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About Fishing in Dewey Lake

Dewey Lake is situated near Prestonsburg in Floyd County, Kentucky. Although relatively small (1,100 acres), it is a thriving fishery that draws in lots of anglers from all over the country. Five years ago, the United States Army Corps of Engineers started a stocking program for the lake and since then this lake’s fish population has been thriving. Dewey Lake is a popular fishing destination for both avid and novice anglers and the perfect spot for the entire family! Fishing in Dewey Lake is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling experiences you could ever have.Dewey Lake is a perfect spot to catch American shad, as well as muskellunge, as its structure-rich shallows create an ideal habitat for muskies. There are many more fishing opportunities to seize there, but you need to see it for yourself to believe the beauty of it all. Gather your family and friends and come cast a line in the wonderful lake. The experience will be out of this world. If you decide to head to the beautiful Dewey Lake, be sure to do so in the summer. The fish of Dewey Lake will be ready to bite then and will be at their largest. Find a fishing trip in Dewey Lake and get ready for the most thrilling angling adventure of your life! Small mouth bass, Don Pedro reservoir Fishing in Dewey Lake is great for both angling professionals and rookies. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever picked up a fishing pole before because our charter captains will be there to show you how it’s done. They can teach you all about fly fishing, spinning, trolling and wading – the most popular fishing techniques on Dewey Lake. They also know a lot of fishing tricks, so they can help you hone your skills.Dewey Lake definitely doesn’t have a shortage of fishing opportunities. Whichever fishing technique you prefer, you can reel in muskellunge, bluegill, panfish, trout, northern pike, sauger, walleye, bullheads, lake sturgeon, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and white bass. Don’t want to miss these excellent opportunities? Then give us a call right now and book your Dewey Lake fishing charter today!FishAnywhere is proud to be one of the top providers of fishing charters throughout the entire United States. Most of our fishing charters are private, which makes them ideal for families and friends. Gather your crew and come along. Our Dewey Lake fishing charter captains will guide your way and make sure you have an angling adventure you will never forget. Get it touch with our team right away! Let us be a part of your Dewey Lake fishing trip and help you have the best experience of your life. Book your Dewey Lake fishing charter with FishAnywhere today!

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