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Spencer Cove Outfitters
Millinocket, ME
Reddog Guide Service
Bowdoinham, ME
Topwater Guide Service
Topsham, ME
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Maine Fishing Guide
Auburn, ME
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Whiptail Adventures
South Portland, ME
About Fishing in Great Pond

pond, Orton Pond The Belgrade Chain of Lakes has many different lakes and water surfaces. One of the largest and most well-known lakes is Great Pond. The Great Pond stretches at over 8,200 acres and its maximum depth is around 69 feet. This lake is tucked in among large hills, forests, and farmlands. It has a completely protected nature which is why many people visit this place for recreational purposes. However, one of the most common activities visitors decide to come here for is fishing.Great Pond is home to a plethora of fishing opportunities due to its bountiful size. Large portions of this pond are homothermous, meaning that the temperature of the water is the same, no matter the depth. Since these waters tend to be on the warmer side, you’ll find mostly warmwater species in Great Pond. These species are always healthy and plentiful. Cast your line today and see what the Great Pond waters hold! Small mouth bass, Don Pedro reservoir Great Pond waters are best when fished in the summer. During these months, the fish are very active and you’re sure to reel in a few catches. For more help on your Great Pond fishing trip, be sure to book a Great Pond fishing charter with FishAnywhere! Largemouth Bass Family Fishing Fun Great Pond is the perfect spot for spinning, fly fishing, ice fishing, trolling, and jigging. Given its size and fishing opportunities, it also provides many different fishing experiences. You can find people with different skills looking to test their abilities on this lake. It’s truly a great spot no matter your experience level.The habitats here are truly rich and are home to a plethora of species of fish. Here are the types of fish you can find in Great Pond: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, landlocked salmon, brown trout, brook trout, white perch, yellow perch, northern pike, chain pickerel, crappie, and redbreast sunfish. Book your Great Pond fishing charter today!Great Pond is a huge lake that can’t be experienced properly without a proper guide. If you want to set sail on the lake and gaze at its natural beauty while fishing, FishAnywhere offers Great Pond fishing charters that you can book now! They are all sailed by experienced locals that know the lake and all of its hidden treasures. With a captain’s help, you can easily find what you are looking for. Find a fishing trip in Great Pond with FishAnywhere today!

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