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About Fishing in Mistassini Lake

Mistassini Lake is located 400 miles north of Montreal and 220 miles east of James Bay. With a total surface area of 902 square miles, this is one of the largest natural lakes in Canada and the largest ones in Quebec. The extensive forest surrounding the lake will turn your fishing expedition into the experience of a lifetime. The lake is very deep which allows fish to grow to impressive sizes. Get ready for some serious reeling as Mistassini Lake fish are famous for putting up a fight. It’s the perfect spot for a vacation for the family!The Mistassini Lake is one of the largest in the nation of Canada. This is why you can return fishing here every year and never fish from the same spot again. There are endless hotspots here. The most famous ones are bays and islands located in the northern section of the lake. If this is going to be your first time on Mistassini Lake, our experienced fishing guides will take you to the best fishing spots. You’re probably aware that fish are not active throughout the entire year. When it comes to fishing in Mistassini Lake, the best season is definitely the summer. Due to this lake’s unique geolocation, the climate, and fish species living in its waters, fishing during the summer yields the best results. A FishAnywhere professional fishing guide will gladly take your next fishing trip to the next level! Fishing the waters of Mistassini Lake is never boring. Thanks to good depth variety and many different fish species that live here, you will be able to practice different fishing techniques. The most popular fishing techniques engaged in here are jigging, fly fishing, ice fishing, and spinning. Rest assured, all of these techniques will bring you huge numbers of fish.Thanks to the Mistassini Lake’s deep waters and the abundance of food, the fish living in this lake can grow and reach trophy sizes. Here, you will be able to fish for brook trout, lake trout, and speckled trout. You will be happy to find out that there are two cold water species that inhabit this lake. Both northern pike and walleye hide beneath the surface of Mistassini Lake.Finding the perfect Mistassini Lake fishing charter is easy with FishAnywhere. Just browse through our listings and find the one that suits your personal needs. Our friendly staff will connect you with a professional fishing guide or charter captain that will make your next fishing trip unforgettable... in a good way! Check out our Mistassini Lake fishing charters from our team of licensed charter captains today!

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