This 70’ sportfisherman includes a bar and TVs, making it a great option for larger groups looking to enjoy fishing as well as the camaraderie that comes during wedding events.

2 - Select Fishing Destination

Once you have a group together, next you need to decide the type of fishing you’re looking to do. Depending on where your wedding is located, this could be decided for you simply based on availability. If you’re not near the coast, a freshwater fishing trip on a local river or lake is your best option. If you’re near the Great Lakes, consider making the trip to one of these incredible fisheries. Especially if you’re having a spring or early summer wedding, this is the best time to plan your wedding fishing charter in the midwest. If you are near the coast, our recommendation is to book an offshore adventure. This is where boat sizes come into play and the larger boats will be able to accommodate your group and offer some fantastic fishing. Inshore boats can typically hold two to four passengers (depending on the size of the boat), so if you are looking for an inshore charter consider hiring multiple charters to accommodate your group. When you’re fishing on an offshore charter, your wedding party group will have time to chat as you travel to the fishing grounds. And then, of course, getting something on the line is always an exciting event! These trips are at least six hours long and you typically get to keep what you catch. It’s a great excuse to have a delicious meal afterwards!

3 - Book your Wedding Party Fishing Charter

Once you have completed Step 1 and 2, it’s time to book your wedding party fishing charter. is here to help you find the perfect charter at the best price for your group, no matter the size. If you happen to have a large group, give our Customer Service team a call and we can help coordinate your trip. Or, search the city where you’ll be launching from and book the adventure of a lifetime. Your trip can range from a sunset cruise with cocktails, or a full day of offshore fishing, and anything in between. You may want to consider the fishing experience of those in the group and if anyone gets seasick when choosing the type trip. Bottom fishing or drift fishing are two techniques that are great for any skill level. Those who are new to fishing will enjoy the thrill of catching their first fish! Talk with your captain about the best options for a great outing for everyone. Your wedding is a special event, so why not include that which you love most and schedule a fishing charter as part of the festivities?! It’s a great way to spend time with future in-laws, or have friend-groups mix and mingle on the boat. If you’re keeping your catch, a delicious fish dinner can be prepared for the group as well. There really isn’t a downside for this excursion, but don’t take our word for it; Reserve your wedding party fishing trip today!

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