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About Fishing in Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is a hidden jewel of Napa Valley. This lake is located only ten miles west of Winters, CA in Napa County. This artificial water reservoir is huge covering about 20,700 acres. It’s formed by the Monticello Dam to provide both electricity and water to the San Francisco Bay Area. But this is not the only thing that this lake is famous for. The mysterious hole in it is what makes this lake very popular. This hole is essentially a large drain used to suck down excess water and prevent flooding. Nevertheless, it’s turned into a popular tourist attraction and an even more popular fishing destination.Fishing in Lake Berryessa is quite the experience. Since, here at FishAnywhere, we only want to bring you the best, we only partner with the most experienced fishing guides for our Lake Berryessa fishing charters. If you choose to take this adventure, you have several options when it comes to fishing. At Lake Berryessa, you can troll near the dam or throughout a variety of other hidden spots. Fishing around the lake’s islands also yields results. In fact, Lake Berryessa has so many fishing locations that you will have to come back several times to explore them all.Here at FishAnywhere, we want to help you in every possible way to reel in a worthwhile catch. This is why it’s necessary to plan your trip during the proper season. The fish in the Lake Berryessa are most active during late winter and early spring to late spring - more specifically, from February to June. Are you ready to catch the prize of your lifetime? Find a fishing trip in Lake Berryessa today!You don't have to be a pro to catch a fish in Lake Berryessa. There’s a variety of fishing techniques commonly used in this area from spinning and fly fishing to trolling and jigging. In other words, fishing in Lake Berryessa is never boring. And our fishing guides know exactly what technique to use and when, so you’re sure to reel in a good catch! FishAnywhere will provide you with an experienced charter captain to help you find the best fishing location for your favorite fishing technique! Book a Lake Berryessa fishing charter today!Lake Berryessa is unique because you can catch bass, trout, and salmon all in the same spot. The most common fish caught at Lake Berryessa are largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, channel catfish, white catfish, crappie, rainbow trout, bluegill, chinook salmon, and kokanee salmon. Experience angling like never before with a Lake Berryessa fishing charter!FishAnywhere is happy to connect you to endless adventurous Lake Berryessa fishing charters. We’ll provide you with a licensed charter captain or fishing guide to make sure that everything goes as planned. Cast your line in the beautiful Lake Berryessa waters! Find your perfect fishing trip in Lake Berryessa today!

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