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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Melbourne is $635, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1196. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Melbourne Charters here.

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    Brevard County Tours
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    Center Console

    Sport Fisherman

  • The average charter boat size in Melbourne is 27 feet.

About Fishing in Melbourne

Melbourne Fishing Charters

In Florida, the Indian River Lagoon is synonymous with some of the best fishing in the state. Located in the upper third of the waterway, Melbourne is well-positioned to offer anglers a fishing experience they will always remember. Being close to Disney is a bonus for the family members who don't want to fish as well. Gator trout, a name designated for larger seatrout, are why many people come here. Indian River is a giant estuary and breeding ground for so many species. Trout, being opportunists, know they can get their feed on in the flats here. Gator trout grow into their name by being smart, and not wasting time trying to make a meal from tiny bits unless they are really hungry or the opportunity is just too good to pass by. Use big enough lures and baits to convince those big trout to take a bite. Two or three-finger pinfish or small mullet under a popping cork are excellent choices. Large crankbaits are also good, but you do need some arm strength to throw one of those repeatedly. Indian River Lagoon is also an excellent place to catch bull reds. Thanks to Florida's slot limits, big reds are now more common than they have been in years. Throw those reds a curveball from time to time. "When it comes to topwater baits that work for Redfish, not just a walk-the-dog type topwater is required. Buzzbaits, wakebaits, and frogs (yes, I said FROGS) will produce a ferocious strike from a redfish," writes Darryl Barrs for Anglr. When you are ready to make some memories, Melbourne Fishing Charters will make sure that happens. Before you head out, look over the current saltwater regs to see what is in season and how many you can keep.

Melbourne Inshore Fishing

Indian River is also home to snook (pronounced like hook), an inshore and estuary fish that is a tremendous fighter on light tackle and good for the table too. Snook will be anywhere in the water column from the surface to the bottom. Once you find one, the rest will be somewhere nearby. Snook are also known as linesides because of the vertical line on their side. That line allows them to sense movement, especially of prey. Keep that in mind in murky water you need something that moves enough to send out pressure waves so the snook can home in on your offering. Often overlooked, except by the locals, sheepshead are fun to catch, plentiful and can get bigger than a frying pan. These fish specialize in eating things with shells, which will make sense when you see their human-like teeth. Fiddler crabs and barnacles make excellent baits. If you can find an oysterman culling his catch, set up near his boat and throw baited hooks where he drops undersized oysters. Sheepshead slurp down shelled baby oysters and crustaceans dislodged in the culling process. Depending on the time of year with water temperature a key factor, the tarpon and Spanish mackerel bite along the beaches can be amazing. When the Spanish show up, anything silver in the water is a target. Anglers in the know make sure to use black swivels for the leaders because a silver swivel gets chomped. Silver spoons and a casting diamond jig are perfect for rod and reel fishing when you find a school. Tarpon hit just about anything and are a bucket-list fish for fly fishermen. Melbourne Fishing charter guides can give you tips on what the fish are hitting best.

Melbourne Offshore Fishing

Spanish mackerel can also be found nearshore and offshore. The same tactics work in all three places. Most people head into the blue water to find king mackerel, wahoo, mahi mahi, barracuda, grouper, amberjack and big snapper. Thanks to the abundant natural and artificial reefs offshore, Melbourne is a great location to find fish that will test your stamina. Kings and wahoo are usually found by trolling. These fish are highly mobile. They are always looking for their next meal. The others like to hang out around structure; local guides know the honey holes and can put you on fish. The only question is, can you pull one out of the deep water before it wears you out? Before you say yes, keep in mind the deep water off Melbourne is also home to fish that are several times bigger than you are. The area has plenty of sharks that can go more than 500 pounds with ease. The reigning champ for regular fights that leave someone exhausted is the Goliath grouper. Goliaths can reach 800 pounds and are strictly catch-and-release. Although their numbers have rebounded, they were nearly fished to extinction. In case you wonder what kind of lure or bait to use to bring in a Goliath, check out this story of a man who caught one with a wrench. A better option is big live bait. How big? A five-pound fish is a good place to start.

