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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Rosemary Beach is $787, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $2034. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Rosemary Beach Charters here.

  • The following boats offer shared trips in Rosemary Beach:

    Reel Deal Charters - "Deep Water"
    Reel Deal Charters - "Short Fuse"
  • The most common charter boat types in Rosemary Beach are:

    Center Console

    Sport Fisherman

  • The average charter boat size in Rosemary Beach is 30 feet.

About Fishing in Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach Fishing Charters

Sitting on Florida's Emerald Coast, just west of the world famous Panama City Beach, is Rosemary Beach. It is a quieter community than its neighbor to the east, but has the same amazing beaches. It also offers the dedicated angler a chance to enjoy freshwater, inshore and offshore fishing all from the same place. Rosemary Beach fishing charters can put you on fish in all three locations. Being close to PCB, as the resort town is known, means nightlife is at hand. For family members not interested in fishing, PCB also offers plenty to do at prices well below those at Florida's famous theme parks outside Orlando. The combination makes Rosemary Beach a grand slam for a family vacation.

Rosemary Beach Freshwater Fishing

About a mile to the east is Powell Lake, one of the very few coastal dune lakes anywhere in the world. It is the largest in North America. It is a freshwater lake, but does have enough salt in it to support reds, trout, flounder and mullet. It has a deep red-brown stain from the tannins. It is harmless, The water is actually more clear that it appears at the surface. You need to use lighter lines, with fluorocarbon leaders, giving you maximum camouflage to hide from smart fish. Throwing spinnerbaits is a time-tested way to catch largemouth bass. In Powell Lake, it is also a good way to catch reds and trout. Live bait, shrimp, bull minnows and fingerling mullet are also excellent ways to catch any of the top three fish in the lake. The lake also has plenty of panfish. Live bait like worms and crickets on a cane pole is an excellent way to introduce children to fishing. The bite is regular and exciting. Being panfish, the kids can bring home what they catch for supper.

Rosemary Beach Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing for saltwater fish beyond Powell Lake is in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike many places in Florida, Rosemary Beach does not have much in the way of tidal creeks. Rosemary Beach sits right on the Gulf where shallow, grass-covered sea bottom reaches for miles. These open stretches are called the Flats because the bottom is level almost everywhere. The Flats are prime territory for speckled trout. Open patches of sand scattered through the grass provide ambush locations for trout. Shrimp-imitating lures and lipless crankbaits that run shallow or at the surface are the top artificial lures. Small baitfish, real shrimp or the artificial shrimp fished under a popping cork, especially when the water is murky, can draw strikes when other methods won't. Fishing in the surf zones is a great place to catch croakers, an unregulated fish in Florida. When the bite is on, these fish hit as fast as bream. With a generous 100 pounds of fish per person, they make another great way to introduce kids to fishing. Small hooks and bits of squid or shrimp will catch plenty of them. Another surf-zone fish is the blacktip shark. These sharks are known for jumping out of the water when hooked. Live and big cut bait are the best choices. If you use weight on the line, uses as little as you need to cast. Big topwater plugs draw explosive strikes from blacktips. Chumming from the beach is now illegal in Florida, but you can do it from a boat.

Rosemary Beach Offshore Charters

Depending on the time of year, king mackerel and wahoo are common. Trolling is the best way to catch these fish. Because these fish are always on the move, captains will drag lures through productive areas while watching the skies for birds. When birds start hitting the water, that's proof something is below the surface chasing them. This region of Florida is known for mahi mahi, grouper, snapper, amberjack and many other reef fish. The dolphin fish, like the mammal version, travel in groups. Find one and more are nearby. Experienced Rosemary Beach fishing charters know that when one gets on a line, everyone on the boat will have a hookup in a few minutes. These fish love surface structure so anything at the top of the water deserves to be checked out. Reef fish find a place they like at the bottom and stay there. This stretch of the Emerald Coast has plenty of natural and artificial reefs. Live bait dropped right over the side of the boat is the best way to catch them. For reef fish with smaller mouths, like triggerfish, use smaller hooks and cut bait with squid being a top producer.

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Are you ready to visit the Emerald Coast and find out why it has that nickname? Are you ready to visit and try your hand at wrestling a goliath grouper off the bottom? Make it happen by booking a local Rosemary Beach charter with FishAnywhere today!

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