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  • The average charter boat size in Grand Isle is 22 feet.

About Fishing in Grand Isle

Grand Isle Fishing Charters

Louisiana’s Grand Isle is a barrier island just off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico. It is Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island, and has been home to locals for hundreds of years. Situated between the inshore bays and the open Gulf, the island’s history is deeply intertwined with fishing. The diversity and abundance of a variety of avian species on the island also make it a renowned bird-watching destination, boasting a two mile trail that features five unique bird-watching spots. Anglers looking to experience the fantastic fishing that this island has to offer will be delighted to hear that a number of opportunities await them. Whether you fish from the beach or pier, bring your own boat, or hire a local Grand Isle charter captain, it will quickly become evident why this island is such a hot fishing destination.

Grand Isle Inshore Fishing

There are a tremendous variety of species to catch inshore off of Louisiana’s coast, however the redfish is the inshore king. These are strong, hard fighting fish that can grow to be over 40 pounds in this region. Their diet consists heavily of crabs, shrimp, and fish such as mullet and croakers, which are abundant in these rich waters. Although fishing peaks in the cooler months, this fishery provides excellent redfish fishing year round. Anglers report schools in the passes consisting of literally hundreds of healthy sized reds. When a school like this is actively feeding, you can practically throw any bait or artificial and ensure a hookup. The speckled seatrout is another popular inshore target. Although these fish do not grow as large as redfish, they are known for their abundance and aggressive nature. They are a spirited topwater fighter, frequently breaking the surface to thrash about when hooked. Anglers will want to use light tackle, as most fish will be 1-3 pounds, though trout over 6 pounds or more are not a rarity. Peak season is April through August and November through February, during which it is typical for anglers to catch over a dozen trout on a single outing. Finally, flounder also make the target list for many Grand Isle inshore anglers. Unlike redfish and trout, flounder are more of an ambush predator, lying in wait for a meal to pass by. This flatfish uses its shape and coloration to camouflage into its habitat, which ends up being very conducive to its feeding habits. The flounder’s mouth opens side to side instead of up and down, meaning that anglers will generally want to use smaller hooks to have a better chance at hooking up.

Grand Isle Offshore Fishing

Anglers looking to head out into the Gulf can expect to tangle with wahoo, tuna, grouper, mahi, snapper, cobia, sharks, and more. Of the variety of species swimming in the offshore waters, none other symbolizes Louisiana offshore fishing quite like the yellowfin tuna. If you asked tuna fishermen to name their top ten yellowfin tuna fishing destinations, you can count on Louisiana making everyone’s list. The oil rigs offshore provide a great habitat for baitfish, which in turn attract the tuna. Yellowfin are big, strong, and some of the best grilling fish in the sea. The all-tackle world record is 427 pounds, with most fish in these waters averaging closer to 100, although catches of fish 150 pounds or more are not exactly rare. Yellowfin are somewhere to be found offshore year round, though peak season is typically during the cooler months of fall and winter. Aside from the hundreds of oil rig platforms, one of the most well known spots for big yellowfin off of Grand Isle is the Midnight Lump. This is a massive, ancient salt dome that rises off of the surrounding seafloor. This elevation change creates currents that trap smaller fish, creating a buffet for a number of predators. Yellowfin tuna are very active at night as well, and many fishing charter captains offer a 24 hour overnight trip to capitalize on this. The offshore oil rigs are generally well lit at night. Like the structure itself, this light shines into the water and attracts baitfish, which will attract predators. Anglers will typically be throwing a four to six ounce chrome diamond jig. Especially at night, yellowfin will hit anything that is moving up or down, as long as it is moving in that direction quickly. If you’re looking for a true fishing adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime, you don’t need to look much further than fighting a big yellowfin under the lights of an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico at night.

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Whether you’re looking for a personal best redfish off the beaches or planning the offshore yellowfin tuna trip of a lifetime, the fishing in Grand Isle can help you check these off your list. Search fishing trips near Grand Isle today, and book online with a 10% deposit right here on!

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