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  • The average cost for a four hour trip in Treasure Island is $605, while the average cost for an 8 hour trip is $1200. Prices can vary based on trip duration, boat size and amenities, and the type of fishing your group is looking to do. View all Treasure Island Charters here.

  • The following boats offer shared trips in Treasure Island:

    Anglers Dream Fishing
    Mow Fish Charter
  • The most common charter boat types in Treasure Island are:

    Center Console

    Bay Boat

  • The average charter boat size in Treasure Island is 25 feet.

About Fishing in Treasure Island

Treasure Island Fishing Charters

Many brides and grooms have repeated vows on the beaches of Treasure Island, a beautiful resort city on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The sunsets are truly spectacular, and walking along the sandy beaches is truly romantic. Anglers traveling to Treasure Island will also fall in love, with the many fishing opportunities throughout the island. Treasure Island is just west of St. Petersburg. There are intercoastal bays to the east and the extravagant Gulf of Mexico to the west. Anglers truly have the world at their fingertips when fishing Treasure Island. The main road through Treasure Island is State Road 699, running north and south. There are hotels and restaurants on every side of the road with bridges at either end of the island. These bridges are great fishing spots for anglers looking to fish from the shore. Sheepshead, trout, snook, and redfish are found close to shore. The bridge on the northside of Treasure Island passes over John’s Pass, an inlet from the ocean to the intercoastal bays. Plankton and nutrients find their way through the pass, leading gamefish to the anglers. Again, fishing from the shore you’ll find whiting, flounder, sheepshead, trout and redfish, just to name a few.

Treasure Island Inshore Fishing

Redfish is a very popular Treasure Island inshore species. The local captains and guides are very familiar with this bottom dweller. Redfish, also known as red drum, are part of the drum family and recognized by the grunting noise they make when under duress. They are tan or bronze color with dark spot(s) at the beginning of their tail. When fishing with live or cut bait, use shrimp, crab, or mullet. Some anglers will also use a popping cork, a top-water lure that imitates shrimp and crab. Redfish is mostly catch-and-release throughout SW Florida. Another desirable inshore species in Treasure Island is the spotted seatrout, also known as speckled trout. They are found in shallow waters during the early morning, then move deeper as the temperatures warm up. They too feed on shrimp and crab; or try pinfish, minnows, menhaden, or juvenile croakers. Anglers are catching speckled trout throughout the year, with peak season occurring in early summer months (May - July). Flounder is a third inshore species attracting Treasure Island fishermen and women. Flounder are flatfish, much like halibut in the Pacific Northwest. They are bottom dwellers and will lay on the ocean floor waiting to attack their food. Finger mullet and minnows are great options for bait when fishing for flounder. Or try live or frozen shrimp, cut bait or jigs. Flounder are known for striking fast and then running back into their hiding hole, so be ready to start reeling once you feel the strike. Other Treasure Island inshore species include sheepshead, snook, and tarpon.

Treasure Island Offshore Fishing

A favorite species for Treasure Island offshore charters is kingfish, or king mackerel. The local captains participate in a yearly tournament targeting this coveted species. Kingfish are large, silver game fish with thin lateral line that noticeably drops from their shoulder to tail at the midsection. They like to feed on shiny fish such as anchovies, sardines, and even spanish mackerel. Treasure Island charters will troll for kingfish near deep ledges or artificial reefs. Anglers like fishing for kingfish because they put up a good fight and provide a tasty dinner afterwards. Another tasty fish caught by Treasure Island charters are mahi mahi, also known as dolphin or dorado. Mahi prefer staying near the top of the water looking for food under floating grass beds or floating debris. Again, charters are trolling the Gulf of Mexico when fishing for mahi. Once you have one on the hook, keep it in the water so others on the boat can continue to catch the other members of the mahi school during the feeding frenzy. You’re sure to get good numbers in a short amount of time. Back at the house, fire up the grill and enjoy delicious mahi dinner. The Gulf of Mexico is a unique fishing ground for Treasure Island charters. You can travel 20-30 miles out and still be in waters 50-70 feet deep. This topography is fantastic when fishing for grouper or snapper. These are bottom dwelling species that inhabit the many artificial reefs of the gulf. Treasure Island captains will often bottom fish small baitfish to lure grouper to the line. Act fast; grouper are known to strike the hook then run to their cave. If you don’t start reeling quick enough there’s a good chance the line will break as it’s dragged across the rough coral.

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Come fall in love with the beautiful beaches and fishing throughout Treasure Island. Whether you’re fishing the inshore waters for redfish and trout, or on an offshore adventure for kingfish and mahi, a local Treasure Island charter will get you hooked up. Start the adventure today!

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