Top Fishing Destinations in the US All 50 States


If you want to go fishing in the US, there are plenty of places to enjoy a fishing trip. In fact, there are great destinations across the entire 50 US states. To help you find the right spot for your next outing, here are some of the best locations to check out and why they’re worth visiting.

US States


Alabama has some of the best bass fishing in the southeast United States.

Popular places to go fishing in Alabama:

Orange Beach/Gulf Shores

The Gulf of Mexico is an angler favorite, and easily accessible in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores Alabama. Be prepared to land some nice-sized trophies, including speckled trout, flounder, and redfish.

Pickwick Lake

The freshwater Pickwick Lake is located in Northern Alabama and is well known for its largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing.

Lake Eufaula

Lake Eufaula is located on the Chattahoochee River and is a prime location for large blue catfish. It’s also well known for the many bass available all year long.


Alaska is a must-go if you are a fishing fanatic. From dozens of amazing rivers to lakes surrounded by beautiful terrain, fishing in Alaska offers a whole new experience.

Popular places to go fishing in Alaska:

Cooper River

Cooper River is well known for its large salmon population. No matter your fishing experience, this river is a great place to catch dozens of salmon on your next trip.

Bristol Bay

If you are looking for sockeye salmon or even silver and chum salmon, Bristol Bay is the place for you. Bristol Bay is a landing spot for hundreds of salmon because of connecting waterways.

Karluk River

Trout fishing in Alaska is very popular and one of the best places for fishing because of the network of rivers and streams that connect to it.


Not only is Arizona known for its beautiful landscape, but it’s also known for its year-round fishing opportunities.

Popular places to go fishing in Arizona:

Oak Creek

Oak Creek is located near the beautiful town of Sedona. Oak Creek is one of the best fly fishing spots if you are looking to catch all types of catfish and bass.

Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake is by far one of the best and most popular fishing spots in Arizona. From its shallow, warm, and deep waters, you’ll have the chance to catch large catfish, carp, and bass.

Lake Patagonia

If you are looking for a family fishing getaway, Lake Patagonia is the perfect spot. Located just an hour outside of Tucson, you will find plenty of bluegills, flathead catfish, and bass here.


If you are looking to catch large fish, Arkansas is a great place for that. With over 10,000 miles of waterways available, there are plenty of opportunities to catch trout, catfish, bass, and walleye.

Popular places to go fishing in Arkansas:

The White River

If you are looking for trout fishing in Arkansas, the White River is the place for you. You can see the fish from your boat in its shallow, smooth waters.

The Little Red River

If you are looking for fishing spots in north-central Arkansas, The Little Red River is ideal. This river is flooded with rainbow trout and brown trout and is a great destination for fly fishing.

Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita is a well-known spot among the sport fishing community. It’s stocked each year with largemouth bass, cool water walleye, and all types of catfish.


California has some of the widest varieties of fishing. From lake and river fishing to offshore and deep-sea fishing, you can’t go wrong in the Golden State.

Popular places to go fishing in California:

The Delta

The Delta is one of the best fishing waterways in all of California. From bass and sturgeons to stripers, this is a must-fish destination for all types of anglers.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite has some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of the United States. Not only is it visually alluring, but it is also loaded with fish. From bluegill and rainbow trout to large and smallmouth bass, fishing in Yosemite is great for all skill levels.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake State Park is a wonderful place to fish and hike, with some of the best spots to find largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappie.


When it comes to fishing, Colorado is known for its rivers and streams. If you wanna drop a line or fly fish, Colorado has countless places for you to go.

Popular places to go fishing in Colorado:

Gore Creek

Gore Creek has become a staple fly fishing spot in Colorado. If you are looking to catch all species of trout, this is the place to go. With smooth and rough waters, along with a high trout population, you can’t go wrong when fishing at Gore Creek.

North Platte River

North Platte River is one of the more exclusive fishing spots, as it is only accessible by raft or kayak, though the North Platte River is one of the prime trout locations in the state of Colorado.

The Frying Pan River

If you like to lure or fly fish, The Frying Pan River is where you want to go. You can expect crystal clear waters and trophy-sized trout here.


Loaded with fish from the Connecticut Environmental Protection Department, Connecticut offers fantastic sport fishing and leisure fishing opportunities.

Popular places to go fishing in Connecticut

Candlewood Lake

If you are just getting into fishing, Candlewood Lake is a great place to start. Stocked with large trout, you can expect early success.

Bantam Lake

If you are looking for a relaxing fishing experience, Bantam Lake is a great casual experience. You can expect to find yellow and white perch, along with largemouth bass and even calico bass.

