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Kahuna Sportfishing Charters
Wanchese, NC
(5.0, 7 Reviews)
Foolish Pleasures Charter’s
Wanchese, NC
(5.0, 4 Reviews)
Sounds Good Charters
Wanchese, NC
Outcast Fishing Charters OBX LLC
Wanchese, NC
(4.8, 15 Reviews)
Carolina Style Sportfishing
Wanchese, NC
(4.9, 44 Reviews)
Fishin Fannatic Sportfishing
Wanchese, NC
(4.9, 33 Reviews)
  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Outer Banks is $626, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1611. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Outer Banks Charters here.

  • There are no shared trips currently available in Outer Banks. View all Outer Banks Charters here.

  • The most common charter boat types in Outer Banks are:

    Sport Fisherman

    Center Console

  • The average charter boat size in Outer Banks is 38 feet.

About Fishing in Outer Banks

Outer Banks Fishing Charters

One of the top vacation destinations in the United States is without a doubt the Outer Banks. Known also as OBX - this is a place to get away from it all. The smell of the ocean combined with the wind in your hair is a recipe for relaxation. Don’t get us wrong, there’s plenty to do other than sit on the beach and drink your ice cold beverage. Families with kids of all ages will have plenty to do in nearby attractions (including aquariums and lighthouses), and outdoor adventures (like hiking, boating, or fishing). No matter how long you stay, any trip to the Outer Banks will be one for the memory books!

Outer Banks, North Carolina

It may sound like the Outer Banks is one location, but it’s actually a line of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. It’s over 200 miles long with cities dotted along the coast line. The most famous OBX cities include Hatteras on the southern end, Nags Head and Kitty Hawk towards the middle, and Corolla to the north. The Outer Banks technically reach into Virginia, but this section is part of the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, so it’s not a place for vacationers to stay. If you’re planning a trip to any of the top vacation destinations in the Outer Banks, plan ahead of time.

Places like Hatteras and Nags Head get booked up quick. As do the local fishing charters. Anglers can fish the west side of the islands in the various sounds, or the east side in the incredible Atlantic Ocean. But either way, hiring a local guide will increase your success rate. And you’ll have less to worry about when you hire an Outer Banks fishing guide; they’ll take care of the gear while you show up and enjoy the day.

Outer Banks Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing in the Outer Banks is typically done in the nearby sounds. These include Pamlico Sound in the southern part of the islands, Roanoke and Croatan Sound near Roanoke Island and the city of Nags Head, Albemarle Sound that reaches farther inland, and Currituck Sound near the North Carolina/Virginia border to the north.

Depending on where you’re starting your adventure from will determine what you’re most likely to catch. Those fishing Pamlico Sound are in for a real treat. It’s one of the largest estuaries in the country with a variety of fish species. The unique topography of Pamlico Sound provides habitat for striped bass (known locally as rockfish), redfish, flounder, speckled trout, and so much more.

Anglers looking to catch a bull red (a redfish over 27”) should plan a trip in August or September, during spawning season. Bring light tackle, some live or fresh cut crab or shrimp as bait, and experience Outer Banks fishing at its finest. If you’re new to fishing, or have a family with young kids, try fishing near the bridges connecting the Outer Banks to Roanoke Island and the mainland. Here you’ll find sheepshead, a black and white striped fish that’s easy and fun to catch.

Head towards either the William Umstead Bridge (on the northern side of Roanoke Island) or the Melvin Daniels Bridge (that connects Nags Head with Roanoke Island). Sheepshead will feed on the oyster beds near the pillars of the bridge, and are easy pickings for your young anglers.

Because Albemarle Sound flows closer to the mainland and nearby rivers, anglers are able to catch a variety of fish, both saltwater and freshwater. Depending on where in the sound you’re fishing, you can catch rockfish (striped bass), largemouth bass, redfish, or trout. The many rivers that run into Albemarle Sound creates this diverse population. Anglers can have the best of both worlds when fishing here.

Fishing the inshore waters of the Outer Banks is perfect for families with anglers of all skill levels. The waters are typically calmer than the ocean, and you’ll have more opportunities to cast your lines (compared with offshore charters). A half day trip (typically four or five hours) is perfect for getting to the fishing grounds and experiencing the thrills of reeling in your catch.

Outer Banks Offshore Fishing

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush: Outer Banks offshore fishing is just what the doctor ordered! Typically when people think of fishing the Outer Banks, they’re thinking of offshore adventures catching big sportfish. On your Outer Banks offshore charter, first you’ll make your way to the Gulf Stream, a river of current running through the Atlantic Ocean, parallel with the coast. Depending on where you’re launching from, you’ll ride about 15 to 30 miles out.

The Gulf Stream is filled with fish, large and small, and is a buffet for anglers. Watch for birds that follow the migration patterns of mahi mahi, marlin, tuna, and wahoo and head that way. Your captain will either kite fish or offer trolling to catch your trophy. Soon you’ll have a boat full of fish and plans for a delicious dinner! Most Outer Banks fishing charters accommodate six passengers, and offer half day (four hours) and full day (eight hours) trips. There are some charters that even offer 10, 12, or 24 hour offshore trips; but we recommend this for seasoned anglers. You’ll want to build up your sea-legs, or bring Bonine or Dramamine (seasickness medication), before setting out on this long excursion. You’ll also want to bring sunscreen, weather appropriate clothing, and a camera to capture the memories.

Book An Outer Banks Fishing Charter

Any day spent in the Outer Banks is usually a good one. It’s even better when you’re with those you love and catching something at the end of your line. Start planning now so you don’t miss out on all the fun; we recommend booking your fishing charter the same time you reserve lodging. Let FishAnywhere.com help; start with a search of the Outer Banks city, then compare captains in the area. Reserve your upcoming Outer Banks charter today with as little as 10% deposit. Then you can start dreaming about the adventure to come!

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