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Hollywood Fishing Charters

Looking for a place to escape the hustle and bustle of South Florida? Look no further than Hollywood, Florida. Located between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, this coastal town offers a range of inshore and offshore angling excursions and exciting activities that don’t require a rod or reel. The Intracoastal Waterway in Hollywood is ripe with tarpon, snook, and Spanish mackerel ready to fight and teach little anglers how to handle a monster fish. Offshore in the Atlantic, plentiful reef systems and the mighty Gulf Stream provide exhilarating drift and sport fishing experiences you won’t soon forget. No matter if you’re looking for snapper, sailfish or anything in between, a Hollywood Beach Fishing Charter will help you to reel in the species you’ve been dreaming of. For those in your party that prefer to stay on land, Hollywood, FL is an exciting beachfront town that boasts one of the best boardwalks in the United States. The Broadwalk is a 2.5-mile beachside stretch lined with sand, surf, shops, and cafes. Rent a bike or a set of rollerblades for an unforgettable sunrise stroll. Spend the afternoon on a walking or paddling trail at the Anne Kolb Nature Center. Then, head into Downtown Hollywood Beach where you’ll find music venues, art galleries, and more shops and restaurants than you’ll be able to handle for a refreshing night on the town.

Hollywood Inshore Fishing

Port Everglades feeds into the Intracoastal Waterway at Hollywood Beach providing tarpon, snook and Spanish mackerel with all the food they need to grow and thrive. Familiar inshore species like sheepshead and drums also mill about docks and pilings making for a fruitful day of fishing, no matter what the weather is like. While you can catch the usual suspects all year round, when you target tarpon you won’t be disappointed. Hollywood Charter captains lure these acrobatic fish out of the mangroves, pilings, and docks with live bait like mullet, shrimp, and pilchards. Once they take the bait, it’s go-time. Tarpon can reach sizes of eight feet and 200+ pounds, so you better be ready to work. Let your Hollywood Beach captain know if you’d like even more of a challenge to try your hand at hooking one of these monsters on a fly. Fishing in Hollywood Beach is a great opportunity to bring the little ones along. Spanish mackerel are light-tackle scrappers that put up a nice fight and a great target fish for the younger ones in your party. They go after live or artificial bait and are the perfect size to teach your little angler how to reel in a decent, fighting fish. These trips ignite a passion for younger kids and get them excited and ready for a full day offshore.

Hollywood Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing out of Hollywood, Florida is a dream come true. A short run east puts you in the Gulf Stream and in some of the best fishing the Atlantic has to offer. With opportunities to drift fish and troll, you’ll find some sizeable pelagics and good-eatin’ reef-dwellers including sailfish, mahi, wahoo, tuna, grouper, snapper, and cobia. Most day-long Hollywood Beach offshore charters will put you on both natural and artificial reefs and open water. While you’re drifting over reefs, cut bait will land you plenty of snappers while you lure grouper out of their hiding places with larger, weighted, live bait. Kite-fishing and trolling are a few of the most exciting ways to catch a fish on a Hollywood Beach fishing charter. This method places colorful lured baits on kites far away from the boat and simulates baitfish screaming through the water. Fish like sailfish, wahoo, mahi, and tuna hang out around weed lines looking for their next meal and will see these baits trolling through the water. When they hit, you’ll hear the sweet sound of line ripping from your reel and you’re in for the fight of a lifetime. Wahoo, for instance, can swim up to 60 mph and it takes an experienced charter crew to ensure that no lines are cut or tangled so you can get that fish on the boat!

Book A Hollywood Fishing Charter

If you’re looking for a fight with a big fish, Hollywood, FL is your destination. Fishing inshore promises a calm day of targeted light-tackle fishing that can bring the whole family together. Offshore, you’ll test your strength and stamina reeling in a worthy trophy. Then, you can wrap it all up with a relaxing night on the town. With FishAnywhere, finding the perfect fishing charter for your Hollywood Beach vacation is only a click away. We can match you with the perfect charter to get you on the fish you’ve been looking for. Don’t wait, book today.

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