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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Booth Bay is $350, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $383. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Booth Bay Charters here.

  • There are no shared trips currently available in Booth Bay. View all Booth Bay Charters here.

  • The most common charter boat types in Booth Bay are:

    Center Console

    Bass Boat

  • The average charter boat size in Booth Bay is 19 feet.

About Fishing in Booth Bay

River location for Fishing Charters If you’ve been searching for a vacation destination that has a plethora of fishing opportunities, look no further than Booth Bay. There’s a reason that vacationers from across the country come to fish these waters year after year… It’s because they never leave disappointed! Booth Bay truly is a fisherman’s paradise. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, you won’t be surprised to learn that there is no shortage of fish in these waters. Home to countless fish species, as well as endless opportunities for different fishing styles and techniques, Booth Bay is the fishing destination of your dreams! No matter if you’re going alone or with your family, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy the beautiful views while reeling in prize-sized fish. And with the help of a professional FishAnywhere Booth Bay Fishing Guide, you’ll get insight into the local fishing hot spots. So, grab the whole family and book a Booth Bay fishing charter today!Booth Bay is packed with great fishing spots. No matter if you’re an avid or novice angler, Booth Bay is the ideal fishing destination for you. Anglers of all experience levels are welcome in these waters. Cast a line and relax as you appreciate the beauty of this popular fishing destination! Never caught a fish before? No problem! All of our Booth Bay Charter Captains love passing on their knowledge to first timers. And the best part is: It’s easier than you think! The two main techniques to land your trophy fish are: Keep the rod tip up; and keep tension on the line. It really is that easy! If you give the fish any slack in the line, they’ll have a chance to “Spit the hook”. Basically, without the tension on the hook to keep it secured in the fish’s mouth, they’ll have some wiggle room to be able to shake the hook loose. There’s no shortage of fish in Booth Bay so you’re sure to reel in some great catches with a Booth Bay fishing charter! man holding striped bass catch on a fishing charter in Maine If you’re wondering when the fishing season starts here, you’re in for a treat. The fishing season in Booth Bay lasts all year round! Each fish species does have its peak season, so if you have a particular fish species in mind, make sure to do a little research first! If you have no preference for the kind of fish you’ll be hooking up on, we’d recommend planning your fishing trip for the Spring or Summer months. The sun will be shining, and the fish will be biting! Put your bathing suit on, lather on the sunscreen, and enjoy the beautiful weather that Booth Bay has to offer. man with salmon catch on a Fishing Charter Do you know why Booth Bay is such a popular fishing destination? It’s because you don’t need any prior fishing experience to be able to have the fishing trip of a lifetime! A simple light tackle rig is more than enough to help you land a monster fish, and your Professional Charter Captain will supply you with all the fishing gear you’ll need. Whether you enjoy fishing the calm, abundant inshore waters of Booth Bay, or want to take the boat out in the open ocean for some offshore fishing, you’ll find it all here. Besides using a light tackle set up, you’ll also be able to choose from Bottom Fishing, Trolling, Kite Fishing, Jigging, and Drift Fishing.Booth Bay didn’t become a leading fishing destination in Maine solely because of its smallmouth Bass. If you visit this amazing beach, you will be able to catch White Perch, Lake Trout, Largemouth Bass, Mako Shark, Striped bass, Bluefin Tuna, Brown Trout, Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, Atlantic Salmon, Crappie, Bluefish, and Haddock, to name a few.If you are looking for the best source to find fishing charters, you are in the right place. FishAnywhere is here to take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime. We offer a wide selection of Booth Bay fishing guides suited for a variety of needs and preferences. We will provide you with a licensed charter captain to assist you on your adventures and help you with any questions you might have. Check out our Booth Bay fishing trips from our team of licensed Fishing Guides today!

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