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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Key Largo is $745, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1354. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Key Largo Charters here.

  • The following boats offer shared trips in Key Largo:

    Reef Runner Charters
  • The most common charter boat types in Key Largo are:

    Center Console

    Sport Fisherman

  • The average charter boat size in Key Largo is 28 feet.

About Fishing in Key Largo

Key Largo Fishing Charters

Key Largo fishing charters present anglers an excellent chance at getting a Florida Keys grand slam; a permit, tarpon, and bonefish all in the same day. All three are common in the Keys' flats, and all three are commonly caught sight fishing. Your charter captain will take you out to the hot spots and cut the motor to pole gently through the shallow waters in search of your fish. All three fish can be caught with jigs, lures, live and fresh bait. For many, the ultimate slam experience comes from trying to catch these fish on a fly. Of the three, bonefish are the wariest, tarpon the least likely to be spooked and permit very close to the bonefish. You must be quiet, and make your approach and cast as smoothly and silently as possible. These three fish also share another prized trait. You better have plenty of line on your reel because they will peel it off. Tarpon will show off, leaping into the air when hooked. Bonefish bulldog and try to fray your leader in two by rubbing on the bottom. The silver king is catch-and-release only. Bonefish are catch-and-release because picking your way through all the bones in the fish is really not worth the effort. You can keep a permit, but the smaller ones are better table fare than larger specimens. Get the regulations for all of the fish you can chase in Key Largo from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's regulations page. Beyond the slam, Key Largo is a prime fishing destination for all kinds of fish. "Warm, nutrient-rich waters from the Caribbean Basin pour into the Straits of Florida, combining with water flowing out of the shallow-water nurseries of the Everglades and Florida Bay to create a profuse food chain," says "That in turn sustains massive amounts of bait fish, which attract abundant stocks of game fish to the Keys, like bonefish, permit, redfish, snook and trout, as well as tasty yellowtail snapper."

Key Largo Inshore Fishing

Top species for the inshore angler, after the slam anyway, are trout, reds and snook (pronounced like hook). All three are excellent eating. Top lures are grubs, tipped with a bit of shrimp for scent or not, lipless crankbaits and jigs, and live or cut bait fished under popping corks. Thanks to Florida's redfish regulations, your chance at landing a trophy red is excellent. The biggest redfish are catch-and-release only. Key Largo fishing charters guides can get plenty of pictures in case you want to have a cast mount made later. Other inshore fish are, surprising to many, barracuda and shark. Both of these “attitudes with teeth” are strong fighters. Both can be chummed up easily. You can catch shark on artificial lures, but live and cut bait are the best way to tangle into one. If you are chumming and the barracuda show up, put a piece of the chum on a hook, toss it over the side and hang on.

Key Largo Offshore Fishing

Head away from the flats and into the deeper waters to try your hand at landing fish that require big tackle, stout rods and heavy line. Dolphin, also known as mahi mahi, king mackerel, sailfish, marlin, tuna and wahoo abound here. All these are caught near the surface where they chase baitfish. Trolling is a good way to find most of them. Your Key Largo fishing charter captain will look for debris or grass mats at the surface to find dolphin. Our deep water also has plenty of artificial and natural reefs. The Gulf Stream sweeping past brings in plenty of nutrients to add to the fish-attracting nature of these underwater structures. Common catches are grouper, hogfish, amberjack, cobia as well as shark and barracuda. Getting a big amberjack off the bottom will test the strength of even a professional weightlifter. Your guide can offer tips on the best way to cook whatever you decide to bring home.

Key Largo Goliath Grouper

If you think you have what it takes, ask your guide about the beast; the Goliath Grouper. Once fished nearly out of existence, the goliath grouper has made a major comeback. These monster fish are always hungry too, and aren’t easily scared. Some guides have even nicknamed a fish that they have caught so many times. This is strictly live bait, big live bait, fishing. Florida's season on these monsters is also closed so you must let them go, but the video you make will be a YouTube sensation.

