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Pompano Beach Fishing Charters

Halfway between Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale is Pompano Beach, a South Florida community on the Atlantic Ocean. Well known for its reefs, beaches and marinas, Pompano Beach offers a respite from the crowds and big-city ways of the cities to the north and south. Plenty of beautiful sandy beaches, some of the finest dining S. Florida and lots to do for the family make this great place to get away for a vacation. Its close access to Miami means flights to and from just about anywhere are easy to find. Big city life is close for those who want that. Hotel rooms, even on the beach, are often much cheaper here than in the cities to the north and south, making this a bargain community for the budget-minded.

Pompano Beach Inshore Fishing

This is South Florida, which means some fish are caught year-round here and rarely, if ever, caught in the northern parts of the state. Two of the top angler targets are permit and pompano, hence the name of the community. These are beach and shallow ocean fish. Of the two, pompano are smaller and much better on the table than their larger cousin, the permit. Both are a challenge to catch, but you can even the odds by casting along the beaches with sand fleas, glass minnows and bull minnows, all of which are found on the beaches. A pyramid sinker will hold your bait on a bass-sized hook on the bottom. The two fish are also highly prized by fly fishermen. Shrimp and crab pattern flies are your best bets. The Gulf Stream River, a saltwater river, separates a thin strip of barrier island from the mainland. The river and the ocean side beaches are home to the silver kings, tarpon. While fairly easy entice into a bite, getting a big one of 100 pounds or more to the boat is entirely another matter. Why are tarpon so hard to land? For one, they have a hard mouth and getting a hookset is not a given. Further, these fish jump, spin and strip the line off a reel so fast it can make the drag smoke. Pompano Beach inshore waters are also home to trout and redfish, the backbone of the Florida inshore fishery. You are likely to find both in the river where the reds will cruise through the canals feeding no matter what the tide happens to be. In some places, low tide means the reds are easy to spot, tailing the shallows. Trout are more likely to be out in the river, especially in a place where there is some current. Top baits for both are fingerling mullet and live shrimp. If the water is deep enough, you can fish these and artificial shrimp under a popping cork. Reds, when they are feeding, will also take a gold spoon pulled through their waters. South Florida is also home to the snook, a fighting fish that loves structure and the river. Snook are caught on the same rigs as trout and redfish, but also with freshwater bass fishing lures. Topwater tackle draws explosive strikes. A few other fish you can expect to catch around the beach and the river are black drum, sharks and flounder. Beach anglers catch plenty of croakers, also known as whiting, each year. Named for the sound they make, these fish make excellent fillets.

Pompano Beach Offshore Fishing

Pompano Beach sits on the Gulf Stream River and the ocean current Gulf Stream also comes very close to the shores. This massive water flow pulls warmer water from the equatorial regions north. The flow carries huge amounts of nutrients and plankton, which are the basis for life in the ocean. Pompano Beach Fishing Charters know this is a giant mobile buffet sweeping dinner for big fish through the area constantly. Anglers can expect to find cruising fish like marlin, sailfish, big sharks, tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo and three kinds of mackerel in these waters. The mackerel are the king, Spanish and cero. Pompano Beach fishing captains keep an eye out for circling seabirds. When a flock is spotted, that means the birds found something to feed on at the surface. Baitfish at the surface also means predators beneath them. Dusters tipped with ballyhoo, cigar minnows or silver-colored lures trolled past the school of baitfish will always draw strikes. If the fish seem to be holding steady, big white bucktails, with or without bait, cast into the feeding frenzy will also draw strikes. Down near the bottom on the many reefs in the areas, anglers catch snapper, grouper, hogfish and more reef fish. Live and cut bait dropped right over the side onto the reef will snag whatever is down there. Whether you can get it to the boat is another matter.

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Something is always biting in Pompano Beach. When you are ready to have a trip and memories of a lifetime, the local captains are ready to help make it happen. Find a Pompano Beach charter today and start your adventure!

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