Farmington River

Offering a wide variety of fish and over 80 miles of water, Farmington Rivers is loaded with fish. From northern pike and bass to American eel and different types of trout, this is one of the most populated fishing areas.


From fishing freshwater lakes to crabbing off a pier, Delaware offers a wide variety of ways to catch a meal.

Popular places to go fishing in Delaware

Killens Pond

Killens Pond is well known for its gamefish and largemouth bass population. Fishing here is one of the most efficient ways to catch an abundance of fish in a short amount of time.

White Clay Creek

When springtime rolls around, White Clay Creek is where you need to spend your time. The creek is closed part of the year to ensure trout spawning, which in return can help you reel them in more often.

Beck’s Pond

A favorite fishing spot in New Castle County, Becks Pond is brimming with largemouth bass. Measuring just shy of 25 acres, it also has a good population of crappie, perch, and bluegill.


Some of the best fishing in the world comes from the state of Florida. Whether you are in North Florida or down south by the Florida Keys, you won’t be disappointed.

Popular places to go fishing in Florida

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is every angler’s dream location. From inlet tarpon fishing to deep-sea offshore tuna fishing, you can expect some trophy-sized fish. Some of the most popular places to fish in the Keys are Marathon Key and Islamorada. Some of the most common catches are yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, tarpon, grouper, redfish, mahi-mahi, and mackerel.

Panama City Beach

If you are looking for inshore or deep-sea fishing in northern Florida, you’ll do well to look into Panama City Beach and Destin. This is one of the more popular fishing locations in the upper part of the state. When fishing here, you are likely to catch a variety of sailfish, grouper, snapper, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and more that inhabit the Gulf of Mexico.


If you are looking for fishing in central Florida, Tampa is a great inshore destination. Fishing inshore or offshore near Tampa will never be a wasted day. You will be happy with how much fish you bring to the dinner table.


Fishing in Georgia is a great recreational activity for anyone who’s getting into fishing. Georgia is filled with many large lakes and an abundance of fish. While fishing in Georgia, you can expect to catch everything from largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, and flounder.

Popular places to go fishing in Georgia

Lake Allatoona

If you are a bassmaster, fishing at Lake Allatoona will exceed your expectations. You are going to find bass of all sizes here, which range from a few pounds to over twenty.

Lake Seminole

Lake Seminole is a great place to find not only fish but also bait to catch them. Be prepared to bring a net.

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is yet another great spot for the perfect fishing experience. Full of stripers and other species, you’ll find no shortage of exciting game in these waters.


As a volcanic archipelago in waters rich with aquatic fauna, you’ll find Hawaii to be one of the best places to visit for your next fishing trip.

Popular places to go fishing in Hawaii

Lake Wilson

Also known as Wahiawa Reservoir, Lake Wilson on Oahu is the only freshwater fishing you’ll find in this area. The 400-acre reservoir offers plenty of fishing opportunities, with over 17 different species of fish.

Kaena Point

Also located on the island of Oahu, Kaena Point is a great place for saltwater anglers, with larger fish such as barracuda, ulua, swordfish, and some shark species.

Makena Landing

Located in Maui, Makena Landing is popular among kayak anglers as well as shore fishermen. Here you’ll find plenty of big game fish, including marlin and mahi-mahi.


The state of Idaho offers plenty of unique fishing experiences for anglers of all skill levels.

Popular places to go fishing in Idaho

CJ Striker Reservoir

The 6,759-acre CJ Striker Reservoir sits just south of Boise and is home to many different types of fish, making it a popular location for anglers. Fish species include smallmouth and largemouth bass, catfish, salmon, and a variety of trout.

Lake Cascade

Lake Cascade is one of the largest bodies of water in Idaho at over 27,000 acres and is a popular camping spot. Fish such as bluegill, bass, perch, trout, salmon, and crappie are found in these waters.

Snake River

Flowing all the way through Idaho, branching from the Columbia River, Snake River is great for fly fishing. Here you’ll find a variety of trout, including the rainbow and elusive brown trout.


Illinois is known for both its recreational and competitive fishing opportunities, as one of the best states to fish anywhere in the Midwest. 

Popular places to go fishing in Illinois

Mississippi River

Spreading across most of the US, the Mississippi River passes through Illinois to bring a wide range of fish to eager anglers, including walleye, bass, catfish, bass, and bluegill, among many others.

Lake Michigan

As one of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan is one of the top places to fish in Illinois. Its proximity to Chicago makes it a particularly popular destination for families. Fish in these rich waters include whitefish, salmon, smelt, walleye, and steelhead, along with lake and brown trout.

