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About Fishing in Milford Lake

The 16,000-acre Milford Lake may be best known for its abundance of black crappie, but this descendant of the sunfish family is far from being the only reason to visit this picturesque body of water. Milford Lake creates as many opportunities for having fun as it does for catching trophy fish, which makes it a great destination for an outdoor family weekend. Plus, our FishAnywhere professional fishing guides are at your disposal, ready to reveal the best angling spots this fishery has to offer. Just hop aboard one of our Milford Lake fishing charters!Located just 5 miles northwest of Junction City, Kansas, Milford Lake is frequently visited by passionate anglers from all over the United States. Loved for its easily accessible location, relaxing atmosphere, and gorgeous views, this ample body of water hosts thousands of experts and rookies every fishing season. Despite its popularity, Milford Lake is always brimming with monster-sized fish. For all these reasons and then some, fishing Milford Lake is a unique kind of adventure. Milford Lake is the pride and joy of Kansas at just about any time of the year, but it’s never more picturesque and plentiful than during spring and early summer. April, May, June, and July mark the peak of the fishing season on Milford Lake, leaving you with enough sunny days to come to Kansas and plan your fishing trip. Even if you have no experience at all, you’ll be able to reel in a catch or two on Milford Lake. Our fishing guides won’t mind helping you catch a keeper or two. That said, the most popular techniques on the Milford Lake are fly fishing, spinning, trolling, and jigging - come cast a line, and we’ll try and master them together.There’s only one trophy fish in Milford Lake, but it’s certainly worth the trip. Considered the best fishing spot for catching black crappie, this generous body of water provides endless opportunities when it comes to this species. Milford Lake is also home to bluegill, channel catfish, drum, flathead catfish, green sunfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, paddlefish, and rainbow trout.If you want to experience the Milford Lake in all of its fishing glory, hop aboard one of our FishAnywhere fishing charters. Our professional fishing guides and charter captains know every nook and cranny of this reservoir and will be thrilled to show you around. Since we organize fishing trips for groups of all types and sizes, you’ll definitely find the right fit for your friends and family. Check out our Milford Lake fishing charters from our team of licensed fishing captains today!

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