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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Bokeelia is $569, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1083. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Bokeelia Charters here.

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  • The most common charter boat types in Bokeelia are:

    Center Console

    Bay Boat

  • The average charter boat size in Bokeelia is 23 feet.

About Fishing in Bokeelia

Bokeelia Fishing Charters

Sitting in the middle of a huge bay on the Gulf Coast side of Florida, Bokeelia offers the best of Florida's saltwater fishing worlds. The bay is packed with inshore fish. The nearby Caloosahatchee River offers plenty of freshwater angling adventures. Out in the Gulf, past the barrier islands, you can try your hand at catching the piscatorial torpedos that call this place home. Bokeelia fishing charters are most famous for putting anglers on whopper snook, pronounced like hook. These inshore fish are a lot like largemouth bass for those more familiar with freshwater fishing. The same lures, presentations and gear used for bass fishing work equally well on snook. Snook are mostly found around structure like pilings, docks, mangroves and crab traps near shorelines. They tolerate some fresh water well which is why they are often caught in brackish water. Snook have a very pronounced lateral line, hence the nickname "linesider." This line lets them detect movement in muddy water so they can feed even when visibility is low. If you plan to fish in murky water, get something that disturbs the water like a swim tail grub or rattling crankbaits. If catching snook is a must, then nothing comes close to live bait. Shrimp, bull minnows, fingerling mullet or sardines sends a message no snook can ignore. These also work well in murky water as the struggling baitfish swims around sending out signals that says "I'm in trouble." It's a homing beacon for snook. Before you head out for a day of fishing, be sure to check the fishing regulations to see what is in season, not in season, and the creel limits.

Bokeelia Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing has a lot more than snook for the angler interested in something else. The many canals and boat docks in Bokeelia provide the needed water flow and structure for oysters, barnacles and crustaceans. Where you find oysters, you will also find sheepshead looking for lunch. These striped fish can get close to 20 pounds with 3-6 pounders being the usual catch. If the white bands are somewhat golden in color, it means they likely spent time in brackish water. This makes the meat a little stronger than the ones caught farther out from the freshwater influx. They are still good eating when a little golden. Bokeelia is also a prime destination for anglers looking for an inshore slam, redfish, trout and snook all in the same day. The grass flats are prime places to find cruising trout. Look to the oyster bars for the reds and structure for snook. All three cannot resist live bait, especially fingerling mullet and shrimp under a popping cork. If you prefer artificials, trout like lipless crankbaits and grubs. Reds like gold spoons across the oyster bars. Pay close attention to the tides and places where the current has scooped out holes coming out of the reeds and small creeks. Trout especially like to hang out here and eat whatever the moving water flushes out. Mutton snapper are also thick in places. These extremely tasty fish also hang out around structure. Where you find one, more are surely nearby. Snapper are known to be finicky. In areas where they are under heavy pressure, you need fluorocarbon leaders. Fluorocarbon does not transmit light and virtually disappears in the water. Standard monofilament and braids are clearly visible underwater.

Bokeelia Offshore Fishing

If screaming drags and "what do I have on the line now?" is your thing, then head offshore. Just know targeting fish does not guarantee you will catch exactly what you are angling for. For instance, if you drop a bait rig over the side on a reef, you can catch grouper, amberjack, snapper or barracuda. If you are trolling lures or dusters tipped with a cigar minnow, you could tie into a 'cuda, king mackerel, wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna or depending on the water, a marlin. Which one is the most fun to catch? The one on the line when you are trying to reel it in. Know that the barracuda like to hang out around reefs and wrecks. They have learned to target fish coming off the bottom. If you run into barracuda taking half your catch switch over to catching them instead.

Bokeelia Goliath Grouper

"Are you tough enough?" is not an idle question. Do you have the back, legs and arms to meet the challenge of the ruler of these waters? The goliath grouper will put you to the test like no other fish. You need big reels, strong lines and bait so big you wonder if you should eat it instead. Most Bokeelia fishing charters guides tie the rod to the boat with anchor line just in case you can't hold on or get pulled over the side.

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