Lake Springfield

You may also want to pay a visit to Lake Springfield, which contains beautiful parks along with an abundance of vibrant wildlife. Anglers can rent a canoe or kayak to fish for everything from bluegill and sauger to common carp and channel catfish on this lake.


One of the many advantages of visiting the Hoosier state is the close proximity you’ll have to many extravagant lakes, all of which offer the perfect fishing experience.

Popular places to go fishing in Indiana

Patoka Lake

Patoka Lake has a reputation as Indiana’s top fishing spot for many different types of fish, including stripers, catfish, crappie, and bass. It’s also one of the most relaxing places to visit and spend your day.

Lake Monroe

Located in Bloomington, Lake Monroe offers a diverse array of fish such as carp, catfish, bass, walleye, and crappie.

Lake Wawasee

Lake Wawasee is another popular fishing spot for anglers of all types, with plenty of crappies, bluegill, sunfish, walleye, northern pike, and bass.


Iowa is another midwestern fishing spot known for providing anglers with many different and exciting fishing opportunities, with a variety of lakes rich with aquatic wildlife.

Popular places to go fishing in Iowa

Black Hawk Lake

Black Hawk Lake is a great fishing spot for anglers of all ages and skill levels, with walleye bountiful in the springtime and plenty of 8- to 10-inch bluegill and crappie.

Lake Macbride

At Lake Macbride, you can enjoy fishing regardless of age or experience. Here you can have a go at catching walleye, channel catfish, crappie, and bluegill.

Lake Rathbun

Consider Lake Rathbun Iowa’s crappie capital. Anglers can catch dozens of the fish in this lake, along with white bass and hybrid striped bass, all of which are ideal for beginners.


If you’re searching for the perfect spot to fish in the heart of the US, you’re in luck because Kansas offers plenty of hotspots for all types of anglers.

Popular places to go fishing in Kansas

Severy City Lake

East of Wichita and just south of Severy, Severy City Lake offers 10 acres of water to make for a great fishing experience. These quiet waters offer opportunities to catch redear sunfish and bluegill, among several different species.

Scott State Lake

Considered the best bluegill lake in Kansas, Scott State Lake is a popular destination for anglers looking for this fish along with sauger, channel catfish, and many others.

Chase State Fishing Lake

This 109-acre lake has a wide range of fish to provide the ideal outing, including bluegill, channel cats, sauger, and largemouth bass.


From large lakes to rivers that bring in a wide variety of fish, you’ll find many great locations for fishing when you take a trip to Kentucky.

Popular places to go fishing in Kentucky

Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake is arguably one of the most popular fishing spots in all of Kentucky. It’s no wonder this is a favorite among anglers, there are a variety of species including largemouth bass, bluegill, perch, and crappie.

Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland has many different species of fish ripe for catching on your next fishing trip. Whether you’re searching for bream, walleye, trout, crappie, or catfish, you’ll find them here.

Nolin River Lake

Walleye, bass, and crappie all occupy the waters of Nolin River Lake, which is located at the edge of Mammoth Cave Park. However, you’ll want to avoid this location during the holidays as it can get quite crowded.


Louisiana is a unique place unlike many other fishing spots throughout the south. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind fishing experience, you won’t be disappointed when fishing in Louisiana.

Popular places to go fishing in Louisiana


For some anglers, Venice is the only place to fish. Throughout the year rods are bent in the freshwater, saltwater, and brackish water available; yielding anything from redfish or snapper, to tuna, tarpon, or marlin.

Henderson Lake

Located near Breaux Bridge in St. Martin Parish, Henderson Lake sees thousands of visitors per day as they travel the I-10, and is home to many types of large bass and a plethora of other fish.

Lake Pontchartrain Basin

This huge water system dominates all of southeastern Louisiana, this basin includes many different formations, including the Rigolets, Lake Borgne, Lake Maurepas, and Pass Machac. Speckled trout are the stars of these waters.


Maine contains thousands of miles’ worth of waterways including ponds, streams, and large lakes, all of which hold a wide range of colorful fish.

Popular places to go fishing in Maine

Belgrade Lakes

A mere 10 miles from Augusta, the Belgrade Lakes consist of a series of island-laden lakes that are ideal for fishing for any type of angler. The lakes are known for their plentiful stocks of largemouth and smallmouth bass, along with brook trout.

Sebago Lake

Sebago Lake is excellent for year-round fishing, but it is also known for its ice fishing during the winter. Anglers from all over the US can be found sitting in huts in the colder months, looking for salmon and lake trout.

