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About Fishing in Big Pine Key

Big Pine Key Fishing Charters

Located near the very end of the Florida Keys, Big Pine Key is ground zero for some of the best island-hopping and shallow water fishing the Sunshine State has to offer. It is also one of your best chances to complete one of the nine Grand Slam fishing titles. The idea is to catch at least one each of the fish in the various slams in 24 hours. The Florida Slam is a bonefish, a permit, and a tarpon. As bonefish are South Florida fish, you need to get down to where the waters are warm and shallow year-round, such as Big Pine Key. For those who want the ultimate Florida Slam, these three fish must be caught on a fly. Of the three, the permit is considered the hardest to catch, bonefish in the middle and tarpon in third place. This does not mean any of the trio are easy to catch, especially with a fly rod. The challenge is so hard, even the LA Times devoted a story to it. Some anglers spend years getting a Florida Slam before they succeed. If such a title is on your bucket list, Big Pine Key Fishing Charters guides are your best bet for putting that notch in your fly rod handle. What can you expect when chasing the ultimate Florida slam? To start, a lot of time on the water. Expect to hit the water at daybreak and not come in until the sun is gone, unless you land all three fish in less time. If you are on a flats boat, your guide will stand on a tower over the motor to pole the boat along. He is looking for permit and bonefish. When he spots one, listen very carefully to what he says. The presentation has to be exactly right or the fish will spook and the hunt is on again. When you hook one, listen to the guide. Bonefish, in particular, try to break the leader by rubbing against anything they can find. Your choice of fly may vary. Each guide has his favorite. Orvis has some excellent patterns that are proven to catch bones and permit. If you tie your own, start with these.

Big Pine Key Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing with Big Pine Key Fishing Charters can be wading, kayaking, on the beach or from a boat. Spearfishing trips are also available. The string of small islands in the area has plenty of shallow flats that hold all kinds of fish. US Highway 1 runs through the Keys and that means thousands of bridge pilings everywhere. These pilings are home for barnacles and oysters which in turn attract sheepshead. An often overlooked fish both in terms of fight and for the table, sheepshead can be caught on live bait, crabs, and even barnacles. Redfish and snook, pronounced like hook, are also plentiful here. Since much of the waters here are shallow, at least until you get to the drop-offs, you can practically stalk them. That’s easier than you might think since both fish like to school and send out plenty of signals when they are feeding. Spoons and jigs are top lures. The region also has plenty of trout, snappers and Spanish mackerel The mackerel love anything silver. Trout and snapper fall victim to live bait, grubs and jigs under popping corks. They also eagerly take flies, but be aware; fishing a fly rod in the tightly packed mangroves will test anyone’s patience.

Big Pine Key Offshore Fishing

In Big Pine Key, offshore fishing is close. The difference between five feet of water to 30 feet can only be a few feet. Going from 30 feet deep to 100 feet or more can sometimes be covered in one long cast. These waters are also packed with fish. You might catch a cobia, a king mackerel, a wahoo or a dolphin, also known as mahi mahi, when trolling along the inclines. You might catch any of the above within a few minutes and a few hundred yards of each other too. If you want to target a specific fish, tell your guide and he can make that happen. Dolphin and cobia love structure near the surface. Mackerel and wahoo like to move around, searching for schools of baitfish. Grouper, snapper, sea bass, barracuda and one of the best-tasting fish around, triggerfish, hang close to bottom structure. Your best is to drop live or cut bait or frozen bait over the reef. Triggerfish have small mouths. You need small hooks and smaller bait. The other three are capable of inhaling much larger baits.

Big Pine Key Goliath Grouper

For some people, a Big Pine Key Fishing Charter means going after the giants of these waters, Goliath grouper. These fish can easily get over 500 pounds. Big baits, big reels and stiff rods are required gear to get one of these big fish to the boat, along with a strong angler. The fishery is catch-and-release only.

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Fishing in the Florida Keys you're sure to come home with a great catch. Whether you're after the Grand Slam, or an offshore adventure, you'll have the trip of a lifetime. Book your Big Pine Key fishing charter here.

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