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Charters Near Perdido Key
Twisted Palms Salty Adventures
Pensacola, FL
(4.9, 24 Reviews)
Brighter Days Sportfishing
Pensacola, FL
(5.0, 3 Reviews)
Six Shooter Charters
Pensacola, FL
(5.0, 31 Reviews)
Able Body Charters/Native Son's
Pensacola, FL
(5.0, 2 Reviews)
Gulf Bay Charters
Pensacola, FL
(5.0, 9 Reviews)
  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Perdido Key is $817, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1917. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Perdido Key Charters here.

  • The following boats offer shared trips in Perdido Key:

    Able Body Charters/Native Son's
    Southbound Tournament Fishing Charters
  • The most common charter boat types in Perdido Key are:

    Center Console

    Sport Fisherman

  • The average charter boat size in Perdido Key is 30 feet.

About Fishing in Perdido Key

Perdido Key Fishing Charters

The Perdido Key barrier island is the end of the Florida panhandle. It offers incredible inshore fishing and plenty for family members who don't fish. It is just minutes from Pensacola, FL, and just a bit farther away from Mobile, AL, which is home to one of the biggest Mardis Gras celebrations in the South. The island itself has much to explore and do from the award-winning beaches to the old forts built by European colonists.

Perdido Key Inshore Fishing

Redfishing is hot in this part of Florida. The bayside of barrier islands have small tidal creeks everywhere; reds line these creeks to feed. The many small islands have oyster bars and grass beds where bulls hunt for a meal. Redfish also pile up along the big rock embankments in the channels. At low tide, you can often see fish schooling. Fins sticking out of the water is your sign to get a lure or bait in the water immediately. Reds love live shrimp, fingerling mullet and cut bait. For some real excitement, throw a topwater plug past the school and work it into the tailing fish. Experienced fishermen also keep a rod with a gold-colored spoon ready to cast just in case a school of reds comes through. Reds and speckled trout cannot resist a shrimp or the new-generation shrimp imitators fished under a popping cork. Trout also hit a wide variety of lures. Black drum are also thick in the bays. These fish take a relaxed attitude to eating. Black drum will hit a very slow-rolled bucktail tipped with cut bait. Cut bait is going to outfish artificial lures by a wide margin because of the black drum's feeding habits. On the Gulf side, trout hang out over the grass flats. Sandy patches are prime areas for flounders. Fingerling mullet, shrimp and squid are ideal baits for flounder. Move slowly because flounders are ambush predators. In the surf zone on the beaches, croaker and whiting will hit pieces of bait on small hooks on surf rigs. The pyramid sinker is important; it sits on the bottom without rolling, holding your rig steady in the current.

Perdido Key Offshore Fishing

Head out beyond the flats to find deep sea denizens like snapper, grouper, amberjack, triggerfish and more. These reef fish love structure. Fortunately, the waters off Perdido Key have plenty of natural and artificial reefs. Reef fish hang tight to the structure. Your offering needs to drop right down to the reef. Be a few yards away and you won't catch a thing. Live and cut bait are top choices. You can even catch the bait you need right on the reef with a bait chaser rig. Deepwater jigging can be a workout for the angler, but it also produces fish. Pelagics like mackerel, wahoo, tuna and mahi mahi are likely to be anywhere. Trolling covers a lot of water in a hurry. When you find a school, the captain can stop or circle around the school to let you cast to the fish. Big bucktails tipped with bait will catch fish.

Perdido Island

Perdido Island is actually split between Florida and Alabama. This is not a concern unless you are fishing from the beach. In that case, make sure you have the state-appropriate fishing license. Perdido Island fishing charters have a "six-pack" license which covers up to six people fishing on the boat in either state's territorial waters. The state border follows the Perdido River. Alabama is the west and Florida is the east except when the river opens into the Perdido Bay. The state line cuts the waterway in half. Alabama is the north side and Florida the south side in places. Other places, Florida is north of border and Alabama is south. If you are not fishing with a "six-pack" captain, you must have a license. Get the license based on where you are staying. If you set foot on Alabama land, then you are presumed to be fishing from Alabama. If you set foot on Florida land, you are presumed to be fishing from Florida.

Book A Perdido Key Fishing Charter

Sometimes referred to as the Lost Key, Perdido Key is an unspoiled paradise. Great fishing, awesome beaches and historical sites mean this is a wonderful place to spend a family vacation. When you start booking your trip, make sure to give FishAnywhere a call. We book the best Perdido Key fishing charters at the best prices.

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