Megunticook Lake

Located in Camden Hills State Park, Megunticook Lake is a vast body of water where you can fish for many different species at tons of islands, long open stretches, and small coves.


Whether you’re targeting a lake, river, or creek, Maryland is the perfect place to find the right fishing spot on your next excursion.

Popular places to go fishing in Maryland

Deep Creek Lake

As the largest freshwater lake in the state, Deep Creek Lake is a popular hotspot for fishing. These waters stretch for 3,800 acres and hold various crappie, bass, rainbow trout, and many other fish.

Youghiogheny River Reservoir

This massive reservoir is situated at the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland and serves as a popular fishing spot for both states. It’s home to many different types of fish, including smallmouth bass and walleye.

Assateague Island

As a barrier island of the Maryland coast, Assateague Island offers up plenty of schools of red and black drum, flounder, bluefish, and striped bass.


From small and intimate ponds to vast reservoirs spanning miles, you can call Massachusetts a paradise for anglers.

Popular places to go fishing in Massachusetts

Wachusett Reservoir

Wachusett Reservoir, located about ten miles north of Worcester, gives anglers plenty of opportunity to land a trophy. Early summer in particular is a great time to visit, as this is the best time for largemouth or smallmouth bass.

Boston Harbor/Massachusetts Bay

The brackish waters of the Boston Harbor, located in Massachusetts Bay, is an estuary system where the saltwater from the bay mixes with freshwater from three nearby rivers: the Charles, Mystic, and Neponset. No matter where your line lands, Boston Harbor fishing offers striped bass, black sea bass, mackerel, and more.

Scargo Lake

Located in Dennis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, Scargo Lake is a great freshwater opportunity. It’s stocked twice a year with brook, brown, and rainbow trout – making it a great location for fly fishing.


Home to around 11,000 lakes, Michigan is another prime fishing location. Regardless of where you are, you’re likely to find the right spot on your next visit to this state.

Popular places to go fishing in Michigan

Lake Michigan

Due to the size of this lake, you can find Lake Michigan fishing spots in the state it’s named for, along with Illinois and Wisconsin. There’s no shortage of fish in these waters, regardless of your location across this lake.

Lake St Clair

A popular spot, and another one of Michigan’s largest lakes, Lake St Clair is a premier smallmouth bass fishery. Along with bass, the freshwater lakes bring a healthy population of game fish such as muskie, perch, walleye, and pike.

Saginaw Bay

On the eastern side of the Michigan peninsula, Saginaw Bay gives access to Lake Huron as it meets mainland Michigan. The bay holds national walleye tournaments in the bay, so you can only imagine what you’ll find when you choose this spot as your next fishing destination.


As another midwestern fishing hub, Minnesota easily earns its nickname of The Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Popular places to go fishing in Minnesota

Lake Winnibigoshish

Situated in the Chippewa National Forest in North Central Minnesota, this 55,000-acre lake contains a nearly unlimited amount of fish you’ll find year-round, with walleye being the most prevalent species.

Red Lake

Red Lake in Beltrami County is one of the largest lakes in Minnesota, measuring in at 107,800 acres. Crappie and ice fishing are ideal for your next outing at this hotspot.

St. Croix River

Over 60 fish species call the St Croix River home, which runs from Taylor’s Falls to its union with the Mississippi River. Get ready for a great time fishing for walleye, smallmouth bass, sturgeon or catfish in these rushing waters.


Regardless of experience as an angler, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot when you take a trip to Mississippi for fishing.

Popular places to go fishing in Mississippi

Mississippi Sound

Sport fishing is year-round for offshore and nearshore anglers in the Mississippi Sound. Located just off the coast of Mississippi and near the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be sure to catch plenty of redfish, tripletails, black drums, and sheepshead in these waters.

Pickwick Lake

A reservoir in the northeast corner of Mississippi, Pickwick Lake is a great freshwater option that carries many different types of fish such as crappie, catfish, and bass, with some of the best crappie fishing in the state.

Lake Tangipahoa

Lake Tangipahoa is formed by the Lake Tangipahoa Dam, and since 1940 has developed into the ideal fishing spot to find various bluegill, crappy, bass, and catfish.


Winter fishing is the best it gets in Missouri, with clear-water reservoirs and trout parks that offer peak fishing this time of year. Of course, this state is also perfect for fishing throughout the year.

Popular places to go fishing in Missouri

Lake of the Ozarks

The stars of this lake are bass, but you can also find white crappie, channel catfish, paddlefish, white bass, bluegill, and more.

