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Deerfield Beach Fishing Charters

Sharks in Florida are more common than most people believe. During the winter, some sharks are packed in like sardines. Deerfield Beach, located on Florida’s east coast, is one of those places. Jonathan Bird, a marine documentary maker, had to see it for himself. His video might make you afraid to jump in the water and it will crank your fishing fever to the next level. Those sharks are congregating in water less than 15 feet deep, often much shallower and often within a short cast from the beach. While the winter congregation of sharks packs them in pretty tightly, shark fishing here is excellent year-round. Deerfield Beach fishing charters can connect you with spinners and blacktips, both famous for their acrobatics. Charter captains in the know look for schools of these sharks leaping into the air. When they find that activity, it is all hands on deck and run some lines to get everyone connected to a shark. Live and cut bait are the best ways to catch these top predators. The blood and oil from the bait fish creates a scent trail that the sharks hone in on. Sharks will also hammer crankbaits when actively feeding. For a real thrill, tie on a big popper. When the shark slams into a popper, it is like someone detonated a grenade just below the surface. Wait until you feel the fish on the line to set the hook. Jerk it away too soon and the shark doesn’t have time to bite down. Florida now has two sets of regulations for shark fishing in the Sunshine State. If you are fishing from the beach, you must have the free “Shore-based Shark Fishing permit.” Licensed Deerfield Beach fishing charters have a charter license so you don’t need a license to catch sharks from the boat. Read all the Florida fishing regs before you head out to understand how many fish you can keep depending on the species.

Deerfield Beach Inshore Fishing

Deerfield Beach sits on the Gulf Stream River, not to be confused with the Gulf Stream out in the Atlantic. The Gulf Stream River is a brackish water river. As such, it holds mangrove snapper, snook, speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead and other fish that can tolerate lower salinity. Fishing here runs from good to outstanding depending on the tide and water conditions. The best way to catch the most popular gamefish in the river is with a shrimp or small live fish under a popping cork. These are also the easiest rigs to use. Just cast and jerk the rod lightly. The cork pops. If it is a cupped-top cork, it literally pops on the surface. A beaded cork clacks the beads together and on the cork. The noise and vibration in the water let nearby fish know something is up. It is like ringing a dinner bell. Those with fishing experience can cast jigs. Red and white bucktails are especially good when fish are schooling. Shrimp-imitating lures either hard or soft-bodied, are also excellent lures. Fly fishing is encouraged. Fly fishermen should bring their own rod and reels. For inshore, a 5-weight to a 7-weight rod is enough. Think bass fishing. Good fly patterns are shrimp and baitfish imitators like the Joe Brooks Blonde and streamers.

Deerfield Beach Offshore Fishing

Heading out to the deeper water, sharks are still on the list of species to catch. As you move offshore, the sharks get bigger. Spreading a chum slick is a great way to attract sharks. It also draws in barracuda, wahoo and king mackerel. These are top predators in the waters off Deerfield Beach. When the fish show up, have a rod ready to cast into the school. Giant bucktails, crankbaits and big saltwater poppers are top producers. Just like inshore, when you cast topwater plugs the strikes are explosive. Go to the bottom with live, cut bait and frozen bait for the reef fish like grouper, snapper, triggerfish and others. These fish like to hang out on the reefs and sunken boats in the area. Downsize your hooks and offerings for triggerfish as they have smaller mouths than other reef fish. Amberjack is an offshore fish that is caught anywhere in the water column from the surface to the bottom. On the bottom, use live bait and big jigging spoons dropped to the bottom and fished all the way to the surface.

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