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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Captiva Island is $552, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1137. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Captiva Island Charters here.

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  • The most common charter boat types in Captiva Island are:

    Center Console

    Bay Boat

  • The average charter boat size in Captiva Island is 24 feet.

About Fishing in Captiva Island

Captiva Island Fishing

Florida’s waters are rich with varieties of fish. The cobia, or ling depending on what part of the Sunshine State you live in, is the perfect target for the recreational fishing enthusiast. They fight hard and make excellent table fare to boot. The area around Captiva Island is teeming with some of the best saltwater fishing the state has to offer, and those who crave offshore fishing with hard fighters will do well to fish for the cobia. Cobia are an ancient species. Long and lean, they have a thinly shaped body with powerful musculature; having one on the end of the line makes for an interesting time. They can be caught around most structures, in the Gulf and Atlantic waters. Cobia love to hold up tight to buoys and structure. Florida’s fishing regulations allow anglers to keep one fish over 33 inches to the fork on the Gulf of Mexico side and up to six fish over 33 inches to the fork on the Atlantic side of Florida. Cobia are not picky when it comes to food. Live bait is always the best choice, but plenty of anglers find success with artificials. Those who love the challenge of fly fishing will likely end up with a cobia at some point as well. The size and bag limit mean cobia of 20 pounds or more are quite common. Some report cobia breaking the 50 pound mark. It is best to leave the tackle for cobia to the boat captain. They will have all of the best and stoutest gear necessary for when the big cobia come curiously to the bait.

Captiva Island Inshore Fishing

Those who do not like boats or being offshore will find the inshore waters to be just as enjoyable for the angler. Two of the most popular are the Grunt, so named because of the guttural noise made when lifted out of the water, and Tripletail, so named because of the three tails they sport. The Grunt, while passable table fare, makes far better bait. The Tripletail, on the other hand, is a true delicacy. Both species are abundant inshore, making each a popular treat for young anglers. Neither fish are finicky eaters, so shrimp, squid and cut bait all work well. Your Captiva Fishing charter captain will certainly have anglers covered with all necessary gear, but those who wish to bring their own will do well with basic gear such as a spincast reel for the youth, and bait casters for the more experienced. Ten-to-15 pound test is perfect, because other inshore species may pay a visit to the bait as well.

Captiva Island Offshore Fishing

In addition to the cobia species above, anyone interested in venturing offshore will certainly have the opportunity to encounter a number of species. Some of the best offshore fishing in the state comes out of Sanibel Island, and the grouper ranks as the most popular sport fish in the area. Grouper, and there are plenty of grouper species to be found, get their name because they live together in collectives. The captain of your Captiva Island fishing charter will be able to find the grouper easily with GPS. The angler merely needs to drop a bait to the bottom and wait patiently. A strike on the line is not far away when grouper are in season. Snapper are also found in the same area as various species of grouper, and both fish species are found in the finest restaurants in Florida.

The Goliaths of Captiva Island

We’re all familiar with the story of David and Goliath, and Goliath is very real, lurking at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. The Goliath Grouper, formerly known as the Jewfish, is one of the Gulf’s true tests of strength and endurance for the angler, and the fish can grow well over 400 pounds. Goliath fishing can only be described as an absolute battle of man versus beast. Fights to bring a Goliath to the side of the boat can be grueling. Be sure to have video and a camera handy. Goliath Grouper are highly regulated and only catch-and-release. This does not mean an afternoon fishing for one will be dull for certain. It should go without saying, but seriously stout and strong tackle is absolutely necessary when meeting Goliath Grouper. The boat captain will be able to guide anglers to the fish, and the rest is up to the specific angler and their personal stamina.

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