Bull Shoals

Bull Shoals Lake is a nice mixture of deep and clear water with a variety of shorelines. Fish in these waters include black bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, striped bass, and white bass.

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is the home of many different fish species, including smallmouth and largemouth bass, along with Kentucky (i.e., spotted) bass. Winter fishing is great here because the temperatures rarely get cold enough to freeze the surface.


Regardless of the type of angler you are, Montana has something to offer you with cold, clear water providing just the right environment for trout.

Popular places to go fishing in Montana

Boulder River

Midsummer, when the rivers are crowded and the temperature starts to heat up, the Boulder River is a top spot for trout fishing, with brown trout and rainbow trout abound.

Smith River

It’s worth noting that if you want to travel down this river, you’ll need to apply for a permit way in advance, as it’s one of the most popular among boaters. It’s worth it for the schools of brown and rainbow trout that can get as large as 14-16 inches.

Yellowstone River

As the longest undammed river in the US, the Yellowstone River is also one of the most beautiful you’ll find. It’s also among the healthiest, which makes it the ideal home for trout, which peak when the runoff ends.


Nebraska is yet another popular fishing state, with a wide variety of lakes and other bodies of water that house many different species all year long.

Popular places to go fishing in Nebraska

Lake McConaughy

Known for its deep and clear waters, Lake McConaughy is popular among anglers for its walleye.

Johnson Lake

Johnson Lake is another great fishing spot known for its abundance of walleye.

Holmes Lake

This hotspot has made it on a top 100 list of most family-friendly fishing and boating spots, making it ideal for anglers of all experience levels.


The Silver State of Nevada is known for much more than the city of Las Vegas and all it has to offer, as it’s also a great location for fishing with many lakes, reservoirs, and ponds.

Popular places to go fishing in Nevada

Lake Tahoe

As the country’s largest alpine lake at 122,000 acres, it’s no surprise that this is a hotspot for fishermen. Lake trout are the most common fish here, but you’re likely to find sockeye salmon as well, along with rainbow or brown trout.

Cave Lake

Cave Lake is one of the best locations in Nevada for fishing in addition to a gorgeous sight to behold. The trout here is what the lake is most known for, with rainbow, cutthroat, wild brown, and tiger trout.

Lake Mead

25 miles southeast of Las Vegas, Lake Mead is another alluring fishing spot that offers a wide variety of fish, including rainbow trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, bluegill, and channel catfish.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is among the many beautiful states for fishermen of all skill and experience levels, with riverbanks and lakeshores dotting this land from border to border.

Popular places to go fishing in New Hampshire

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is gorgeous and full of fish—the perfect combination for fishing at any time of year. Largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow perch, sunfish, rainbow smelt, and rainbow trout are all found here.

Millsfield Pond

This pond is home to trout and, to top it off, is rarely crowded, providing for a relaxing and peaceful fishing venture.

Christine Lake

Located southeast of Percy Peaks, Christine Lake is labeled as a coldwater fishery that’s home to brown and brook trout, along with smallmouth bass.

New Jersey

The people of New Jersey understand that fishing is more fun when you can actually catch a fish, which is why they have worked through the Division of Fish and Wildlife to stock the many lakes, rivers, and creeks throughout this state with plenty of fish. And don’t leave out the entire Atlantic Ocean, a favorite spot for any angler.

Popular places to go fishing in New Jersey

Atlantic City/Ocean City

Visitors to New Jersey’s Atlantic City or Ocean City should definitely include a trip on a charter boat to experience the adventure of offshore fishing. From bluefish to weakfish and a whole lot more, the sportfishing action is available year-round.

Delaware Bay

An estuary with freshwater and saltwater, Delaware Bay is great to fish for trout, stripers, croakers, sea bass, and flounder.

Raritan River

The longest river contained in the state, the Raritan River is the hottest spot for trout fishing. Fly fishermen flock to this river as there are many access points and abundant attempts to hook a trophy.

New Mexico

Enjoy fly fishing in June or fish for a range of species throughout the rest of the year when you visit this beautiful southwestern state.

Popular places to go fishing in New Mexico

San Juan River

The San Juan River is known as a world-famous fishery located below the Navajo Dam. While it’s great for fishing, it’s best to book a fishing guide, as even the most experienced anglers have had a difficult time without one.

Upper Rio Grande

The upper Rio near Taos is great for fishing in the early summer months, though runoff may make fish scarcer at times. However, other rivers around this area can give you other fishing opportunities if this one runs dry.

