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About Fishing in New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach

Just south of Daytona Beach is an overlooked fishing paradise called New Smyrna Beach. One of the prime locations for catching big redfish is the Ponce de Leon Inlet pass where the Halifax River and Mosquito Lagoon meet and flow into the Atlantic Ocean. A jetty on the north end of this natural pass extends into the ocean. These rocks also provide habitat for fingerling fish, crustaceans and other natural prey for bull redfish. Live bait fished on the bottom or under a popping cork is an excellent way to tie into one. Artificial lures like gold spoons, grubs and jigs, especially when tipped with shrimp, are also excellent. The current is a fast-moving current when the tide starts. You need a strong anchor and a stout rope to stay in place. You also need seriously tough gear to keep your bait where you want it. “The closest thing to a guaranteed bite, especially after locating fish, is to bait with fresh bunker or blue crab on the bottom. Terminal tackle is a simple three-way swivel system — the same rig many anglers use to bottom fish offshore — using 60- to 80-pound ­fluorocarbon, a 5/0 to 7/0 circle hook and a loop to interchange bank sinkers from 6 to 10 ounces,” says Sport Fishing Magazine. The current also creates a ledge, the exact location of which will vary over time. Once you find that ledge, fish the drop-off side with the redfish rig. Since reds like to swim in schools, when you hook up with one, more are in the area. Before you head out, check the regulations to see what’s in season and what you can take home.

New Smyrna Beach Inshore Fishing

This part of Florida is known for its population of blacktip sharks. These aggressive sharks like shallower waters. Big ones are over 100 pounds. The current world record is 270 pounds and comes from Africa. Current Florida shark regulations do not have a size limit for this fish. Anglers are limited to one per day. National Geographic says this species is responsible for most shark bites in Florida. If you catch one, let the New Smyrna Beach charter fishing guide handle the fish to avoid being a shark bite victim. What makes this shark a top target for anglers is the acrobatic display it puts on when hooked. They will leap out of the water making them a challenge to keep on the line. Live and fresh baits are the best option for these fish. They can be chummed up from a boat, but not from the beach. Florida's shark fishing regs put extra restrictions on beach fishing for these top oceanic predators. Live and cut bait on a non stainless steel circle hook with a coated wire leader is recommended. Circle hooks are required when fishing from the beach. A circle hook is recommended because the hook almost always catches the fish in the corner of the mouth. The curve on the barb means it will not snag the fish deep inside it. Other inshore species are trout, mangrove snapper, croaker, sometimes called whiting, jack crevalle, black drum, snook and tarpon. If you are after fish for the table, look for the croaker. As an "unregulated" fish in Florida, each angler is allowed to take home up to 100 pounds per day. That is a lot of tasty fillets. Use small hooks and bits of squid or shrimp on light lines. Croakers are a great fish to go after with kids because they are so common. As many know, Indian River is well known for gator trout and big snook. The best method for putting one in the boat is live bait under a popping cork. Pinfish, fingerling mullet and menhaden are the best baits. You can also rig a grub under the popping cork.

New Smyrna Beach Offshore Fishing

If pulling big fish from deep water is your thing, New Smyrna Beach fishing charters is the way to go. With a variety of natural and artificial reefs offshore, the deep sea fishing here is excellent. Big grouper, amberjack, hogfish and snapper abound. To catch these fish, you should find good structure on the bottom and drop rigs with live or cut bait right over the side of the boat. Amberjack also hit big jigging spoons. Just know that working these heavy artificial lures takes more work than fishing on the bottom. Ranging from deeper water all the way to the surface are king mackerel, sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna and marlin. New Smyrna charter captains typically troll bait-tipped dusters through productive waters. While trolling, the captain also keeps an eye out for school baitfish at the surface. This is a sure sign that something is chasing the fish to the top. Diving seabirds are often the first indicator of something happening beneath the surface.

New Smyrna Beach Fishing Throughout the Year


It’s not far from here to the “Magic Kingdom” and you can take that two ways. Of course, there’s the world famous amusement parks, but also a lot of action, entertainment and amusement on the waters here. There’s a whole “magic kingdom” of fishing out there, too. And it starts with great bonito, amberjack, grouper and redfish action this month. Cobia and mahi mahi fishing are good, too.


This month is similar to January fishing, with plenty of wahoo, snapper, and more joining in the mix. Snook fishing is still excellent as long as the waters don’t get too cold, as are grouper, redfish, speckled trout and amberjack. Bonito and cobia are also good. Wahoo action is great.


Grouper, mackerel, cobia, bonito, barracuda, amberjack and snapper are all biting this month. The redfish are biting, and there are some real monster ones to catch. Speckled trout fishing is also good. Early season tarpon may be showing up as well.


Redfish and speckled trout are still good, and mahi mahi fishing is picking up. As the weather warms, the nearby Gulf Stream provides a long list of possible catches including barracuda, kingfish, mahi mahi, grouper, snapper and cobia.  


There are growing numbers of fishermen hitting the charter boats and party fishing boats for action this month. Party boats are a good low-cost option for snapper, bonito, and grouper, or you can take a charter out for sailfish, wahoo, tuna and more big fish like marlin and sharks.  Amberjack, barracuda, mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna are also getting their bite on.


Fishing for wahoo is great this month and the yellowfin tuna bite is on. Marlin gets the attention of a lot of anglers looking for a good fight. Grouper, dolphin, barracuda and cobia offer good action as well. Tarpon are usually in full swing by now, and can provide an unforgettable inshore fishing experience! This is a busy month on the water with summer vacations peaking so check out what the best option is for you and your group. Book early.


Mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna offer great fishing this month. The wahoo bite is getting better in the warmer months as well. Barracuda continues to be a great target, and offshore fishing for marlin and shark is good. 


Just like last month, marlin and shark fishing is great offshore. There is also a good run of speckled trout and redfish that provides lots of action. Yellowfin tuna and snapper are on almost every fisherman’s list and mackerel, grouper and barracuda are good.  Wahoo action remains good, and is a popular pelagic species.


Bonito, amberjack, mackerel and yellowfin tuna are among the top targets. The list of varieties of fish that are easier to catch gets shorter, but there is still plenty of action. This is a good time to check with a captain or guide and see what’s best for you. Grouper and mackerel are also on tap for this month. This is also typically your last chance at tarpon for the year, so be sure to get out there if one is on your list!


Yellowfin tuna, mackerel and shark provide good fishing opportunities this month. Wahoo and snapper fishing is also good, and with lower numbers of fishermen, pressure on prime areas is lighter which can lead to more action. Mahi mahi, grouper, barracuda, and bonito action are all great.


Holiday seasons may affect some anglers, but the fish know no holidays. November fishing picks up full steam ahead with great grouper, dolphin, bonito, barracuda, amberjack, and snapper fishing. The speckled trout and redfish are biting, and wahoo fishing is really heating up again. Marlin and shark can still be caught, but it takes a bit of looking to find the good ones.  


Mahi mahi is a no-miss choice, and is a favorite on the line or on the table. The fish are fun to catch, and can really be surprisingly large this month. The wahoo fishing is great, and Amberjack and barracuda can keep anglers busy as well. The weather is fine and so is the fishing!

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Fishing in New Smyrna Beach is a great vacation option for any family. Make sure you have the camera ready to capture the fun. Check out New Smyrna Fishing Captains here.

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