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About Fishing in Miami Beach

Miami Beach Fishing Charters

There’s Miami, and then there’s Miami Beach… and trust us when we tell you there IS a difference. The culture is all its own on Miami Beach, and must be experienced to truly understand. Bright, vibrant colors and a laid-back, yet somehow with a purpose, attitude is the closest we can get to describing what it’s really like in Miami Beach. You simply have to see it firsthand to get an idea of how wonderful this spectacular city really is. It’s a great place to visit, that’s for sure. One for the memory books, or Instagram stories. One of the most frequented spots in Miami Beach is South Beach (or simply, the Beach), located from Biscayne Street to 23rd Street. At the tip of South Beach is the South Pointe Park Pier and Government Cut, a channel of water leading into the Port of Miami. This pier is a great place to cast from the shore and catch a handful of inshore species. Another great place to surf fish in Miami Beach is Haulover Beach. Cast your line near the jetties to the south (the northern part is a nudist beach) and you’ll no doubt catch some pompano, permit, sheepshead, redfish, whiting, and more. Use a pyramid sinker to hold the bait down while you wait for a bite. Make sure to bring a cooler to keep your catch fresh for a nice meal afterwards.

Miami Beach Inshore Fishing

The nearby shipwrecks off the coast of Miami Beach provide fantastic fishing. It’s the meeting place between the offshore charters and those fishing the flats. Many Miami Beach charters will also head to Biscayne Bay, a unique habitat that has fishing opportunities unlike any other place in the world. The wide, shallow bay provides home to tarpon, bonefish, permit, grouper, barracuda, and sharks, to name a few. You can have a variety of fishing experiences all in one location. In the spring and summer months the highly sought after tarpon gets the attention it deserves. It’s not called the silver king for nothing! Tarpon have hard mouths, so getting a hook set is the most difficult part. Until, that is, they start the acrobatics show. Tarpon are known to jump and thrash in an attempt to shake the hook loose. If you get them to the boat (and that’s “if” because it’s not a guarantee) take a quick picture then release for another day’s fight (tarpon are catch-and-release throughout Florida). Another favorite Miami Beach inshore species is the snook (rhymes with “hook”). This silver fish is also known as “linesider” because of the black vertical stripe running on its side from head to tail. You can typically find them near the mangrove shores, mouths of bays, and channels when the tide is going out. They are predatory fish and constantly searching for food. Bucktails and jigs work great when fishing for snook in Miami Beach.

Miami Beach Offshore Fishing

As much as we enjoy inshore fishing in Miami Beach, offshore fishing is where it’s at! The Gulf Stream is just a few miles away, filled with plankton and baitfish that bring the trophy fish every angler dreams of. We’re talking dolphin (also known as mahi mahi), tuna, wahoo, marlin, and even sharks. There’s nothing like trolling the Gulf Stream on a Miami Beach charter! Trolling is a technique where the captain drives the boat over a certain area with lines in the water. The bait is on the move, attracting fast runners like mahi mahi and tuna. Trolling is an easy technique to learn, but difficult to master. The boat speed is a vital part of the operation, with different speeds being used to target different species. Wahoo are the 3rd fastest fish in the ocean and are caught while trolling at speeds from 15 knots to 19 knots. In comparison, mahi mahi are caught while trolling at speeds of 5 knots to 9 knots. Once the drag starts to scream on the reel, you know you’re hooked up! The Captain will put the boat into neutral, and sometimes even reverse to “back down” the fish depending on its size to help the angler land the fish. Another option for your Miami Beach charter is bottom fishing the reefs and wrecks. Grouper and snapper are typically found near structure at the bottom of the ocean. But you have to be right on top of them to get any action. One side of the boat may be ice cold, while the other is red hot. Your Miami Beach captain will have Fishfinder technologies to help track down the fish you’ll be having for dinner.

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It really is the experience of a lifetime to visit Miami Beach, and that’s even before you step onto the boat. It goes to the next level when you start bending the rod. Reserve your adventure today, find a Miami Beach charter at the best price; it’s just a click away!

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