Pecos River

The Pecos River stretches for miles to provide prime water that you can fish along the road. Trout is the species you’re most likely to find here, and in June you can avoid bugs and storms while enjoying the warm temperatures.

New York

While you can find plenty of fish throughout the entire state of New York, there are certain areas that serve as local favorites for anglers with any level of experience.

Popular places to go fishing in New York

Lake Champlain

In Lake Champlain, you’ll find lake trout, brown trout, smallmouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, northern pike, and salmon, giving you plenty of targets.

Hudson River

At the Hudson River throughout the summer and fall, you can fish for largemouth and smallmouth bass at tributary mouths and certain logs or other in-river structures. Striped bass is also prevalent in spring.

Lake Ontario

You’ll get a wide variety when you fish Lake Ontario, which is home to lake and brown trout, rainbow trout, Pacific salmon, walleye, northern pike, black bass, and panfish.

North Carolina

North Carolina is a great getaway whenever you want to take the day off and feel in the mood to catch some big game.

Popular places to go fishing in North Carolina

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is the perfect spot for sport fishermen. Whether you want to enjoy brackish fishing, fly fishing, sound and headboat fishing, pier and surf fishing, or inshore or offshore charters, you’ll find the right place to suit your style.

Wrightsville Beach

Offshore charters and pier fishing are popular along Wrightsville Beach, with plenty of opportunities to catch the perfect fish.

Lake Norman

Lake Norman has a reputation as bass fishing paradise, with striped, white, spotted, and largemouth bass found throughout these waters. Other species are also found here, including catfish, bluegill, black crappie, and yellow perch.

North Dakota

North Dakota is known for its many rivers and lakes, with walleye along with many other species in plentiful amounts throughout the state. 

Popular places to go fishing in North Dakota

The Upper Missouri River

Entering the state from Montana, this free-flowing river is full of sauger throughout the spring and fall. On the west side of the river, you’ll also find enormous paddlefish to snag.

Lake Oahe

Lake Oahe stretches all across the state from Pierre to south-central ND, offering anglers plenty of opportunities to fish for walleye and northern pike, along with catfish, crappy, and white bass.

Lake Sakakawea

This expansive lake actually covers more shoreline than California and is ideal for catching northern pike, Chinook salmon, and walleye, among many other types of fish.


With over 50,000 lakes and ponds and tons of fish to make every outing a worthwhile endeavor, Ohio is perfect for the casual or avid angler.

Popular places to go fishing in Ohio

Ohio River

The Ohio River remains one of the top fishing locations in the United States, with tailwaters that provide prime year-round fishing. Sauger, walleye, hybrid striped bass, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and catfish are prevalent here.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie is known for its perch and walleye, but it’s also great for some steelhead and bass fishing. Because of the planning and knowledge needed to effectively navigate this lake, it’s best to hire a fishing guide if you plan to fish here.

Clear Fork Reservoir

Looking for largemouth bass? Plan your next trip to Clear Fork Reservoir, which is considered one of the best bass fishing lakes in Ohio.


Novice or master angler, child or adult, Oklahoma has something for every fisherman.

Popular places to go fishing in Oklahoma

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is hands-down one of the country’s top inland striped bass fisheries. On the border between Oklahoma and Texas, the lake offers plenty of opportunities to catch many different catfish, bass, gar, paddlefish, and crappie.

Flint Creek

Flint Creek is a stream located in northeast Oklahoma full of smallies along with largemouth and spotted bass.

Deep Fork River

If chasing catfish by kayak is your game, Deep Fork River is the spot for you. Access this river from access points around Okmulgee or at the bridge by Nuyaka Creek Winery.


Oregon is ideal for many types of fishing throughout the year, due largely in part to its mix of flourishing wild and hatchery fish that keep the waterways fully stocked.

Popular places to go fishing in Oregon

Columbia River

The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, traveling south from Canada and borders Oregon and Washington. It’s a top spot for smallmouth bass, walleye, catfish, trout and salmon.

Pacific Ocean

The North Pacific Ocean is an incredible offshore fishing experience for any angler. Depart from any coast city such as Garibaldi, Newport, or Tillamook Bay and troll for halibut, tuna, or salmon.

Umpqua River

Steelhead inhabit this river and thrive during the spring and early summer months. Those who enjoy fly fishing will really enjoy this top fishing location.


Searching for native brook trout found in small mountainside streams? Trying to find the perfect catfish in healthy rivers? Whatever you’re looking for, Pennsylvania likely has what you want when it comes to fishing.

