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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Mayport is $610, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1243. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Mayport Charters here.

  • There are no shared trips currently available in Mayport. View all Mayport Charters here.

  • The most common charter boat types in Mayport are:

    Center Console

    Bay Boat

  • The average charter boat size in Mayport is 29 feet.

About Fishing in Mayport

Mayport Fishing Charters

Barrier islands, tidal creeks, sloughs, marshes and the St. Johns River create incredible fishing opportunities. That is why so many anglers keep coming back again and again to Mayport on the Florida Atlantic coast. The St. Johns in Florida is one of the few rivers in the northern hemisphere that flows north to south. When it finally empties into the Atlantic Ocean, Mayport is the last bit of Florida it passes. It is just a few miles from Jacksonville, the second-largest city in the US by landmass. (Anchorage, Alaska, covers more than twice the area of Jacksonville.) Hotel rates are reasonable compared to some of the more tourist-centered areas of Florida. The region is covered with preserves and nature parks. Beaches on the Atlantic Ocean offer plenty of fun for the whole family. You'll have to look hard to find a better place for a relaxed family vacation or just fishing for a day or two.

Mayport Freshwater Fishing

Head inland on the St. Johns for bass, panfish and catfish. The largemouth bass, probably the world's most popular freshwater gamefish, reaches double-digit size in the river. Big bass like big lures and big baits. If you are truly after a lunker, then you want to use live big shad as bait. Ol' Bucketmouth can't resist a six-inch wounded shiner. Effective artificial lures are spinner and buzzbaits, crankbaits and artificial worms. Panfish covers a big group of fish that have several things in common. They are all tasty when rolled in cornmeal and deep-fried. They are easy to catch. They can't resist live bait like red wiggler worms, crickets and minnows. A container of bait, a cane pole, a small hook and just enough weight to make a cork sit upright on the water surface is all you need to catch a mess of these fish.

Mayport Brackish Water

As the river winds its way east after passing through Jacksonville, it becomes a brackish water river. The mix of fresh and salt waters creates a hybrid where some freshwater and saltwater fish can live side by side. Throwing artificial shrimp or crayfish lures in and around structure in the river can see you pull in bass, reds, snook, flounder, striped bass and warmouth from the same hole. Many anglers use bass fishing lures and techniques in the brackish waters.

Mayport Inshore Fishing

In the mouth of the St. Johns, redfish will stack up when the tide is right. They work the points and bars looking for something to eat. In this water, a live shrimp or shrimp lure, small live baitfish or even cut bait under a popping cork will draw the fish to you. The tidal creeks across the river in the Ft. George Island marshes are prime redfish habitat. The same cork rig works equally well on trout. Trout also take saltwater crankbaits that stay on the surface or dive when retrieved. Fishing along the beaches, you are likely to run into tarpon and Spanish mackerel in the summer. Any time of year you can catch whiting and croakers, redfish, trout, gafftopsail catfish and black drum. You can fish the surf zone from the beach or boat with any of the tackle and rigs already discussed. One advantage you have with Mayport fishing charters is trolling through the water just outside the breaker zone. That means you go looking for the fish instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Mayport Offshore Fishing

Tuna, wahoo, big sharks, mahi mahi, and other pelagic species are found in the deeper waters of the Atlantic. Trolling is an effective way to cover a lot of water to find these fish. The fish are constantly moving, looking for prey to eat so they might be present one day and gone the next. Mayport fishing charters share information with each other so guides know what is biting and where. If cruising around the ocean is not your thing, then look for underwater structure. Natural and artificial reefs abound here. Plenty of wrecks also provide cover for fish. When trying to catch reef fish like snapper, grouper, amberjack and others, you need to be right over the structure. Live and cut bait are the best bet to haul something from the bottom. Jigging artificial lures will also catch fish.

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Come on out to Mayport where the water is great and the fishing is fantastic. FishAnywhere has the top guides on tap for you. Book one trip and we'll bet you want to come back often.

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