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About Fishing in Bermuda


Let’s face it. You probably might never hear anybody say, “Hey, let’s pack up and go to Bermuda for a fishing trip”. But once you’ve been to this island paradise and gone fishing, you might wonder why you haven’t heard that. Bermuda is a high end vacation spot that literally takes you away from it all. There are no fast food restaurants, billboards, or electronic signs; and you can’t even rent a motor vehicle here. It’s a British island territory in the North Atlantic known for its pink sand beaches and the atmosphere of total relaxation. The blend of American and British culture across the island makes you feel at home, yet you know you aren’t. You don’t have to stay here long to understand what famous American author Mark Twain meant when he visited the place in the early 1900’s and wrote, "You go to heaven if you want to, I'd rather stay here". You’ll see when you visit; the beauty and attractions are endless. There’s the capital city of Hamilton and an island full of spots like Horseshoe Bay, Cambridge and Elbow Beaches, Crystal Caves, Snorkel Park, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda Aquarium, St. David’s Island, Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Blue Hole Park, Spittle Pond, Tobacco Bay, Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. The historic town of St. George is also a photo op in waiting. And don’t let the tales of the Bermuda Triangle scare you away. In 1945, a group of Navy torpedo bombers took off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on a routine training mission and disappeared here. Since then, other planes and boats have mysteriously vanished with no explanation. Even in this age of advanced technology, they are still unexplained. There are a couple of real warnings to heed, though. The tap water here is often rainwater and not what you are probably used to. Bottled water is a safe bet. The island is also a known home of the poisonous Portuguese man o’war, so be on the lookout for them if you venture into the water. The beaches have signs up when they are present, but keep an eye out anyway.

Fishing Near Bermuda

A quick look at Bermuda on the map will show you that Bermuda is shaped like a fishhook. The local tourism agency is quick to point out that this is a good sign if you want to go on a fishing trip. In fact, island guests may get the feeling they are surrounded by fish because, literally, they are. But the fishing itself? It’s fantastic. You can fish from the beach or a pier, go on a short boat trip to the endless reefs, or go way out deep in search of monster trophy fish. And it doesn’t hurt that weather conditions here - other than an occasional hurricane or tropical storm - are clear and temperate all year. There are very few extremes in either hot or cold weather. Paradise may be an overused word in the outdoor world, but it’s hard to argue that Bermuda is not a fishing paradise. A vacation here would not be complete without going on a chartered fishing trip to the deep waters of the Atlantic ocean for giant blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, or wahoo. They are the power players of Bermuda fishing. Many world record fish have been caught here out in the deeper waters of the Gulf Stream. You can also catch wahoo, amberjack, pompano, barracuda, dolphin (Mahi Mahi), sailfish, and blackfin tuna. The most common methods for catching big fish is trolling, but fish can be caught by chumming and dropping a line in the baited area to catch feeding fish. There are several reputable guides and tour boat operators who can get you out to where the action is. You can also fish closer to the shore. Reef fishing is popular here because the island is surrounded by reefs and it’s a short trip. If it’s fast action and numbers you are after, this is a great option. You can catch grey, pink and yellowtail snapper, amberjack (school size), barracuda, triggerfish, Porgies, Grunts, Bream, Coney and Bermuda Chub. The fish aren’t as large here as offshore, but they are great fun and superb eating. If you have a favorite fish you want to target, let your guide know. There are several locations where public and private spots are available for shore fishing as well. Sandbars on the island also find schools of bonefish swimming the shallows looking for an easy meal. You can also catch jacks, triggerfish, small snapper and grunts.

Book a Bermuda Fishing Charter

Obviously you probably won’t travel this far to an expensive vacation paradise just to go fishing, but on the other hand, don’t go on a great vacation like this and miss out on the fishing paradise either. Book a charter with FishAnywhere and enjoy the clear waters and massive fish populations to complete your trip. Pairing your fishing desires with a perfect charter is an ideal way to enjoy the moment and make memories. Bermuda is a little bit more pricey than most destinations and the same holds for fishing, but if you are already there, it’s worth the price for a trip of a lifetime.

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