Popular places to go fishing in Pennsylvania

Susquehanna River

The Susquehanna River is the perfect home for smallmouth bass fishing on the east coast, as it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you catch bass as big as 20 inches in the appropriate conditions.

Pymatuning Reservoir

If you travel north, you’ll find the Pymatuning Reservoir, which stretches between Ohio and Pennsylvania. It offers several methods for catching largemouth bass based on your style, with plenty of smaller 2- to 3-lb bass.

Youghiogheny River

Connecting to the aforementioned Youghiogheny River Reservoir in Maryland, this river is among the many top fishing spots in Pennsylvania. Smallmouth bass tend to flourish here and have been found to grow to enormous proportions.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island may not be known as a big state, but that’s what makes uncovering its hidden fishing gems the perfect reason to visit this humble state.

Popular places to go fishing in Rhode Island

The Wood River

At the boundary between Hopkinton and Richmond, the Wood River is great for kayak, canoe, or onshore fishing. Trout and many other species are found here.

Olney Pond

At 126 acres, Olney Pond gives you ample room to spread out when fishing with fellow anglers.

Watchaug Pond

Watchaug Pond is found at the edge of Burlingame State Park and is easy to fall in love with as a place to initiate an unforgettable fishing experience.

South Carolina

Acess to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a large number of lakes and rivers, will ensure that your next trip to South Carolina benefits from top-notch fishing.

Popular places to go fishing in South Carolina

Hilton Head

Located just north of Georgia, Hilton Head Island has easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as nearby estuaries and freshwater rivers - all filled with fantastic fishing. Grabbing a fishing pole and casting a line in this fisherman’s paradise is an easy decision; the hard part is picking which side of the island.

Myrtle Beach

From deep sea fishing to shore fishing and everything in between, Myrtle Beach is a haven for anglers. Fish species available here include flounder, black drum, redfish, mackeral, and sharks.

Lake Murray

Lake Murray is known for its population of largemouth and striped bass. It also holds the state record for white perch, white catfish, white crappie, and white bass.

South Dakota

All you need to do in South Dakota is grab your fishing rod and head to a lake or pond close by to experience some of the best fishing you’ll find.

Popular places to go fishing in South Dakota

Horse Thief Lake

This gorgeous lake is located near Keystone and is ideal for a relaxing day of fishing and taking in the refreshing scenery.

Pactola Lake

Another breathtaking location, Pactola Lake has clear blue waters that also allow for a relaxing and likely successful fishing venture.


This recreational area located in Hot Springs is perfect for any water-related activity, including good fishing.


Tennessee is a great state for freshwater anglers looking for a memorable and pleasant fishing experience. ### Popular places to go fishing in Tennessee

Reelfoot Lake

As the largest natural lake in Tennessee, Reelfoot Lake is located in the state’s northwest corner and contains a wide variety of fish including panfish, bluegill, crappie, and freshwater catfish.

Tennessee River

Flowing southwest from East Tennessee before crossing into Alabama, the Tennessee River creates lots of tributaries, and therefore ample fishing opportunities. It’s a popular fishing spot for smallmouth bass and blue catfish.

Lake Barley

Sitting right on the border between Kentucky and Tennessee, Lake Barley reaches across five counties and is ideal for catching big slab panfish.


Yes, the Lone Star State is known for big things, and fishing is no different. From huge redfish along the coast to the sizable largemouth bass in lakes and rivers, you’re sure to find an impressive catch in Texas.

Popular places to go fishing in Texas

Corpus Christi/Port Aransas

The Texas Gulf Coast area of Corpus Christi and Port Aransas provides world-class fishing opportunities, from bay and offshore fishing to pier and shore fishing. Your catch could include species such as redfish, flounder, snapper, marlin or shark.

Galveston Bay

Another Gulf Coast hot-spot, Galveston Bay is the largest estuary along the Texas coast and the 7th largest in the US. Fish here for red drum, black drum, spotted seatrout, flounder, and sheepshead.

Lake Fork Reservoir

Lake Fork is known as one of the top largemouth fishing spots in the state, and possibly the nation. Here you’ll also find plenty of catfish and crappie.


Utah has no shortage of excellent fishing spots, whether you want to relax on a river, float down a reservoir, or fish along the shorelines of alpine lakes.

Popular places to go fishing in Utah

Colorado River

You can fish along the Colorado River near Moab, where there’s ample catfish along with sunfish and bass.

Deer Creek Reservoir

Bass and walleye are plentiful here, but you may need to decontaminate your boat before leaving due to the reservoir’s proneness to quagga mussel infestations.

