Surf Fishing in Florida


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Did you know that Florida has over 1,000 miles of coastal land? 1,350 miles to be exact. And that’s just measuring the ocean coastline. When you take in the many Intracoastal Waterways (on both the east and west sides of the state) that number jumps to 8,000+ miles. That’s a lot of opportunities for surf fishing trips.

Surf Fishing

You don’t need much for a surf fishing excursion. Just rod and reel, tackle and bait. Those are the basics, anyway. You can add a sand spike or PVC sand pipe to secure your rod so you don’t have to hold onto it the entire time. Bringing a chair is also advisable, depending on how long you plan on being out there. Most surf anglers will use a 9 to 15 foot surf rod with 20- or 25- pound line that can take the beating of the many waves. A shorter rod will get the job done, however the extra length helps throw further casts.

If you’re fishing any Intracoastal Waterways ( or ), you’ll find calmer waters and can downgrade size and strength as needed. For tackle, pyramid lead sinkers are best for surf fishing and battling the current and waves. There are also spider (or sputnik), coin, and wedge weights. Keep a variety in your tackle box for different scenarios.

When fishing the surf, live or cut bait are the best choices for bait. Shrimp is a great all-around bait and will attract anything in the vicinity. Other options include mullet, squid, and sand crabs to name just a few. Cast your line overhead to get your bait far enough out into the water, then just wait for the drag to start screaming. Species available on your Florida surf fishing trip include snook, tarpon, redfish, speckled trout, jack crevalle, pompano, weakfish, croaker, and even shark. Keep in mind that Florida has recently changed their regulations on shore based shark fishing. Check out for more information.

Florida Surf Fishing

There are many benefits to a surf fishing trip. The main one is that you don’t have to worry about a boat or getting sea sick. For those prone to sea seasickness, fishing from the shore is a very attractive alternative. No turning green for you! Surf fishing trips also are typically shorter than fishing from a boat. Think about it: you don’t need to travel to the fish, they’re just a cast away!

Surf fishing trips are generally three to four hours long, a great option for families with younger kids. For best results, plan your trip around sunrise or sunset hours when the fish are more active. Overcast days are also good producers of bent rods. Another benefit is the many opportunities available, especially in Florida. Remember those miles and miles of coastline? We’re confident that you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to sit for a while and fish the day away. Head out to any of the number of beaches, jetties, or inlets and enjoy reeling in your catch. The entire state, from the Panhandle to the Keys, offers amazing fishing spots.

Wherever you do end up setting up, make sure to keep an eye on the wave breaks, sand bars, currents and tides. Having an understanding of these elements will significantly improve your success rates. To improve your odds even more, consider hiring a local guide that fishes from the shore, they can show you everything you need to know.

Book a Surf Fishing Excursion partners with the best surf fishing guides in the state. Your family can enjoy a fishing excursion without ever leaving the beach! If you’re near Sarasota, check out and Coach Steve Harich. Steve is a super fun local with over 30 years of experience. He enjoys teaching families all about fishing in Florida and provides everything you need for a great day of fishing.

If you’re in North Florida, consider fishing with Xtreme Off the Beach Charters. Captain Richard Huggins travels from the Panhandle to South Georgia meeting families along the beach for a great day of fishing. And an added bonus, Xtreme Off the Beach specializes in shark fishing from the shore. So if you’re looking to catch the taxman, book with Richard today!

If you’d rather go out farther, also has plenty of charter captains and guides available for your crew. And you still won’t have to worry about a boat or gear - they’ll take care of everything for you. Just search your nearby city and select a charter that fits your needs at the best prices. Don’t miss out, reserve your family’s fishing adventure today!

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