Key Largo Fishing Calendar


Some areas have “off seasons” for fishing, but in Key Largo, there’s always something good to catch — and eat. And what’s for dinner? This month it is hard to beat king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout and redfish. There are also gag grouper, mutton snapper and Jack Crevalle. And the weather? Well, it is hardly ever “winter” here.


This month it’s more of the same for fishing, with mackerel, grouper, redfish and speckled trout being top targets. Mutton and mangrove snapper provide excellent catches. You can add a few sailfish to the hit list for this month, and the yellowtail snapper start their early season run as well. Cobia, bonito and bluefish are also good. 


The weather is perfect and so is the fishing, with lots of species joining the list of hungry fish. And hungry fish means plenty of action for anglers. Cobia, bonito, bonefish, bluefish, barracuda, amberjack and Jack Crevalle are among the most sought after. Permit, red drum, gag grouper, speckled trout and yellowtail tuna are also good to chase. Check with your charter captain for the latest info before you go on your trip to discuss your options. 


Tarpon start showing up this month, and there is nothing more challenging and fun than hooking into one of these big silver fish. Other big targets include blackfin and yellowfin tuna, both for the fight and the table value. A few swordfish are also being caught now, and the usual run of all-season long fish like speckled trout, mangrove snapper, amberjack, barracuda, cobia and redfish continues.


One of the most popular fish to catch for visiting and local anglers is snook, and this is the month they start showing up for the party. Some of the big boys like tarpon, swordfish, blackfin and yellowfin tuna are also coming over the back of the boat on a regular basis. Don’t forget to make a run at the bonefish or barracuda, and it’s getting time to start seeing a lot of mahi mahi in the ice chest.


Snapper are one of the most popular fish this month. They provide lots of fun, delicious fillets, and are always a favorite among fishermen. You can add another trophy target to the list, too. That’s the blue marlin.  Fishing is also still good for king and Spanish mackerel, mahi mahi and bonito.  Amberjack, barracuda and Jack Crevalle can help round out your catch.


It’s still snapper time around Key Largo, so don’t pass up a chance to catch these. Swordfish, tarpon, yellowfin tuna and snook are up in the lineup again, and you can even still catch sailfish. It doesn’t take but one hookup to make you glad you chased this trophy of a lifetime. Mahi mahi is still a top target. 


It’s hot this month, but that doesn’t mean the fish are not biting. Some trips require longer boat rides to get to the big ones, but it is worth it. A good charter captain can guide you to the best fishing.  Yellowfin tuna, tarpon, swordfish and sailfish provide a fight of a lifetime. Snapper fishing is good, and you have lots of options for grouper, bonefish, bonito, cobia and mahi mahi. 


Mahi mahi are easy to catch this month and bring an amazing fillet to the table. Redfish, gag grouper, Jack Crevalle and mackerel fishing is top notch as well.  Bonefish provide an exciting adversary, as do barracuda and speckled trout. The snapper bite is still on and the tarpon, yellowfin and swordfish bite provide great challenges to get a trophy in the boat. Act fast, as this is typically your last chance at a big Tarpon during their run.


It may be Fall in most places, but here that just means more of the same beautiful weather. The average high this month is 82.  So leave your jacket at home, but bring your desire to land some big fish. October is a bit of a transitional month for fishing. Many of your target species will carry over from September, however Tarpon will be moving out. 


Blackfin tuna heat back up this month, and the yellowfin bite continues as well. Tarpon fishing will be restricted to the juveniles that hang around Key Largo throughout the year. Snapper fishing continues to be good, as it is most of the year. Speckled trout and redfish really start picking up, and grouper are great to catch.  


King and Spanish mackerel, permit, speckled trout, redfish, mahi mahi and bonito fishing are tops during the holiday season. Crowds get smaller in most places, but around here, the number of visitors stays high all year long. Make sure and book your trip early!

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