Fish Lake

If the name isn’t a giveaway, you can expect to find a wide range of fish here, such as trout, yellow perch, and splake.


Vermont is the perfect escape for all types of anglers looking for the ideal fishing experience, with no shortage of locations and healthy fish populations.

Popular places to go fishing in Vermont

Shelburne Bay

If you want to get the best chance at fishing in Vermont, head to Shelburne Bay, where you can find lake and rainbow trout in the spring and fall, while late spring and summer will bring about bass, northern pike, and panfish.

Bullhead Pond

Fish from the shore without issue at Bullhead Pond, which is stocked with trout. However, you’ll want to fish here in the early spring before the water warms up too much.

Lake Champlain

On the border of New York and Vermont, there are plenty of opportunities for some excellent fishing on Lake Champlain. You can also enjoy hiking, camping, and the beaches around the lake.


Virginia is home to some of the best fishing you’ll find along the East Coast. Catfish and trout are among the many types of fish you’ll find here, with something for every angler.

Popular places to go fishing in Virginia

Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay is known for its wide variety of fishing opportunities, in addition to its scenery. Striped bass are aplenty here in North America’s largest estuary, along with bluefish, speckled sea trout, and many other species.

Bear Creek Lake

Bear Creek Lake in Cumberland is a mere hour away from Richmond and can provide you with unrivaled scenery and calm waters that house bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, channel catfish, and black crappie.

Lake Anna

Lake Anna is among the largest freshwater inland lakes in this state, with over 20 square miles of water connecting three counties. Over 30 unique species of fish reside here, including bass, crappie, and striper.


Washington State is a haven for fishermen, with thousands of alpine and low-land lakes as well as many miles of coastline that can create the ideal adventure.

Popular places to go fishing in Washington

Pugent Sound

An inlet of the Pacific Ocean, Pugent Sound is a complex estuary system. King Salmon and Coho Salmon are the most often targeted species in these waters; as well as chinook, sockeye, and steelhead.

Lake Washington

Lake Washington lies between Bellevue and Seattle and provides excellent year-round fishing. Largemouth bass, rainbow trout, coho, chinook, steelhead salmon, and perch are among the many species you’ll find here.

Lake Roosevelt

Stretching over 130 miles with over 660 miles of shoreline, there’s a nearly unlimited amount of fishing opportunities you’ll find when you head out to Lake Roosevelt. In addition to trout and bass, you can catch walleye and kokanee.

West Virginia

While you can enjoy your trip to West Virginia getting sun on the beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and water skiing, the fishing in this state is also one of the best ways to spend your time on your next vacation.

Popular places to go fishing in West Virginia

Summersville Lake

Featuring a gorgeous 60-mile shoreline and scuba diving opportunities, you can find some of the best fishing on this scenic lake.

Bluestone Lake

If you want to go fishing with a great background to enhance your experience, you can’t go wrong with Bluestone Lake, which is surrounded by the Appalachian mountains.

Burnsville Lake

Burnsville Lake is another beautiful lake that gives you plenty to do in addition to fishing if you want to make the most of your day, with the ability to go picnicking, hiking, and more.


Wisconsin contains over 15,000 lakes and calm, relaxing scenery that make this state angler heaven.

Popular places to go fishing in Wisconsin

Lake Michigan

Appearing for the third time in this list, Lake Michigan is one of the best places to go fishing in Wisconsin for a chance to enjoy the scenery and the fish.

Big Saint Germain Lake

If you’re looking for Wisconsin’s prized fish, the musky, you’ll definitely find it here. As a larger lake, Big Saint Germain Lake will give you the chance to find larger muskies.

Lake Winnebago

Wisconsin’s largest inland lake, Lake Winnebago, is known for its lake sturgeon-spearing season, which occurs every February for 16 days.


Wyoming is home to many unique fishing locations, many of which are particularly ideal for fly fishing.

Popular places to go fishing in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park (Firehole River)

Yellowstone National Park is one of the best places to check out if you’re looking for a good fishing experience, with Firehole River serving as one of the best to check out for nymph fishing as it’s the first to warm up in late spring.

Jackson Hole (Snake River)

Jackson Hole is another ideal spot to visit, with Snake River offering a variety of fishing nooks with fine-spotted cutthroat and brown trout.

Miracle Mile and the Gray Reef, North Platte River

Another hotspot among fly anglers, the North Platte River is a tailwater fishery, which means it’s great for fishing at any time of the year. While fly fishing is the best type of fishing you’ll find here, you may also find some larger fish such as brown and rainbow trout and cutthroat.


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