Why Is Bass Fishing So Popular?


Image of fish, animal, person, human, accessory, sunglasses, accessories, carp, hat, clothing, apparel Love it or hate it? Well, actually a lot of people love bass fishing. Bass fishing is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Throughout the year, millions of people are picking up their poles and tackle box for an exciting day of reeling in a bass or two or three.

Here are just a few reasons we think Bass Fishing is so popular: Opportunity

The reality is, bass fishing is much more accessible than offshore or deep sea fishing. Throughout the United States there are inland lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks filled with a variety of bass species. Largemouth Bass is one of the top species of southern states such as Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. While smallmouth bass attract the attention of anglers in the north and midwest. Striped Bass are a unique species that can survive in brackish waters of estuaries throughout North Carolina and Virginia. And there’s also the highly invasive Peacock Bass throughout South Florida; although this species is technically a cichlid, we’ll still include it for now. And even if a species isn’t native to a particular area, bass fisheries are stocked throughout the year to increase and maintain population. Catch-and-release is also highly recommended to continue these efforts. , largemouth bass are required to be released after their capture. Make sure to check your state or county regulations before heading out.

Variety of Techniques

Another reason for the popularity of fishing for bass - the variety of options to getting the job done. The season and weather will determine where to find the fish (near the shore in the colder months, farther out during warmer months), but overall the species doesn’t change: a bass is a bass. The more mature ones who have seen a few lures in their lifetime may be a bit warrier than the juvenile bass… but for the most part they act the same. Your offering must be enticing enough to get them to the line. And that’s where the variety of bass fishing comes in. Whether you’re fly fishing with a variety of patterns, sight fishing with live bait, or drift fishing with a colorful lure, it’s never a dull day. And the species you’re targeting will help in deciding which technique you’re using. For example, may opt to go trolling for striped bass. The bay is obviously big enough for this technique, and stripers (or rockfish as they are known locally) enjoy the chase. While anglers in South Florida won’t have that option as they fish the canals for Peacock Bass. They’re typically casting from the bank and looking for schools of peacock bass to come to the line Fly fishing for largemouth bass is always an adventure. The way the fish attacks the fly is some of the best top water action you’ve ever witnessed. And the thrill of setting the hook and watching the following acrobatics makes the whole excursion memorable. Making the trip even better? When the fish at the end of the line is a personal best! No matter what technique you use, your bass fishing trip will certainly have more casting opportunities than those offshore trips. And even if you do happen to get skunked, a day of fishing is better than any day at the office, am I right?!

Fun For All Ages & Skill Levels

One last reason we think bass fishing is so popular: anyone can try it. In our experience, we’ve had friends teaching their kids as soon as the little one can hold a pole. Also, the most mature of our friends (read: those older anglers) also enjoy fishing for bass. Really, any age can enjoy time spent in nature, watching the water for movement, casting and reeling in a catch worth bragging about. Along the same lines, anglers of any skill level can have a successful trip. For the less experienced angler, using live bait such as wild shiner can almost guarantee you’ll hook up on your first Largemouth Bass. There’s a reason live bait is forbidden in all major bass fishing tournaments! The seasoned angler tends to opt for artificial lures, or even flies (lures for fly fishing tackle) to make each bass successfully caught that much more rewarding. It’s the thrill of the chase that counts. If you’re new to the sport, consider going with someone who has the gear and a few years of experience to teach you. Or hire a local professional guide; They don’t mind sharing their wisdom with beginner anglers who are willing to listen to a fish story or two!

Your Next Bass Fishing Trip

If you’ve never experienced a bass fishing trip, join the millions of anglers who fish for this incredible species. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how good you are - it’s a fun, memorable day on the water. You can fish a variety of ways all in one day, just to see what works best to hook up on your catch. for smallmouth bass, for largemouth bass, and anywhere in between, and find a guide for your group. You can reserve your trip with just a deposit and enjoy a fun and memorable day of bass fishing!

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