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Saint Helena Island Fishing Charters & Guides

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Charters Near Saint Helena Island
Bill Buster Charters
Saint Helena Island, SC
  • 17ft Flats Boat/skiff
  • Max Guests 4
  • From $550.00
Captain Buddy's Fishing and Fossils
Hilton Head Island, SC
  • 26ft Center Console
  • Max Guests 6
  • From $350.00
Salty Mistress Sport Fishing
Hilton Head Island, SC
(5.0, 3 Reviews)
  • 38ft Sport Fisherman
  • Max Guests 8
  • From $1,700.00
Off Duty Charters
Hilton Head Island, SC
(5.0, 16 Reviews)
  • 24ft Center Console
  • Max Guests 4
  • From $350.00
Lowcountry Inshore Charters
Johns Island, SC
  • 21ft Flats Boat/skiff
  • Max Guests 4
  • From $500.00
  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Saint Helena Island is $511, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1186. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Saint Helena Island Charters here.

  • There are no shared trips currently available in Saint Helena Island. View all Saint Helena Island Charters here.

  • The most common charter boat types in Saint Helena Island are:

    Flats Boat/skiff

    Sport Fisherman

  • The average charter boat size in Saint Helena Island is 25 feet.

About Fishing in Saint Helena Island

Saint Helena Island, South Carolina

There are actually two St. Helena islands in the world. One of them is a volcanic outpost in the South Atlantic Ocean that is known as the place of the exile and death of Napoleon Bonaparte. The other is on the coast of South Carolina, and is a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Though less dramatic, we’ll focus on the South Carolina version of St. Helena Island. South Carolina’s coastline is an interesting place to visit. The Atlantic Ocean seemingly seeps into the land, creating fingerlings and tendrils of bays, barrier islands, and inlets. There isn’t a solid line of beaches until you reach the “Grand Strand” near Myrtle Beach. Instead you have a coastline of islands, such as Hilton Head Island, Pritchards Island, Hunting Island, and of course, St. Helena Island. Visitors to St. Helena Island come for the outdoor opportunities, which are plenty. There’s more wildlife than civilization. Oftentimes, vacationers will have lodging on a nearby island, then come to St. Helena for camping or fishing adventures. St. Helena is separated from the mainland by the Beaufort River and other smaller creeks. This is the first place to look for your St. Helena Island fishing excursion.

St. Helena Island Fishing Charters

The nearby rivers of St. Helena Island are actually saltwater bodies of water, and are more like extensions of the Atlantic Ocean than rivers with sources and mouths. They are cut through the islands and create habitats of marshes and mudflats. It’s almost a backcountry feel, or also known as lowcountry fishing. No matter where you fish in these waters you can catch a variety of species, including redfish, black drum, speckled trout, cobia, mackerel sharks, and more. Just let your St. Helena Island fishing guide know what you’re looking to catch, and they can create a custom trip (depending on the season). A popular species is redfish, also known as red drum. This tan or bronze colored fish can be found throughout the inshore waters of St. Helena. They are fun to catch and are a tasty meal. Get your light tackle when fishing for “reds” (as they are commonly called) and keep an eye on the top of the water. Many times the back and tail of redfish will breach the water and anglers can cast bait right near them. This is a technique called “tailing”, and is frequently used when fishing for redfish. Having a good pair of polarized sunglasses will help for this type of fishing. If you head out a bit farther, your group may also have the chance to catch cobia. This is another fun fish to catch and good on a plate. To be honest, cobia is a weird looking fish with a depressed or condensed head and slick black or brown coloring. It’s also a very powerful fish, known to thrash and run the line. Make sure it gets all their energy out in the water before landing, or they’ll continue to thrash and wreak havoc on the boat. Once home, you can bake, grill, or pan-sear fillets with lemon for a delicious meal.

St. Helena Island Offshore Fishing

Offshore adventures are just off the coast of St. Helena, within 10 to 70 nautical miles. Here you’ll find both reef and pelagic species. Reef species include grouper and snapper, which are caught by bottom fishing. Depending on how deep your fishing will determine whether you need light, medium, or heavy tackle. If jigging, you can use heavy gear to help get your catch landed. Pelagic fish include mahi mahi, tuna, and marlin. Trolling is the main technique used to catch these fast-runners. Your St. Helena charter captain will have four or five lines in the water, each hooked with a shiny bait to attract the schools of fish. Trolling is a technique that is easy to learn and difficult to master. Your captain will have the experience to know the exact speed to drive the boat. When the first Mahi Mahi is successfully hooked up, your captain will slow the boat down and encourage you not to reel your catch all the way to the boat. If you pluck one dolphin from the school, the other members will swim off. But, by leaving the hooked up Mahi Mahi in the water the school will continue to congregate around it, allowing other anglers on board the chance to cast their bait into the school! Soon you’ll have a boat full of fillets and plans for a good meal. No experience is required when fishing offshore. Your St. Helena Island charter captain will have all the gear you need and can teach you everything you need to know for a successful outing. Your group will have the trip of a lifetime when fishing with a professional.

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When you visit St. Helena Island, South Carolina, you can relax. It’s a place of peace and calm, and a whole lot different from Napoleon’s island. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and enjoy the South Carolina fishing found in the area. Reserve your St. Helena Island fishing charter with as little as 10% deposit, and get ready to make some memories!

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