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About Fishing in Annapolis River

Flowing west from the Caribou Bog into the Annapolis Basin, the Annapolis River is one of two major rivers to irrigate the Annapolis Valley in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It’s a natural beauty worth experiencing first-hand, but also a fishing mecca that offers abundant opportunities for seasoned anglers and passionate beginners alike. The Annapolis Valley creates amazing fishing and bonding opportunities for all groups of people, so bring your family and invite your friends. Board one of many FishAnywhere Annapolis River fishing charters together and embark on the fishing adventure of a lifetime.Avid anglers from all over the country come to Nova Scotia to sail the 75-mile long river from southwest to its final destination, the Annapolis Basin. And for a good reason. The Annapolis River boasts some of the most amazing fishing opportunities in all of Canada, as well as some of the most unforgettable sights in the northern part of North America. Come cast a line and see it yourself. Make no mistake, fishing the Annapolis River is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Small mouth bass, Don Pedro reservoir Spring is the best time of the year to fish the Annapolis River, but also the best time to experience its natural wonders. Wait for the snow to melt and be patient while the river thaws. Then, come to spend the first sunny weekend of the season right here, fishing in the fine company of your family and friends from one of our FishAnywhere Annapolis River fishing charters. Huge Largemouth bass fishing Thanks to a myriad of natural factors, the Annapolis River produces enough fish limitless anglers. This makes it an ideal fishing spot both for anglers who enjoy challenging themselves and anglers who are only beginning to learn the basics of fly fishing, spinning, and wading - the three most popular fishing techniques on the Annapolis River.The incredible fishing opportunities of the Annapolis Valley are just one part of its diverse ecosystem. Due to its continental climate, Nova Scotia and abundant rivers have no shortage of trophy fish. The most popular among them are American shad, plankton eaters that weigh two to eight pounds. The Annapolis River is famous for smallmouth and largemouth bass too and boasts generous amounts of trout. If one of these species is on your angling bucket list, then don’t miss out an opportunity to cast a line in the Annapolis River.FishAnywhere is your go-to source of guided fishing trips and great fun on the Annapolis River. Our professional guides and charter captains are trained to accommodate all your fishing needs, help you master different fishing techniques, and show you the best angling spots in the surrounding valley. Check out our Annapolis River fishing charters from our team of licensed fishing captains today!

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