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Flats Fish'R Charters
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Southern Charter Co.
Cape Coral, FL
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Maxed Out Charters - Cape Coral
Cape Coral, FL
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Saltwater Todd
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Snook One Charters
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The Adventure Offshore Fishing Charter
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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Cape Coral is $580, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1110. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Cape Coral Charters here.

  • There are no shared trips currently available in Cape Coral. View all Cape Coral Charters here.

  • The most common charter boat types in Cape Coral are:

    Center Console

    Bay Boat

  • The average charter boat size in Cape Coral is 23 feet.

About Fishing in Cape Coral

Fishing Charters in Cape Coral

The water rushing through the straights on the barrier islands meant the tide was changing. With a flip of the bail and a flick of the wrist, shrimp under popping corks were in the water. Seconds later, a cork disappeared and the angler set the hook. Fish on! The drag screamed. After about 15 minutes, the big redfish rolled onto his side at the edge of the boat, easily pushing 20 pounds. During that fight, the two other fishermen had managed to catch a few of the smaller schooling reds. This monster was carefully lifted into the boat, pictures taken and then released to fight again another day. It was just another day aboard a Cape Coral fishing charter. Bigs reds in the passes between the islands just east of Cape Coral are common today thanks to Florida's restrictions on the fishery. For a complete list of Florida's saltwater fishing rules and regs, click here.

Cape Coral Canal Fishing

Cape Coral is an inshore fisherman's paradise. The huge number of canals are packed with fish. These brackish waters often hold salt and freshwater fish, so you never know exactly what you'll catch with each cast. That's part of the excitement. The good news is that the most desirable canal species will all hit similar lures. These fish being the snook, largemouth bass, redfish, and juvenile tarpon. A few other fish you can expect to find are black drum, which is a cousin to the redfish, speckled trout and mangrove snappers. These are all hungry fish and take jigs, grubs, live and cut bait and crankbaits. A lot of people like to throw topwater lures like big Hula Poppers to catch snook. Watching one of these big fish smash a lure at the surface will get your heart racing.

Cape Coral Inshore Fishing

If you want supper, then reds, trout and croaker, also called whiting, make excellent table fare. All are easy to catch with natural and artificial baits. Whiting are a top fish for the kids because when the bite is on, it is fast and furious. Small hooks with shrimp or squid work best. The bays, coves and sounds created by the many islands and bridges offer lots of habitat for fish. The bayside oyster bars are prime areas for finding redfish. Reds in particular love to school over the oyster bars. When the reds are tailing over the oyster bars, it is a sight to see. The inshore waters Gulf waters are home to a few giants as well, Goliath Grouper to be specific. Capable of growing over 500 pounds, Goliath grouper become a test of an angler’s brute strength more so than skill. Want to tangle with one of these giants? The good news is that these fish are typically easy to find by structure, and are not shy when it comes to inhaling your bait. Your Cape Coral fishing charter guide can put you on one of these behemoths. The bad news is, well, if you are not strong enough, then you need to stick to other fish. Goliath grouper fishing is 100 percent catch and release. Years ago, these easy-to-catch monsters were nearly fished to extinction because they are so easy to find and catch. They like to hang out over structure and don't venture far, even after being caught and released several times. That means your chances of making the catch of a lifetime is excellent. Trying to get a 300-pound fish off the bottom sounds like too much? Then another inshore heavy hitter, the tarpon, may be for you. These aerial acrobats can get over 200 pounds. Your captain will cruise around, probably trolling for mackerel, while looking for the Silver Kings tailing in the shallows or chasing baitfish at the surface. When he spots them, bring in the mackerel rigs and grab a casting pole. Flip your lure or bait ahead of the fish and hang on.

Cape Coral Offshore Fishing

If you want some grouper or snapper to take home, head offshore. The deeper water around Cape Coral has plenty of structure on the bottom, natural and man-made. These reefs also hold snapper, king mackerel, amberjack and cobia. Cape Coral fishing charter captains know the best spots to drop a line over the side to put you on these fish. Cobia like to hang out in groups. If you find one, your captain will rig other poles for the other anglers in your charter. When everyone is hooked up, then he'll tell you to fight one to the boat. You typically want to land the first hooked cobia before the others, as it would be more tired. The Cobia has a reputation for thrashing its muscular tail once on the boat deck, smashing around tackle boxes and fishing gear. It’s not uncommon for your guide to intentionally scare the cobia off on another run if it looks too “energetic” at boatside. One often overlooked fish found in the deeper waters but at the surface is the tripletail. For some reason these fish like to lay on their side at the surface. Your best chance at putting one of these in the boat is a live shrimp fished short under a cork. Mahi mahi, dolphin or dorado depending on what you want to call them, also hang out near the surface, and provide delicious fillets.

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Fishing charters in Cape Coral are fishing 12 months of the year. Anytime you're looking to go on an excursion is a great time to fish! Select a professional and experienced captain in the Cape Coral area here.

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