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Boynton Beach Fishing Charters

Between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton sits Boynton Beach. Located on one of Florida’s longest barrier islands, this South Florida fishing hotspot is home to one of the most fighting fish and disrespected fish in the ocean. More than one angler who has fought one, what some fishermen call the Rodney Dangerfield of fish because it gets no respect. The jack crevalle fights harder, pound for pound, than just about anything else in the water. So why is this beautiful fish sneered at? It is not very good to eat. Jack crevalle is catch-and-release or a catch-for-bait fishery. Smaller ones make great bait for goliath grouper, marlin, sharks and barracuda. The very biggest ones can be used for cut bait. The jack crevalle is an unregulated fish in Florida’s saltwater. Each angler can take home up to 100 pounds of this fish a day. Few people take one home because of the taste. Really big ones go to the taxidermist because the fish does make a handsome wall hanger. Jack crevalle can be found pretty much anywhere from water a few feet deep to down as far as 350 feet. A lot of times, they are found feeding on the surface. If they are feeding at the surface, a saltwater popper jerked across the surface or a saltwater jerk bait will draw hard strikes. As these jacks do not have teeth, you don’t need a steel leader. Heavy fluorocarbon leaders are a good idea. When they are deep, jigs, grubs and live bait can bring them to the boat, if you can outfight one. They are often caught when Boynton Beach fishing charters are trying for something else. Florida has more unregulated fish, some of which are very good to eat and some not so much. Get a rundown of all the regulated and unregulated saltwater fish from the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Boynton Beach Inshore Fishing

Bonefish, permit and snapper are the top inshore fish in this area. Permit and snapper are good choices for the dinner table. Bonefish are edible, but make marginal table fare. Of the three, the snapper are the easiest to catch. Permit are in the middle and bonefish the hardest to catch. Permit and bonefish are top targets for the fly fishing set. Snapper can be caught on a fly, but given their love of heavy structure, fighting one out to open water is difficult. Bonefish are so named because of the huge number of bones in them. The bonefish remains a top target gamefish because of how wary they are. Bones, as they are sometimes called, spook easily and are a challenge to catch. Your cast must be precise. Too far away and the bone will never see your offering. Too close and the fish spooks, hitting the afterburners to get away. Top flies for the bonefish are shrimp and small crab patterns. Anglers who know where to look can find trout and redfish. Trout are in the flats. Look for sandy patches around the grass. Live bait bets are on pinfish, fingerling mullet, bull minnows and shrimp. A pinfish tail, as cut bait, under a cork is also good. Reds are more likely to show up on points and over bars where they can nose around to drive out small crustaceans. Schooling reds are easy to see in shallows because their tails stick out of the water over the bars.

Boynton Beach Offshore Fishing

The Gulf Stream, often called the world’s biggest river, comes very close to this part of the Florida coast. These warmer waters also bring plenty of pelagics like marlin, swordfish, tuna and big sharks. Chasing billfish and tuna means finding offshore baitfish, which chase after the plankton blooms supported by the Gulf Stream. Squid rigs are the best way to connect with swordfish and marlin. These can be fished at any depth. Artificial squid rigs can be trolled at the surface for marlin and tuna. Chumming is the best way to find any sharks in the area. Chumming also draws the attention of king mackerel and barracuda. If you want something for the table, aim for mackerel. Big ‘cudas are best released because they may cause ciguatera poisoning if eaten. The fish are entirely safe to handle, provided you stay away from the mouth full of razor-like teeth. Reefs, both artificial and manmade and plenty of wrecks in the region also hold lots of reef fish. Grouper, snapper, amberjack and hogfish are abundant. Outside of Florida, few people know about hogfish and how good it is. Dropping a line with artificial, fresh or frozen baits is the best way to connect with these fish.

Boynton Beach Goliath Groupers

Boynton Beach fishing charters can put you on a true sea monster. The goliath grouper, formerly known as the jewfish, is still a protected species in Florida. You can still try to catch one. Getting one to bite is the easy part; these fish are always looking for a meal. Getting 400 pounds of grouper to the boat is another matter.

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