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Corpus Christi Fishing Charters

If somebody tells you that you can’t catch fish around Corpus Christi, Texas, then just tell them to go fly a kite. They can catch fish here, inland or offshore. And, believe it or not, they can fly a kite, too. This Texas coast city has some pretty high average wind speeds coming in off the gulf and is known for windsurfing, kite flying and sailing. The city has even served as the host of the World Windsurfing World Championships. But let’s get back to that fishing, having fun with a Corpus Christi fishing charter, and all the good things to do in this town. Corpus Christ was discovered in 1519 by a Spanish explorer who named it for the Roman Catholic Feast Day of Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi translates to “Body of Christ.” There are a lot of famous boats around this harbor town, but one of the most famous is the the USS Lexington, which served as the set for the movie “Pearl Harbor” starring Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin. The ship is the centerpiece of the USS Lexington Aircraft Carrier Museum here. Corpus Christi Bay boasts 192 square miles of shoreline. The beaches are well worth a visit for fun and some for surf fishing. There are also several major fishing piers that offer great fishing.

Corpus Christi Inshore Fishing

Trout, redfish, whiting, pompano, black drum, Jack Crevalle, sharks, Spanish mackerel, tarpon, kingfish and sheepshead all await eager anglers around Corpus Christi. Whether surf fishing or hitting one of the piers along Corpus Christi Bay or on the Gulf jetties and beaches, there are a multitude of angling opportunities here. Corpus Christi Bay is one of the deepest bays on the Texas coast, which helps bring in and hold lots of baitfish and gamefish. The best fishing is in a boat, and unless you are an experienced angler who knows the area and can keep up with what fish are biting and where, you would be better off to hire a charter and have a pro take you fishing. You’ll catch more fish and have more fun if you let someone else do the work for you while you just set the hook and reel them in. If you do decide to fish off a pier, one of the best in the area is the Bob Hall Pier, a 1,200 foot long pier located at the J.P. Luby Surf Park on Padre Island. The Indian Point Pier is also a good one, located between Nueces Bay and Corpus Christi Bay. The San Jose Jetty, Sunset Lake and Fish Pass Jetty are popular areas near here as well. On the backside of Mustang Island, the Wilson’s Cut area provides a maze of channels and reefs that are popular with kayak fishermen. Another prime area kayak launch is the Airport Road launch off Hwy. 35 near the Aransas County Airport. Wade fishing is good for trout, redfish, drum and flounder at the Laguna Shores Road and this is another great spot for smaller boats. The sand and seagrass edges and numerous cuts are great for holding baitfish and fish.

Corpus Christi Offshore Fishing

What do you want to catch? How long do you want to go? What’s your favorite way to fish? Those are some questions that you may be asked when you start to book a charter trip out of Corpus Christi. And no matter what your answer, there’s a charter boat captain here waiting to take you out and reach your fun goal. Trips from five to 80 hours are available. You can fish just an hour offshore, or head way out into federal waters in search of a once-in-a-lifetime trophy. One of the favorites offshore is the red snapper. Heading out into the gulf within state waters for snapper is open all year long. But you can also go offshore to seek out the big ones during the summer federal season. In addition, you can catch yellowfin tuna, blue marlin and sailfish. You can even take a trip and just watch the fish — dolphin watching cruises can also be combined with fishing trips.

Book A Corpus Christi Fishing Charter

They say there are two kinds of fishermen, those who fish for fun and those who fish for fish. Around here, you can do both. Any way you head out, there’s plenty of water with lots of fun and fishing. There’s also plenty to do on and off the water, whether it’s a group of friends or the whole family. Whether you’re seeking the best charter for a lazy afternoon of light tackle inshore or a full day of trolling deep blue waters, all you need to do is book a charter with FishAnywhere. There are many, many options and although fishing is better at certain times of the year, it’s always good in this great area with its mild climate. It’s worth the time and the money to make memories to last a lifetime!

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