Melbourne Fishing Calendar


There is a wide array of great fishing for this East Coast town on the Atlantic ocean. Grouper, dolphin, snapper, wahoo and bonito are good fish to target to begin the new year. You can add barracuda, cobia, king and Spanish mackerel and a few sharks to that list as well.  


The yellowfin bite begins to pick up a bit this month, and the wahoo are on the move, which means they are feeding. A good captain can keep you right on top of them. Grouper, amberjack, bonito, cobia, barracuda and dolphin fishing is also good. And this time of year, the weather is great compared to most other places.


Amberjack, barracuda, bonito and cobia are all available in numbers, and that means fast action. Wahoo, a few yellowfin tuna, snapper and mahi mahi fishing are also hot this month in Melbourne. Shark fishing is good, and king and Spanish mackerel are also good this time of year.


As the water warms, the list of top fishing prospects does, too. Snapper fishing is excellent, and yellowfin and blackfin tuna fishing starts to really shine. Wahoo are a good option, too. Cobia, amberjack, barracuda and bonito fishing is also good. Speckled trout, grouper and redfish are also good. 


It’s hard to beat a run on king and Spanish mackerel, and the snapper bite is hot. Grouper, dolphin, barracuda, bonito, amberjack and shark are good options for fishing action. Yellowfin tuna and wahoo are two top targets for offshore fishing, and some of the big boy bites like marlin are heating up. Check with local charter captains to book a trip and find out what’s hot.   


Yellowfin tuna, wahoo, marlin, and snapper fishing is good. Barracuda, cobia, mahi mahi and mackerel, both kings and Spanish, are top targets for anglers. Amberjack are also on the menu. Inshore fishing for snook is good, and don’t pass by the chance for tarpon and Jack Crevalle. Black drum and redfish are still good as well. Offshore fishing is a big draw. You might have to take a boat ride, but big wahoo, tuna, and snapper make it worth the trip.


Offshore fishing for snapper, mahi mahi, tuna, and sharks is great. This time of year the fish are extremely feisty and put up a great fight. Inshore fishing for Jack Crevalle, snook, tarpon, black drum and redfish is good. Don't forget barracuda, amberjack, marlin and wahoo, either. They are all available this month. You can find fish almost anywhere, and the further out you go, the bigger they get.


Deep water fishing is tops, and you can chase yellowfin and blackfin tuna or marlin and mahi mahi. Wahoo is still on the top of the list, and snapper fishing is good. There's also amberjack, barracuda, king and Spanish mackerel to be caught. Cobia, grouper and bonefish provide good action. Grouper, snook and white marlin are also coming up to the plate and are a big hit.


Sailfish, shark, tarpon, big blackfin tuna, and wahoo are headliners this month as the fishing is spectacular.  Barracuda, bonefish, bonita, cobia and mahi mahi provide good action and are popular targets. Permit provide fast action, as do snapper, snook and grouper.


Wahoo make fishermen go “wahoo” this month. Fishing is at its peak and the bite for blackfin tuna just makes it more exciting to venture off the coast. Grouper, snapper, king mackerel and cobia fishing is excellent. Sailfish provide a big bonus for those looking to knock this one off of their bucket list. Blue marlin fishing is also good.


Sailfish, snapper, and sharks draw anglers from near and far to venture out into the waters off of Melbourne. Wahoo fishing is still tops, and the blackfin tuna bite continues as well. Barracuda, grouper, and permit fishing is good. Mahi mahi always provide good action, and are a great fish to take home for supper.


The year is ending, but the good fishing isn’t. Going after a big grouper is always fun, and the bite is on. Shark fishing continues to be popular, and nothing beats battling a big red snapper. Blackfin tuna are still biting, and Jack Crevalle, barracuda, bonefish and cobia can round out your catch.

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