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Galveston Fishing

Galveston, TX Courtesy of Galveston Convention & Visitors Bureau The fishing in Galveston, Texas is by far some of the best fishing on the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you’re looking to go shore fishing or deep-sea fishing (and everything in between), Galveston Fishing offers something for everyone. Galveston is a city on a Gulf Coast barrier island just Southeast of Houston. It’s about an hour’s drive from Houston to the Gulf, and Galveston is a perfect place to start your fishing adventure. The west part of the city is known as “West End” and has access to West Bay; there is also opportunity to fish Galveston Bay, Trinity Bay, and East Bay on the west/north-west side of the island. And of course, you have the entire Gulf of Mexico on the east side of the island. Pier fishing is very popular in Galveston; but when it seems that the fish aren’t coming close to the shoreline you can always hire a . These experienced and professional guides are very familiar with the area and know which waters are best for your successful Galveston fishing trip. New and experienced anglers are always welcome, and Captains/Guides are quick to share their passion for fishing! Make sure you have a valid Texas fishing license before heading out. No matter if you want to fish from a pier, or hire a local Galveston fishing charter, each angler must have a fishing license. Most fishing guides provide your gear and equipment, but if you have a favorite set-up be sure to bring it along! You could fish anywhere from four to thirty-six hours; and especially if you want to go offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico: the longer the charter the better! What Fish are in Galveston?

The bays around Galveston are estuaries, with a mix of freshwater and saltwater; The Gulf of Mexico is saltwater fishing. The superstar fish in Galveston are arguably the Flounder, Redfish, and Speckled Trout. But with inshore and offshore fishing options, we find several fish swimming the Galveston waters. Here are just a few: 




Speckled Trout


Sand Trout

Gafftopsail Catfish


Black Drum


Amber Jack


Jack Crevalle




Spanish Mackerel

Mahi Mahi






White Marlin

Blue Marlin



The best place to fish Flounder in Galveston is Rollover Pass. East Galveston Bay is a great place to target Redfish and Speckled Trout. Head on out to Pelican Island for some great flats fishing to target Redfish, Speckled Trout, or Flounder (see... we told you these three are the superstars of the Galveston area!)

Best Season to Fish Galveston

Galveston fishing is open 12 months of the year. If the seas are too rough on the Gulf of Mexico side of the island, you can always fish in Galveston Bay. The time of year definitely determines what you’ll find on the end of your hook, but no matter the month - you’ll find lines in the water throughout the bays and Gulf. We’ve already noted the great opportunity to catch Flounder, Redfish, and Speckled Trout (which are pretty much available year-round). As the temperatures warm up (both in the air and water) you’ll also find Cobia, Flounder, Mackerels, and more! Summer is the best time for anglers, with both bay fishing and Gulf of Mexico fishing in full swing. As fall and winter roll in, the fishing may slow some, but you’ll still find plenty of action throughout Galveston.

Popular Fishing in Galveston

There are so many ways to fish in Galveston! To name a few: Shore fishing, pier fishing, bay fishing, inshore and offshore fishing – you could spend every day of the week in a different spot and never get bored! We recommend hiring a Professional Fishing Charter Captain or Guide as there are some Galveston beaches that are off limits; and even pier fishing can be a bit tricky. Whether it’s inshore or offshore fishing in Galveston, these Guides know where the fish are and can teach any novice or pro the proper techniques. Kayak fishing is very popular in the bays as the waters are calmer here than in the Gulf. The really adventurous anglers head out into the Gulf of Mexico about 30 miles offshore or farther out (near the oil rigs) and troll pelagic species for some spectacular offshore fishing! About 100 miles offshore is a natural reef that has great fishing; be sure to plan ahead as it does take a full day to get there and back.

Fishing Galveston

Galveston, Texas is a great place to vacation, and booking a Galveston fishing charter is a natural choice for spending your time together as a family. Locals are fishing from the piers daily, or heading out into the Bay for a great day on the water. Your family can hire a Professional Fishing Captain or Guide to show you the best Galveston fishing spots and show you everything you need to know for a successful fishing trip! It’s an easy decision…book your Galveston fishing trip today with a !

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