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Biloxi Sport Fishing- Inshore
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About Fishing in Biloxi

Biloxi Fishing Charters

Mississippi’s Gulf Coast pairs breathtaking views with fishing opportunities that bring you back to life. There’s no better place to add more fun to your fishing trip than Biloxi. Surrounded by the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf of Mexico there are plenty of reasons to choose Biloxi for your next fishing destination. Take a ride in through Big Lake, Mullet Lake or Biloxi Bay to do some light tackle fishing and hook into speckled trout, redfish, black drum, flounder and sheepshead. Or, take your party offshore for an exciting day in the Gulf targeting, snapper, barracuda, cobia, tripletail and even shark. Biloxi isn’t just a great place to fish. This coastal town was once known as the seafood capital of the world and has something for everyone. Try your luck at one of the many casinos or just stroll the streets in the thriving entertainment district. If gambling is something you prefer to do with bait, learn more about the history of the area at the Biloxi Lighthouse or on a seafood riverboat tour. You won’t want to leave without experiencing the natural beauty of Biloxi by kayaking, paddleboarding or walking the beaches of the Biloxi River Marshes Coastal Preserve, Gulf Islands National Seashore and Deer Island.

Biloxi Inshore Fishing

The waters around Biloxi are ripe with activity. Oyster reefs, muddy marshes and cool waters mix to create habitats perfect for delicious and exciting fish to catch. Tell your Biloxi charter captain if you want to target white trout, speckled trout, redfish, black drum, sheepshead or flounder and they’ll take you to where the fish are. It’s a great opportunity to take anglers of all ages out for a nice, calm day. Have your Biloxi charter captain take you to the underwater grass beds to target speckled trout and redfish. Once the weather starts heating up in the spring, small bait fish begin to fill the area and the large reds and trout show up to feed. Your Biloxi charter captain will head to the deep beds and look for feeding birds. Once you’re on bait fish, it’s only a matter of time until a 12+ inch trout will hit your popping cork baited with a minnow or brightly colored artificial jig-head. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a day full of tight lines and great times.

Biloxi Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing is what first put Biloxi on the map. With historic shrimp boats making daily trips, the area was able to make a name for itself. But, as the saying goes, there’s more fish in the sea. The Gulf of Mexico out of Mississippi is a short ride to a great time. Open water offers great opportunities to troll for large king mackerel and jack crevalle. Head out towards reefs and structures to tap into red snapper, cobia, tripletail, barracuda and sharks. You just need to let your Biloxi charter captain what you’re in the mood for. If you’re betting on snapper, choose a full-day charter where you’ll be taken out to the reefs. Here snapper lurk in the structures waiting to ambush smaller fish, crabs and shrimp. Your charter captain will drift over these reefs with weighted squid, crab, cut mackerel or mullet. Snapper are quite the catch, however they are bait fish for sharks, barracudas and cobia. So if you’re hoping to catch something with a bit of fight in the bite, you may be in luck. Barracuda are a highly sought-after species. While they’re not good to eat, they’re fast, put up a big fight and make for some pretty great stories. When targeting barracuda, your Biloxi charter captain will take you far out and troll around the reefs and offshore structures. With ballyhoo or other cut rigs with colorful tails you’ll attract these ambush predators. Once they take your bait they’ll launch out of the water and it’s up to you to reel them in. These fish can get up to six feet in length and swim at speeds of 24 miles per hour. It won’t be an easy catch, but no good fish ever is.

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When you’re looking for a Mississippi experience unlike any other, head to Biloxi. From natural wonders and historic past, there’s something for everyone in this Gulf Coast town. No matter if you’re fishing inshore, or headed offshore for a day of cobia, ‘cuda and snapper, you’ll return with stories to tell and fish to fry. If you spend some time at any of the casinos you may just end up paying for your trip! Make sure you book your Biloxi charter trip with FishAnywhere. We pair you with the perfect captains to get you on the fish you want anywhere you want to travel. Book today!

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