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About Fishing in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce Fishing Charters

Fort Pierce is located on Florida’s Treasure Coast, a stretch of land from Indian River county to Palm Beach. It’s also known as the Sunrise City, sister to San Francisco in California known as the Sunset City. Located on Florida’s East Coast, Fort Pierce (or Ft. Pierce) is a favorite destination for anglers looking for a variety of fishing adventures. With access to the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, options abound for fishing charters in Fort Pierce. Many anglers travel A1A to the Fort Pierce South Bridge to drop a line either from the nearby pier or the jetties that are to the north and south of the inlet. There is also a marina on the east side of the bridge where many Fort Pierce fishing charters will dock. Across the Intercoastal is the Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park where many locals and tourists spend the day exploring. Anglers will head to the south end of the park to fish the inlet and catch their next meal. There is a pier at the state park, or you can fish near the jetties where you’ll find a variety of inshore species. The inlet is a channel of fish migration and depending on the season you can catch a nice haul in just a few hours.

Fort Pierce Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing in Fort Pierce will have you hooking up with redfish, snook, and spotted seatrout among others. The Indian River Lagoon is a treasure trove of these desirable inshore species and many more. When it comes to Fort Pierce fishing, “gator trout” is without a doubt a highlight species. The IGFA All-Tackle World Record gator trout was caught in Fort Pierce in 1995 at 17-pounds, 7-ounces, according to Coastal Angler. The term “gator trout” simply means a really big spotted seatrout, weighing at least 5 pounds or is longer than 28 inches. Trout inhabit shallow waters, which are abundant in Fort Pierce. You can fish from a bay boat, kayak, or from the shore. Grab a handful of shrimp and drift the current to get your next trout. Redfish is another popular species for Fort Pierce fishing charters. Redfish, or Red Drum, are part of the drum family and make a low grunting noise. They are a bronze or tan color with a distinct black dot at the start of their tail. Anglers typically bottom fish with shrimp or crab, or lures that imitate these crustaceans. Use a popping cork to get the reds’ attention, a top-water lure that makes a popping sound that imitates their food. Think of it like a duck call or dinner bell, luring redfish to your line.

Fort Pierce Offshore Fishing

Heading offshore from Fort Pierce will gain you access to the abundant fishery in the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream runs parallel to the coast of Florida and a variety of fish swim the current during their migration season. The Gulf Stream typically runs 20-40 miles from Fort Pierce, which is just a short boat ride away for your next offshore adventure. Trips typically last at least six hours for offshore excursions, as this gives anglers plenty of time to travel to the fishing grounds and hook into some trophy fish before heading back. A few examples of the fishing opportunities for your Fort Pierce offshore charter includes sailfish, mahi mahi (also known as dolphin or dorado), king mackerel, snapper, and grouper just to name a few. Sailfish are a very popular request for Fort Pierce charters, which is good because they run pretty much 12 months of the year. Sailfish are part of the billfish family and are identified by the large dorsal fin that resembles a sail. Sailfish are among the fastest fish in the ocean, with runs that can easily spool a low capacity reel. King Mackerel (or kingfish) are also frequently landed in Fort Pierce. They can grow over 30 pounds and are really good eating. Kings are distinguished by the thin yet prominent lateral line that starts high on the shoulder and has a sharp drop at their midsection. They are typically dark green or blue on the top and more silver on their sides and bottom. Fort Pierce charters will run multiple lines with live bait or spoons on downriggers or outriggers to attract kingfish. You’ll want to check your hook often, as kings are notorious bait stealers.

Fort Pierce Fishing Throughout the Year


Fishing around Fort Pierce is good all year long and the layout of the waterways here makes it very versatile. You not only have the Atlantic ocean, miles of beaches and near shore structure, but also the Indian River and acres of inlets and coves. The mangrove-lined river is tops for redfish, snook and speckled trout this time of year. You’ll also find barracuda, bonito, cobia and mahi mahi offshore as well as some snapper and wahoo.


Inshore fishing for redfish and speckled trout is good inshore. Fishing is picking up for black drum, bluefish, flounder and mackerel. Flounder are always popular because of the fight and the great table fare they provide. It’s a good time to go after yellowfin tuna and sailfish as well if you want a little longer trip offshore.


Amberjack, bonito, mahi mahi, snapper and yellowfin tuna are top targets this month. As the water warms, fishing also starts to pick up further out, close to the Gulf Stream, which is only a short ride away. Specks and reds are good inshore, as well as snook. 


Mackerel, marlin, tuna and wahoo are good this month. The barracuda bite is still good and so is the snook action. Remember snook fishing is catch and release for most of the year, with a catch and keep season running later in the year. Check regulations on any types of fish you go after. A good charter captain can keep you straight here.


Mackerel are back in the picture and snapper fishing is also good. Snook slow down  some but amberjack and cobia will offer good catches this month. Again, redfish and speckled trout are always a good bet.  Permit action is good. 


The inlets provide easy fishing and bring in lots of baitfish, but you can also go offshore, catching snook, tarpon, flounder, grouper and sharks in either direction. It’s a popular time for fishing smaller boats in the inlet, or going after the huge fish offshore. Yellowfin tuna and marlin are top targets in the open blue water.


Summertime brings lots of visitors with high hopes of landing big mahi mahi, shark, marlin and wahoo. Grouper and snapper run larger and the further you ride out, the bigger the bite. You can take a half-day or whole day charter to find them. Remember because this is the busy time of the year, book early. 


Redfish, speckled trout, mangrove snapper and Jack Crevalle are popular and abundant this month. For those looking for a big fight, don’t forget the blue marlin or tarpon. 


While snook can be caught all year, the catch and keep season usually begins this month. Captains will know where to put you on the big ones and get you plenty of catch and release action as well.  Action is good in the inlets, around the jetties and under the bridges. Mahi mahi are also good. 


Offshore bottom fishing is also still good for many species.  Mutton snapper, mangrove snapper, cobia, kingfish and sailfish are all swimming on the reefs here with redfish and speckled trout still good inshore and offshore.  


Redfish and speckled trout make a good inshore run. A lot of anglers will swear by fall fishing, stating that it is some of the best of the year.  Bluefish, flounder and sheepshead along with Spanish and king mackerel also provide lots of action. Most of the fish are targeted close to shore or in the inlets or river.


The fishing pressure is light this time of year, but the bite is not. Barracuda, tuna, cobia, grouper, king mackerel, shark and snapper are good for a great holiday fishing trip. There’s also amberjack, bonito, and wahoo. Snook get a bit lethargic in the cold, but can still be found seeking some sun in inshore nooks and canals.

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Whether it’s an inshore adventure targeting gator trout or an offshore, adrenaline-pumping excursion for king mackerel, a Fort Pierce charter is prepped and ready for your trip! Enjoy the day with your favorite fishing buddy with a Fort Pierce fishing charter. The local guides are ready to help you have a successful day on the water. Find a Fort Pierce charter that’s perfect for your group, and start your adventure today!

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